Beautiful Jewelry Only from Chamilia


For every woman who wants to own beautiful and exquisite jewelry pieces, there’s always a Chamilia Jewelry. The brand was founded way back in 2002 and is fast becoming one of the most popular brands of personalized accessories. It’s based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has regional offices in United Kingdom and Australia. The brand’s very talented Design Director as well as Co-founder and Executive Vice President is Killian Rieder. She has every type of woman in mind when designing pieces that is why women from all walks of life and with different personalities can always buy a Chamilia Jewelry for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones. New collections are made every season wherein only materials of finest quality are used: 14 carat gold, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, colored gemstones, and handmade Italian Murano glass.


If clients get to browse through Chamilia’s website, they will be pleasantly surprised with all the jewelry that it offers. Chamilia’s collection of beads, bracelets, earrings, locks, and necklaces are breathtaking. Every piece is expertly designed and perfectly done. There’s a style for every type of woman. It is also the perfect gift for any occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Chamilia Jewelry collections include Cabaret, Classic Chamilia, Disney, Garden Party, Give Back, Miss Chamilia, Siena, SoHo, and Swarovski. Another special thing about Chamilia is that they have a Design Your Own tool which enables clients to do their own jewelry. Just follow three simple steps and everything’s done. The client can then buy and share her design. Chamilia offers a lot of benefits to their buyers such as free shipping on all orders over USD 95, free gift bag and greeting card, scheduled delivery, as well as product warranty which enables buyers to return any defective products they bought within 24 months.



Jcrew Jewels


For accessories. These are the jewels and accessories that the brand Jcrew had cooked for us this season, summer. That can be surely spice up our statements or outfits today. Though, I haven’t yet wear some of these before that I’m pretty sure that each of these jewels are versatile and may suits perfectly in any statements or outfits you have.

About the pricing details and where to buy these awesomeness? well, again, I suggest you to search them online or over Google. Because Google is the best venue to find your things out. Though, I can do the research for you, however, I am so busy right not and need to finish all of my pending posts. I hope you may understand my end? hehee but anyway, as I got spare time soonest. Sure thing! will update you the full details again in here. Okay, that’s it for now, thanks a lot!

Vintage looking Fossil Bags


On today’s accessories. Vintage looking pieces are the one on hip. Because these pieces had this character and quirkiness that most peeps are looking forward  today that can give this uniqueness on your total outfits. And beside, fashion today are more on vintage  than into newest materials and designs.

On the top photos, these are the best example of the hip vintage looking pieces that are indeed trends these days, which the Fossil bags, I think, most brands today are had these kind of pieces already and the good things. Not just bags they’ve got for their vintages collection but also some clothing too. I suggesting you to check some brands for these kind of pieces. Ive heard, Levis had their own vintage collection too, check them out if you wanted to see their collection.

Alright, that’s it for now and for these bags availability and pricing details? just heads up over goggle search and try to search this collection out for more further info. Because as this moment, I haven’t yet do my researched about this collection..hehehe but of course, soon I got to know further, I will sure be update you here. Thanks!

Life Insurance

I think, Ive already blogged out some information about life insurances and even car insurances on this blog, however, I really do got still some emails coming for this awesome people asking on what rather where sites they should apply their own insurances and at the same the term life insurance quote on this insurances companies.

Alright, I suggesting you all to take a look over Google. Because goggle is the best venue to have all the thing you needed and on which company works on you well. Okay, that’s it for now and I’ll try to update you more soon.. Thanks!

Buying Knock Off Designer Gucci Handbags Will Be A Better Choice

Nowadays our country is full of good fashion taste, and designer Gucci handbags can provide a good point around which good fashion taste statements can be made. To show the latest fashion styles and your good fashion taste, you should need let designer Gucci handbags become an very important part of your outfits. The problem is the hefty prices tagged on designer Gucci handbags will always let the most fashion curious ladies feel disappointed, especially when you are the one of those ladies who just has very common job with very limited salary you can hardly be able to afford to buy any one of expensive designer Gucci handbags. Luckily, nowadays there is a good way to solve the problem m, which is that you can pay attention to the new fashion market of knock off designer Gucci handbags.

Buying knock off designer Gucci handbags will be a better choice for the most fashion curious ladies. If you are rich enough and do not care about how much money you should pay, you can buy any of expensive designer Gucci handbags to suit well your overall outfits. If you are rich but you want to save money, buying knock off designer Gucci handbags will be a better choice for you, because knock off designer Gucci handbags can show the same fabulous appearance and feel as the expensive designer Gucci handbags, but the former price is much cheaper than the latter, so why not save hundreds or may even thousands of dollars when you can enjoy the same good fabulous appearance and feel? If you are not rich, buying knock off designer Gucci handbags will be your necessary choice to keep yourself up with the latest fashion style and fashion taste.

Because of the huge costs on designer Gucci handbags, so the designer fashion houses have to sell their designer Gucci handbag products at very high price, only in this way they can benefit well from designer Gucci handbags. However, usually any kind of designer Gucci handbags is just be sold for a couple of months, which cause millions of fashion curious ladies cannot own that kind of designer Gucci handbags in time. As a result, the new fashion market occupied by knock off designer houses can extend the lifespan of that kind of designer Gucci handbags by copying that kind product and selling it at very cheaper price. Usually knock off designer fashion houses do not have huge costs on knock off designer Gucci handbags, so that they still can benefit very well from knock off designer Gucci handbags by selling them at very cheap price. Because of various reasons, usually designer Gucci handbags have to be priced more than $800, while cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags can only be priced $200 or even less, so why not save money to buy cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags rather than buy expensive designer Gucci handbags? As far as the quality, we have to admit that knock off designer Gucci handbags is  not as good as designer Gucci handbags, but we have to admit another fact that we do not need to carry cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags for years, so we do not need to carry very good quality designer Gucci handbags, cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags that can last for one year will meet our needs.

