Guys Prefer Eating Over Shopping


Last weekend I went shopping with my sister and it was really a waste of time for me because I had to fetch her to the mall and accompany her as she shops for her dresses. She needed to shop for some formal dresses to be worn to college and as well some dresses to be worn as casual wear. She had to walk the whole mall and only bought herself 2 pieces of dresses. As we walk, I see a lot of nice dresses but she says it doesn’t fit her taste. I really don’t understand girls and now I know why girls can hang out in the mall for a whole day if they have to. I can’t do that.

After shopping at the mall, we went to Johnny’s for a steamboat buffet dinner. Dinner was great. That was the only time in the whole day which I enjoyed myself. I have to admit that I definitely choose eating over shopping for clothes. I can go for shopping but not for clothes, probably for electronics and electrical appliances. I had to find a way out so that my sister doesn’t pull me out shopping with her again. I went home and told my friend about my day. He told me that I should advice my sister to shop for clothes online. I went to a site called Damart and I felt that the clothing there would fit my sister. I gave it to my sister to have a look and she was hogging on my computer for hours on that site. She told me that the clothing there were definitely better than the ones at the mall and now with Damart, she doesn’t have to drag me to the mall to accompany her shop for clothes.

Prada Folding in Love Sunglasses 2012 – Fashion Eyewear

I know most of the fashion enthusiast are really looking forward on what’s Prada has to offer to us all in the certain season. Because we have to admit the fact that the brand, Prada, is the one of the most leading brands today in the fashion industry that has these awesome pieces that can made us dope and hippest on the fashion trends these days.

This very recent, the brand, Prada, had launched their new folding fashion eyewear that can really amazed us all because their concept had used is indeed quirky and at the same it is really useful for everyone’s’ end.. Watch the video on top to know on whats this folding fashion eyewear all about..

Meantime, here are the designs photos of the said folding eyewear campaign..




As this moment, I dunno how much these awesome glasses cost, however, soon I’d got to know then, of course, I will update you again out here.. So – please, keep on checking back.. Thanks!

Essential 2012 Spring Dress Fabrics

This spring fashion season is one of the most colourful yet. Designers kept things lighthearted with their spring collections this year, and played with cutesy patterns, splashes of colour and vibrant prints. With the sun shining, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe for the warm months ahead, and I’ve taken a look at the key fabric trends so no matter what your favourite dress style, look out for these fabrics and you’ll stay looking fresh.


Feminine Florals


Prints are always big for spring, and this year the print of the moment is florals. The catwalks were covered in fabrics featuring pretty blossoms, bold blooms and delicate petals, as well as floral accessories and floral print shoes. If you buy one statement dress this spring, make it a standout floral print. Whether you want to keep it monochrome, pretty and dainty or really make a splash with a vibrant print like this gorgeous example (below) from the Next Lipsy sale dresses collection, you’ll be right on trend and convey the essence of the new season.

Turning Tribal


Almost every spring show featured a tribal aesthetic for spring, from Donna Karan to Michael Kors. Designers looked to the far reaches of the globe for inspiration, from sub-Saharan Africa to the island of Haiti. It’s another trend that allowed the designers to inject plenty of bold colour, as well cool cutouts and animal prints. You’ll find dresses all over the high street featuring tribal motifs, prints, natural materials like hemp and rope, as well as lashings of beading. Check out this Vogue report for a great overview of this style, with plenty of totally tribal inspiration.


Punchy Pastels


A great, fresh look for summer, and one that really conjures up images of the spring sunshine, the pastel look was another trend that made its way into several major catwalk collections. Ice cream sorbets, peachy tones, luscious lemons and pale limes all made an appearance, but rather than being pale and washed out, this year’s spring pastels have a real punch to them. Look out for dresses in pastels, or play with colour blocking and add a pastel touch with accessories for an instant way to update your look for spring.


