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Yeah! Another sponsor, and this time, its sunglasses. Yeheyy! this company had contacted me also to review their some sunglasses that you may see on the top photo. And I must say, their sunglasses are in quality and it’s well designed like on the branded sunglasses one. Look, they do have this RayBan type ( aviator) sunglasses on their site. And the good thing was, all of their glasses and sunglasses are these reasonable that everyone’s can avail. Check their site today and you might be  eligible on their free glasses or sunglasses as you sign up as their new customer.

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BTW, charm bracelets are the most trends these days becuase we’re still have this summer season. So – get yours now. Visit today for your chic charm Bracelets!

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I know most of you my readers are often updated on what’s new in the fashion industry today. Because we are all enthusiastic on the world of fashion, right? so – yeah! these fake tattoos are the one in trends and even most talked about today that must have, I think so. Because look, these tattoos are pretty dope and can even rock your way on especially we’re having this summer season.

Actually, a  lot of sites are selling these fake tattoos today, however, the most relevant and has these great designs of their fake tattoos was this site called Becuase they really known on what are the fashionista wants to have these days. Check their site now and you may see various of designs of their tattoos and even you can request to have your custom designs tattoos one.

Soon, I can have my free fake tattoo that I may wear on my next photoshoot.Will share some photos soon as I got my free tattoos from  Please do check me often here for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Get acquitted from your criminal case


The world is full of so many crimes that are committed against innocent people. Some of the common crimes include robbery, murder, rape, fraud and so much more. When such criminals are apprehended, some of the crimes are punishable through capital punishment while others get to do time in jail. The process will entail going to case and proving that the accused is actually guilty. As soon as you get arrested, you should find a san antonio criminal attorney to represent you in your case. No one loves being punished even if they were actually involved in the crimes. Criminal cases can be quite complicated especially if there is clear evidence of the crime that was committed. However, it is important to liaise with your attorney and you will be advised on the best way to go about the case.

Most criminal lawyers will carry out their private investigation so as to get a loophole in the prosecutor’s arguments. You should be as honest as possible with your lawyer so as to avoid any contradiction during the hearing. Some of the reputable lawyers have been able to present proper arguments and even one that was in a crime goes free. The success if the case will depend on the type of lawyer that you choose to hire. Most of the best criminal lawyers are quite expensive and if you can afford them, then you will have a higher chance of being free in a short while. It is good to ask for the previous cases that they have handled just to have a clue and gauge their success rate. If the lawyer you are contemplating on hiring does not have a successful experience with the jury, you should not take that risk. You will end up wasting time and money and still be charged as accused.

Top Men’s Summer Fashion Trends


Life is a beach this summer and men’s fashion trends prove it. The look for this summer is easy, breezy and cool. Whether a man lives by the beach or not, he can look like he’s just fresh from the surf or heading off to a tropical paradise. For both work and casual, companies such as Vinyard Vines Clothing offer separates that are inspired by the ocean, beach holidays and a relaxed lifestyle. Here are the top five trends for men’s summer fashion:


This summer is the time for all men to embrace the pastel palette. If men knew just how great light pink looks on them, they wouldn’t resist its powers. All colors of the pastel rainbow are vibrant and glowing in men’s summer wardrobe. Plaids are also hot and often come in slightly darker tones against a white background. Also, khaki and light tan shades are very popular for men’s shorts,slacks and mens shoes.


This is a look that will never go out of style. The classic and crisp white button-down shirt is seen once again in the summer collections of the top design houses. Always stylish with surf shorts, casual pants or jeans, the classic white shirt has a way of making every man look like he’s worth a fortune.


Vinyard Vines Clothing has mastered the art of the surf short. The best length for a man’s short is slightly above the knee and cut so that it won’t flair out too much or hug his leg too tightly. This company’s surf short is just right. They are available in all colors and are also available in a plaid print. All men should own at least two or three pairs for this summer.


