Jcrew Spring Summer 2013



These are the lovely pieces that we could expect from the brand Jcrew for their Spring Summer collection for this coming year 2013. I must say, these pieces are way different than to those usual set of collections by the other same brands, also, each of the piece had there own characteristic that will be surely be hip as these pieces releases soon. About the other details and range of price? oh well, as the main brand hasn’t yet release any further updates about their collection. I havent also any info at the moment in my hand, however, soon enough,  Jcrew will release the full info and updates regarding this awesome spring summer collection. Let’s all what to that..:)

By the way, do you know any online stores that has this kuat bike rack selling on? I just need the thing so bad. So please, as you know a place neither a online stores just let me know please.. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much and will update you tomorrow for more. Please check back often..:)

Trends: Feather Earrings


Might most of you had seen some chic girls wearing an feather earrings already.Yeah! I think, this kind of earring is the most trend and hip when it comes to fashion accessory today. Becuase most bettys are eager to have this kind of earring on their end. Also, most of these well known fashion bloggers and icons are keep on telling that feather earrings are the newest piece today in the fashion industry..

By the way, you could check out some Custom banners for more details about this awesome piece here. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Apparel, Accessories, Shoes, etc. at Macy’s


Shopping has always been something of a passion for me. It doesn’t really matter where I shop, be it in the mall or online, as long as I see something I like, I just got to have it. But nowadays I’m leaning more towards online shopping because it’s more fun and so much easier and convenient. One of the stores I frequent is Macy’s. It’s one of the leading department stores in America. Now, you can shop online at Macy’s anytime you want even if you’re not from the US because they ship in over 100 countries. Shipping is free for purchases of $99 above if you’re from the USA.

Macy’s is a one stop shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelries, watches, bed and bath items (robes, towels, bathroom accessories etc.), home accessories and many more. It houses shoe brands such as Adidas, Cole Haan, Betsey Johnson, DKNY, Converse, Havaianas, Hush Puppies, Guess, Nine West and so much more. Shoe addicts will definitely love how easy it is to order the shoes they want and have it delivered right at their doorstep. Just browse their wide array of items then click the picture of the product you like. A bigger picture of the item will appear along with the product description, price, sizes, and shipping details.

I really want to buy myself a nice pair of boots from Michael Kors. The Genivee Booties cost P10,557. Compared to other designer shoe brands, it’s quite affordable. I like it’s design because I’m very much into animal prints. Its giraffe print is actually the one that attracted me to the boots. It looks very sexy and modern. The boots are also available in black. The sizes available are shown on the screen as well. It has 4 inches covered heel and man-made sole. This round closed-toe booties will definitely get you noticed anywhere.

Modus Man: Clothes for the Elegant Man


Who says that women are the only ones who love to shop? Men do too. Nowadays there are dozens of online shops that men would definitely love to shop in. It’s faster, easier and more convenient. One such men’s clothing store is Modus Man. This is definitely the store for men who want to dress up more elegantly. They sell items such as dress shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, pants, dress shoes, sneakers, accessories like belts, watches, wallets and clips, even iPhone and iPad covers. Rest assured that all pieces in this store are stylish and never boring. They’re at par with the leading brands in men’s fashion.

Modus Man also has a wide variety of choices when it comes to men’s watches. The most expensive watch they are selling costs $7,199 which is the Auricoste Pilot Type 52 P2. There are more affordable watches though for men who have limited budgets. The Triwa Daylight Lomin costs $155 and is the cheapest. Just click the picture of the watch you like and a bigger picture will appear. Other details will be shown like the price, product details and description. Modus Man ships anywhere in the world, wherever you may be, and accepts payments via Paypal and credit cards like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. They use USPS as their carrier.

I need guitar pickguard


Though I am a girl. Yeah! I admit, I am into musics too like the other dudes out there. I dunno, I just found myself liking this stuff than to fashion. That’s why now, I was so pleased and eager to have this pick guard, same on the top photo, but in the color pink, I hope someone sell this on the pink color and has this reason 6 on it. I’ll let you know once I got my own pink guitar pickguard. Thanks!

Fender Acoustic Guitar

I am a music lover. However, I really dunno how to sing nor to play any musical instruments but I really liked to listen to some lovely songs most specially those gospel songs that usual played using this awesome fender acoustic guitar.
That’s why I wanted to have any guitar first then learn on to how to play it and by then,I think, I got fond to play and sing songs I wanted. I’ll let you updated on this soon. I’ll even upload some videos of me playing my guitar. So please, keep on checking the blog often..