Wholesale knock off designer Gucci handbags are available in the new fashion market. Because of the limited output of designer Gucci handbags, they cannot meet the needs of fashion market, so the new fashion market of knock off designer Gucci handbags generate and booms very quickly. Once you have a visit at the new fashion market, you will find there are wholesale knock off designer Gucci handbags for your choice, as a result, we do not need to worry about fashionable Gucci handbags cannot meet the needs of all fashion curious ladies.



Summer is fast to happened. Yeah indeed! however, I know most of you are still searching on what are the best outfits for this season, summer, that could rock you on. Especially on guy. That’s why I came to this idea on including some photos or pieces out to this post for you to have an idea on what to wear this season summer. and yeah! shorts and tank tops are the pieces cant be abolish as this season, summer, comes. Because these pieces are the one can give you this comfortable feeling and at the same time give swagness on you. Just pair it in any dope kicks and great caps, and everything will be dope fine.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you could check me often here for more hip updates. Thank you and have yourself a great weekdays. 😉

Ripped Tights are trends?


On today’s fashion. I just noticed that most celebrities and models are used to wear this ripped tights, might this tights are treading today? though, this style is not that new but yet still most of the fashion enthusiast nowadays are used to rock themselves on this chic tights. I think, I needed to have myself  this tights too..heheh Alright will update you more about this tights soon or in my next post, I just need to search some further information about this tights for you also to know the full details if the ripped tights are really trending today.

Alright, that’s it for now and thanks for keep on visiting me here and I’ll promise to post up those hot topics inside the fashion industry today! By the way, you could check out your fave stores, both online and real stores near you, for this tights. Because they might already these tights for sale..:)

Selena Gomez x ASOS Maxi Dress (Black)


I do like this darling , Selena Gomez, because she really had this sweet face among those other teens Disney actresses nowadays. And also, I simply liked her styles and statements too. Look on this photo wherein she is wearing an chic black maxi dress from the ASOS website. Wait, sorry, I cant find the exact link where you could buy this awesome dress, however, I suggest you to roam the site ASOS for you to find this great dress and  might the dress is still available to buy.

Actually, when it comes to dresses,only maxi dresses can hooked me up. Because as you an see, the dress is perfectly in any events and it has this sexy appeals as a girl wears it.  No wonder,that’s why most of us girls are used to like this maxi dresses than to the usual trends dresses today.

so – yeah, wear a maxi dresses today and be hip. That’s it for now and will update you more soon. Thanks!

Buy Fake Designer Handbags Made In China


Fake designer handbags are very popular nowadays. Because of the costly price of original designer handbags, the majority of people cannot afford to buy one or some original designer handbags. What can they do to go after the original designer handbags? Buying the corresponding fake designer handbags will be a good alternative choice. There are various fake designer handbags made in many different country, buying fake designer handbags made in China will be a good idea.

You can save much time, energy and money by buying fake designer handbags made in China. Usually you can hardly find your favorite fake designer handbags at the local entity stores, even if you have found some your favorite fake designer handbags, you will probably think the price is still a little high. What is more, buying fake designer handbags at the local entity stores will waste you much time and energy. So, buying fake designer handbags from internet will be a better choice. There are thousands of fake designer handbags on the internet, but as long as you can have a careful observation, you will get a fact that about 80% fake designer handbags on the internet are made in China. That is to say, China can offer you various fake designer handbags so that you can always be able to find your favorite fake designer handbags easily. China has affluent raw materials and advanced technology of making fake designer handbags, so that China can make huge fake designer handbags with good quality and cheap price. As compared with other country, you will find almost fake designer handbags made in China are cheaper, take fake Tory Burch handbags for example. Usually you need to pay more than $200 for one fake Tory Burch handbag made in America, UK, Canada or India, but if you buy these fake Tory Burch handbags made in China you will just need to pay about $100 or even less. Some people may think they have different quality so the price is different, I need to say that according to my shopping experience, fake Tory Burch handbags made in China are sold at much cheaper price than any other country, yet the quality is the same. So, if you want to save your energy and time, and if you want to get good quality fake designer handbags with very cheap price, buying fake designer handbags from China will be a good idea.

It can never be easier to buy fake designer handbags made in China nowadays. You do not have to go to China for your favorite fake designer handbags. You just need make an order from wholesale fake designer handbags store online, usually within one week you can get your ordered fake designer handbags at your home. Of course, some online stores may scam you, so you should polish your eyes and check carefully to find reliable online stores. After having found some reliable online stores, you should compare the price, quality, design, style of the same fake designer handbags displayed on different stores, in this way you can save much money to find the best fake designer handbags with the best low price.


Boosting Up Confidence With Yellow Diamonds

Do you remember your first date? I remembered mine. I remembered how self-conscious I felt and I took so much time to dress up and accessorise.Thank God my mum was there for me and gave me fashion advise along with a pair of yellow diamond studs to wear. The yellow diamond  was so exquisite and it boosted up my confidence by tenfold.