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Jul 10 2012

Coupons of the 21st Century

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. As each decade progresses, new developments for everyday products are released that make them more efficient, thus saving consumers time and at times, money. Through this cycle, simple activities we used to do manually a decade ago can now be done in half the time with innovative mobile devices and sophisticated programs.


Mobile-phone-advertising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This concept is particularly prevalent in the world of couponing. What was once primarily a semi-painstaking process of clipping coupons then attempting to manually organize them has grown into a technologically based process. Below are a few of the most notable ways in which technology has transformed the world of couponing for modern society.

Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are one of the most popular ways in which technology has transformed the way we find and apply coupons. Instead of waiting for that Sunday paper or those sales ads to arrive in the mailbox, people can simply go online to their favorite manufacturer or coupon related website like RewardIt, and instantly access available coupons.

In most cases, these digital coupons are printable coupons that once accessed online, require printing for physical use. However, others can be accessed or saved to a mobile device that can then be used in their digital form at the cash register.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computers are the new variation of mobile computing that has become popular in the mainstream over the past few years. Products such as the iPad present a unique way for couponers to easily keep track of specific sales and organize their digital coupons.

Some benefits associated with couponing with a tablet computer are as follows:

  • Mobility: Storing all of your coupons on a tablet is a much easier medium in which to transport your coupons when compared to lugging around a binder or filing system.
  • Internet Access: Instead of relying on notes that you took at home, you can quickly check the Internet for your favorite coupon sites that compare sales with specific coupons for the best deals.

Mobile Phone Scanning

Mobile phone scanning is another convenient and useful way in which technology has transformed couponing. All you need is an application for your mobile phone that can scan bar codes. Once scanned, the information for that product is input into the application that you can then use to surf the Internet for coupons. In some cases, this method can give you instant savings if you are lucky enough to find a digital coupon for the particular product you scanned.

Couponing is an effective way to consistently save money on items that are necessary in life. Fortunately, technology has created a way for everyday people to take advantage of couponing without having to designate a large amount of time to it.


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Jul 09 2012

The Queen of Style

Her Majesty the Queen recently celebrated her diamond jubilee in the UK, with street parties and celebrations taking place all across the country. There was no surprise to just as much coverage was given to what the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing compared to the celebrations themselves, but I thought I’d take a look at the timeless style of the reigning British monarch herself. She might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of stylish royals, but in her day, the Queen was every bit the trendsetter that Kate is today.

With Agyness Deyn frequently naming her as a style inspiration, and recent catwalk shows from Rochas, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren getting into the jubilee spirit, the Queen’s outfits still attracts attention. Always immaculate, and always age appropriate, I think we can still learn a thing or two from Elizabeth on how to dress for the occasion!

Becoming monarch at just age 27, her loyal designer was Norman Hartnell. He created her stunning wedding gown, coronation dress and revamped Dior’s New Look to create a very British take on the trend just for her. Think elegant pastel shades, polka dots, full skirts and tiny waists. The look is still a classic for evening wear today – this Tess Spot dress (below) from the Coast collection of evening dresses online is a prime example.


If you’re a fan of 50s fashion like I am, taking a look through images of Elizabeth over the decade is an amazing source of style inspiration. Her look is always simple, elegant and flattering, with attention to detail with accessories being key. Pristine gloves, clean, crisp colour palettes, neat boxy handbags and simple, elegant pearls adorn her in every picture. Check out this great Vogue gallery of her trendsetting looks and you’ll find plenty of ideas.

The Queen has moved on to new designers over the decades, from Hardy Amies, to moderniser Ian Thomas, and her current favourite, Stuart Parvin. Taking her from the Grace Kelly look of the 50s, through to the modern sophistication she displayed in the 60s, her look now is still timeless, returning to flattering pastels and impeccably tailored dress suits.

If the Agyness Deyn connection isn’t enough to convince you that she’s a bona fide style icon, the Queen has also inspired the likes of Luella Bartley and queen of pop Madonna over the years, and was the muse behind Dolce and Gabbana’s entire A/W 2008 collection. Rather than reinventing her evening dresses and formal gowns, they paid tribute to a range of her signature looks, especially her classic country style. Her statement tartans, traditional knits, autumnal colour palette and elegant headscarves are a mainstay of her wardrobe when she visits her country castle Balmoral in Scotland each year, and D&G couldn’t help but steal some of her style tips. You can check out the whole collection here.

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Jul 09 2012

The unbeatable authentic Rolex watches


Most people really struggle to keep time and most of them have the excuse that they lost track of time. The entire world is ever busy with others continuing to help keep in time one appointment to a different. There are many responsibilities which can be pegged on our personal time management. The simplest way to be sure that you are managing your time and energy easily is to use a watch. Just in case you choose a wristwatch, you should consider something which may be worth wearing in your wrist just as the rolex datejust dial.

The Rolex Datejust dial just isn’t your day-to-day watch as it is for sale in varied colors and styles. You will find versions to the ladies as well as those for guys. They are manufactured in wherein will reveal anyone that you come across. There are many kinds of watches that could be available at different prices. You need to spend some time and make certain that you simply buy an exceptional watch that will last to ages and you will later give it out being a souvenir. Should your Rolex becomes faulty, watches are made in an elegant way that makes it simple to unscrew the protection. The coverage is attached to the back which explains why makes everything intact and therefore would require a device to assist in unscrewing the top’s.

A great security measure since your kids won’t play around using this wristwatch easily merely a specialist finds simple to use to discover the once the need servicing. Several of the amazing top features of this watch could be the undeniable fact that you are able to resize the bands and adjust those to any size which you choose. You may also adjust the date about the Rolex Datejust dials without necessarily upsetting time settings. There are many replicas that have reach the market presently. Brought to you by

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Jul 07 2012

Learn to balance your diet

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Most of us, especially girls out there are used to torture themselves by not just eating in proper. Yeah! admit it or not, most girls are had this eager to be more looking skinny as much as they can. which definitely wrong of thinking. Because there were really some great diet guides that we could try or follow to have this proper diet on and at the same time you may still be healthy by doing it.

1. Eat a lot of fiber like fruits and vegetables.

2. Also check the balance scale if you gain or lose weights already, that way, you can maintain.

3. Drink a lot of Water.. this already proven..

4. Lastly, of course regular exercise. Because this can help to burn fats.

Alright, that will be all for now and I’ll try to post up some tips soon that can help to everyone to shape up back.

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Jul 07 2012

Need to backup

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This was the most I hated about on blogging activities, wherein you’ll be needed to backup all of your blog’s files due with some upgrades that your hosting provider tend to do after 24 hours. The bad thing was,my hosting doesn’t have this backup feature on my account which the most I worried about today, that’s why I was planning then to have this format hard drive usb that can I use as my storage to my file. what do you think? is this preferable on this kind of situation? or I’ll just purchase my hosting backup feature? doesn’t know yet. Please help me folks..:(

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Jul 07 2012

Platinum Ring


Are you panning to get married soon? and dont have enough budget to have these expensive diamond rings one? so – why not to try this platinum ring instead? Yeah! Platinum rings are okay then when it comes to wedding. It is just the matter of designs. Because they were some Platinum rings that has this great elegant designs that could rock on to your wedding. Just head up to the link given above for more information. Thanks!

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