Clashing Prints


Tribal and floral prints were by far the most-spotted print trends on the catwalks, but they packed even more of a punch this year as designers chose to really go OTT with them. Clashing prints and top-to-toe prints made a really bold statement to create killer outfits for spring that are guaranteed to turn heads. So as well as bold print dresses, don’t be afraid to layer clashing prints on top, with colourful print tights or cute jackets and scarves, to give mixed-up boho feel with a truly modern twist.

Find the Perfect Evening Dress for your Shape

When it comes to shopping eveningwear, you want to make a statement, and there’s no better way to turn heads than to rock a dress that clings in all the right places to really show off your best features. No matter what your height, size or shape, there are some simple tips you can use to find the ultimate evening dress for you.


Apple Shapes


Apple shapes may be larger around the tummy and bust, but they’ve got killer legs, slender shoulders and slim hips. If you’re an apple shape looking for evening wear, then you want to look for dresses that show off your great bust and legs, while nipping you in to create a waist, creating more of an apple core shape than an apple. Wrap dresses are ideal for apple shapes, as the side tie draws attention away from the stomach and defines the waist. Look out for plunging necklines and v-necks too, as not only do these styles lengthen out the appearance of your torso, they draw the eye upwards and really enhance your cleavage. This gorgeous Next evening dress (below) is perfect, with a wrap waist and v-neck combination. And don’t forget the power of control underwear. Control pants are ideal for cinching you in at the waist for your big night out – they’re the stylist’s secret weapon and all the A-list celebrities reach for them before they hit the red carpet!

Pear Shapes


This is by far the most common shape, where you shoulders and bust are smaller, while your hips, thighs and bum are larger. All it takes to rock a dress as a pear shape is to look for a style that balances out your proportions and makes the most of your nipped in waist. You want to accentuate your shoulder and bust, to draw the eye up away from the larger hips and thighs. So look out for evening dresses that are strapless, halter neck, or feature strong shoulders and shoulder detailing.


Strawberry Shapes


If you’re a strawberry shapes, then you’ll have slender legs and hips, a smaller tummy, but broader shoulders and a bigger bust. Essentially, you’re the opposite of a pear shape. So this means that for evening dresses, you want to look for pieces that will draw the eye down, away from your broader shoulders, and even out your proportions by creating interest around the hips and waist. Draping and gathered detailing around the hips and waist will do just that, and look out for drop necklines and v-necks that will draw the eye downwards and away from your shoulders too. The only thing to avoid is bandeau style dresses, halters and spaghetti straps, as these can make your shoulders look broader than they really are.


If you’re not sure what body shape you are, you can use this handy online tool to figure it out for yourself before you go shopping for that perfect evening dress style.

Accessories Every Woman Must Have This Summer


Summer is a great time to buy new accessories – from sunglasses to beach bags, your options are really endless. To see some of the top women’s accessories for the summer of 2012, read on.

Natural Cotton Tote Bags

Natural cotton tote bags are currently very fashionable. These totes say that you love looking stylish and helping the environment. Plus, they make great beach bags as they are a similar color to the sand, meaning its less noticeable when they get all sandy. Many retailers are carrying natural cotton tote bags, but they are also very simple to make yourself if you enjoy the DIY trend.

Taupe Fedoras

Fedoras are making their way into beach fashion in a classic taupe color. Black or straw fedoras are no longer in fashion, but taupe and a few other colors are still very fashionable. Taupe fedoras have already appeared in several summer 2012 fashion runway shows. The great unisex accessories look good on women, but can also be lent out to boyfriends for maximum versatility. They are a great way to keep hair under control during windy trips to the beach, and they help to keep the sun from directly hitting your eyes and face.