It is likely that the world of casual fashion will never see the death of the beloved flip-flop. However, today’s man prefers a flip-flop that is a step up to the one-inch rubber slip-on from the seventies. Today’s flip-flop has a slight arch and supports the ball of the foot. These advances in design make the flip-flop more of a shoe than a slip-on.


Just because a man has to wear a tie to work each day doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun with it. Highly fashionable ties are extremely well made but also lighthearted in their pattern. There is nothing more chic than an elegant 100% silk tie with a small blue whale pattern.

Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that men are allowed to slack on their fashion.  Summer may bring hot weather, but that doesn’t mean only flip flops and t-shirts.  Take the time to look in to the aforementioned style tips, and be sure to style yourself appropriately during the summer season.

Play structures

Occasionally, on this blog. I really do blog some other topics than fashion. Because I know, there’s some people over there that had been stumbled on my blog that wants to read some other topics than to fashion. like for example this play structures for kids. Yeah! Ive got some emails from my readers requesting me to blog something related to the topic. And yeah! by my next post, I will include some tips on it and even the best venue for this play structures. so – please, keep yourself updated on this blog. Thanks!

Dope Sunglasses


Most of the celebs today are keep on wearing this dope sunglasses to them.  and its been trends already inside the fashion industry these days, that’s why most of the fashion enthusiasts, like me, are keep on seeking on which sunglasses brands that has these great designs on their sunglasses that can really make you swag on. Like this photo on top, what do you think? dope or nope? its a dope,right?

Anyway, have you check the adderall reviews at already? if not so, I suggest you to look over, because there’s a lot of tips there that can help you a lot. Thanks!

Kixbox 2012 Spring/Summer Lookbook





Actually, I am not really familiar on this brand called Kixbox. Because this was my first then to heard about them, but anyway, I easily find them cool and has this guts in away to invade the fashion industry, because of their awesome pieces that most peeps are looking forward to have today.

This recently, the band,Kixbox , had released their spring and summer lookbook that you may see on the top photos. I must say, these pieces are pretty way better than to those other same brand lookbook collection. Because look, this brand,Kixbox , has its their own character on their pieces and these pieces are never been seen yet on the fashion industry these passed years ago, I meant the designs! Alright, that’s it for now and as this moment, I really dunno how much these pieces cost. Because these collection aren’t yet out in the market today, however, soon I got to know any further details about this brand, sure thing, will update you again here.. Thanks!

By the way, the other advantage of this brand is, they have this market for both men and women that can lead them to the fashion industry in short time, I believed, and I simply liked their swag street fashion pieces.. This really speaks my style too.. 🙂

Online Shopping For Medicinal Needs


Summer is not yet over. Many people still make a way to shop stuff for summer getaway. They may look for some dresses, tank tops, shirts, shoes, plumps, dunks and cups. But what keeps me interested about online buys is this new trend that makes a way for online medicinal drugs shopping. Some are afraid to try online shopping for medicine, but today this is widely approved and practiced by most people around the globe. Sometimes, it is also more convenient to shop using your credit card or PayPal account. Yes, hacking is widely known but online transaction became safe than ever! Some of you is suffering from severe headache, dizziness, nausea, fever, stomach pain, migraine, or even chronic pain! You can’t even stand or move when you’re suffering with such.

All you need to do is to store some drugs inside you medicine cabinet to make it easier for you to take in, whenever you need it. When talking about chronic pain, buy oxycontin online and drink the right dosage for your personal need. See, buying some clothes and shoes don’t limit your online shopping. Buying goods, services and medicines are so in demand today. Safeguard is available in the online world.


engraved plaques

Guys, I got this small concerned. Have you heard about this engraved plaques already? if so, could you please explain to me what this thing was? because I just needed it badly today. Please? I’m trying to researched it over Google but there’s a bunch of things of this kind. 🙁

Please do leave your comment below regarding your idea(s) about this engraved plaques thing.