Horn-rimmed Glasses

This trend is prominent for both men and women, and sure to be the must-have sunglasses of the year. Horn-rimmed glasses are a vintage throwback paying tribute to the days of Mad Men. These glasses have been given a contemporary touch with splashes of color, such as a pink version available from Prada. Prada also offers their version of horn-rimmed glasses in yellow, the color of the year for 2012. Other sunglass trends for the summer include cat eye glasses and round sunglasses.  What’s even better is that you can find many styles of cheap sunglasses online and in vintage stores, allowing you to look great for a reasonable price.

Putting it All Together

When you put your accessories together for the summer, you should be aware of the summer color trends for women. This year the popular colors are a bold yellow, natural cotton or taupe colors, as well as vibrant blue. When considering any accessories – fedoras, totes, glasses, or something else – it is very trendy to purchase them in one of these colors.

Club Monaco Spring – Summer Collection 2012






Want some classy looking outfits? why not to take a look on this brand Club Monaco of their spring summer collection for this year 2012. They’re offering us an cowboy looking outfit and some refreshing light clothes that really suits on the summer season, for man, woman and Kids Western Wear. These outfits are really dope for me, and I’d got inspired on these looks that can lead me by having my self some pieces from this collection that I may blog soon..The cowboy has fascinated designers long before this current phase, and we’re not just talking Ralph Lauren’s beloved double denim. The rockabilly movement in the mid 1950s was influenced by the debonair, peacocking style of Hollywood cowboys at the time, while the buckskin jackets used by frontiersmen were adapted into the suede, fringed jacket – a significant symbol in the counterculture movement of the late 1960s and 1970s, as seen in films like Easy Rider and Midnight Cowboy.

Okay, that’s it and kindly wait for my update post for my Monaco’s outfits… by the way, will post some pictures of me wearing my client’s dress on my next post. I hope you could check back as you got time later today.. Thanks!

Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer Collection 2012




These are the shoes and heels of the brand Alexander McQueen had cooked for us this spring summer 2012. Actually, I am not a fan of the brand since I dont like those high end and gigantic pieces when it comes on my self fashion. Though I love seeing their collection of course but that’s how I looked to it, but anyway, as Ive seen these shoes online. I just ” My Gashhh” I want to have these shoes with me. Because they’re looked so stunning and elegant as you have them in you..

These shoes are been shown on the Paris and Milan set of fashion shows last year around November if I dont mistaken and by then, I cant help my self to hooked up on these shoes and now, I was planning to buy at least the flora wedge one and I will update you again here as I got it to my bear hands.. Let you know..Thanks

Burberry Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 Campaign





Recently, the brand Burberry had launched their eyewear collection that you may see on the top photos. Actually, those are only their campaign ads, however, sooner I will blog the exact collection pieces over this blog and the further details about it.

I must say, Burberry got an genius idea here wherein they came up to an new set of eyewear that could pair off on their awesome creation and clothes pieces. Such an brilliant idea,right? so – as you have your Burberry apparels dont forget too, to have an eyewear to pair off that can probably gives spices on the whole outfits..

Alright, that’s it for now and I will blog something related topics in my next posts – so, you better to check back often.. Thanks!

Lovely Diamond Rings from


Every girl dreams is to receive something specially things from their loved ones or partner. Because girl’s might feel that they were an specially to their partner’s in life as they got something truly valuable one from them, like  this diamonds because girls are naturally like that, wherein they wanted to be feel specially and give the most attentions most of the time that’s why giving her an expensive finds like diamond is she really mean it a lot..

But you know what? girls will be more happily as they got an engagement rings together of the proposal words from their partner because girls are more on the fairytale type store that they wanted to get experienced with by themselves by having this proposal thing. Which a good thing of course, because man should do the proposal before they’ll become an couple as husband and wife. However, most of the time. Man, are having an hard time to buy on what kind of ring should have to give for his partner because there were some various of types of diamond rings and even wedding rings that we could actually choose from. But no worries, because on the online store named a lot of designs are selling there that really suits-in on your needs.  And even they’ve got this free customize thingy wherein they can work on your own designs..

So, if I were you, you must check on the online store and buy your ring there for your loved ones…:)