Stussy Canada 2012 Holiday Collection


Stussy Canada is out with their 2012 Holiday Collection. The said collection contains hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and crewnecks. These items are now available on Stussy stores in Toronto, Canada. No price range has been said about the items.

Lets take a look on some of the items in this collection. On the first photo is a hoodies sweatshirt paired with a sweatpants that is best to use on cold weather season and can also be worn on those workout sessions, this one looks very fashionable because if the shirt that was tied on the waist of the model and the boots that’s being paired with it. On the second photo is the t-shirt that has the “From North with Love” phrase which is the theme of this Stussy Canada Collection. The third photo contains a white hoody covered by this grey sweatshirt that has a cute skull that has a native headdress print.

This one looks a combination of modern and vintage because of the print. And lastly is this sleeveless shirt that has the Stussy print plus a tiger print. This shirt gives a more striking appeal to the model’s beauty. This shirt is very fashionable and comfortable at the same time. This one looks like it was cropped by someone else because of its unfinished hem. Such a very cool thing there. So for those who lives in Canada and for this who will be in Canada, try to visit their stores and have any of these items from their new collection.

Thom Browne 2013 Spring/Summer Oxford Sleeve Stripe Shirt


Thom Browne, a fashion designer from Pennsylvania, USA that once held Fashion Designer of the Year by GQ on 2008, is a maker of fine men’s suits and extended his collection into a more complete by making sweaters, ties, dress shirts, underwear and accessories for men. He will be out of with his new collection for Spring/Summer 2013, the item is an Oxford sleeve stripe shirt, a shirt that is made of cotton, a button-down shirt that has these red and blue oxford cloth stripes places on the left sleeve of the shirt. The said shirt will be available next year and it costs an amount of $654 USD.

Men can never go wrong by wearing this kind of shirt because of its crisp looking and it can give them a fresh look. This can be paired with any kind of bottoms. Can be worn on men’s daily activities. This shirt can give men a full comfort because of the material being used in this which is cotton, most men are looking fir this material on every thing that they will wear. The great thing about this long sleeve white shirt is its red and white stripe design on the left sleeve, it adds a more striking look to the shirt, you can say that this shirt is simple yet stylish. A must have for every men on their wardrobe. For their comfort and fashionable tastes. Let’s just watch out for this shirt to be available on stores.


Eason Chan x adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2013 JS Wings


When I first see those shoes with wings and bears I really find them cute and interesting. Its also be like wrestling singlet, and I found out that these cute shoes are from Adidas, A Jeremy Scott designs. Those are the coolest shoes that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Imagine? A shoes with wings and bears? Pretty cool huh! This designs may be liked by those young ones or even those young at hearts. And now, they are out with a new addition with to those JS wings collection. This is the Eason Chan x Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2013 JS Wings. Easin Chan is a singer and musician from Hong Kong. And as we all know, Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer that has been with Adidas since 2008 when they launched their collaborative collection of footwear and apparel. Jeremy Scott is the mind behind those wing high tops and teddy bear shoes.

This new design is made for the coming Chinese New Year. The design of the shoes is very Chinese. The design is like the native Chinese clothes that we’ve been seeing, and has bright colors and embroidered details. The shoe’s main color is a royal blue with red and green color wings. And it has these roses embroidery. This high cut shoes is really amazing. This design will be also popular to those hip hop artists and also to those who have a taste on different and fashionable items.

Louis Vuitton Handbags Replica – Perfect Fashionable Accessory

Louis Vuitton is definitely only of the greater names in the handbags and other fashion accessories, but nonetheless the things which are traded throughout the brand name still stay one of those unachievable things which a lot of female wish they had but a lot never obtain. Just because of this reason, demand of louis vuitton handbags replica is higher than before. Nowadays is the appropriate time when women are generally looking to give up the true and branded thing and they are now opting for almost true thing, which is a replica product. People do not want to sacrifice the salary for one month for transitory prestige which is being the conceited possessor of the Louis Vuitton handbag will offer to female.

There is absolutely no shame at all in purchasing Louis Vuitton replica handbags instead of buying real accessory. First thing which need to be kept in mind if you are aware whatever you are doing will not deal with the cheap deduct. The replica Louis Vuitton bag may be as tempting and attractive to eye of other people just like the real and branded product. However, it is not possible that every day you will find the great replication of popular and famous brand, hence if you see some stylish Louis Vuitton Handbags Replica you must in all probability go ahead as well as make the purchase since not every imitation is absolute close to real and branded auxiliary.

Simple print which is behind the initials of LV is just not sufficient which can satisfy various things, as the visibly louis vuitton replica handbags may be disadvantage to the class and status as well as it can absolutely defeat the intention of looking to designer replica bag by Louis Vuitton in its place. So, if you have limited and restricted budget then there can be no better option than buying the replica product.

Why Employers Want Employees Who Have Passed Cisco Certification

Employers want employees who have passed Cisco Certification Exams because employees with these certifications help companies to run better. The effects are measurable and are worth knowing whether you are an employer or someone thinking about taking a Cisco Certification Exam. Here are some of the reasons why employers want employees with Cisco certifications.


Lower Amounts Of Unscheduled Downtime

It’s true. Companies that employ IT staff who have more Cisco certifications have been shown to have around 20% less unscheduled downtime. This is something that employers are looking for, so it is the first reason why employers like employees who are certified.


External Support Spending Is Less

This is true as well. Companies that have larger amounts of Cisco certified IT professionals working for them enjoy spending somewhere around an impressive 30% less when it comes to external support as it relates to network security activities. These savings and the reason for them cannot be ignored by employers.


Above Average Performance

Companies that choose workforces with over 50% of the workforce certified have companies that exhibit above average performance of organizations of this nature. This above average performance is desired in all times but especially in tough times like these. This is why Cisco certifications are so important.


How Can You Get Your Certifications?

After seeing why employers prefer certified workers, you’re probably wondering how you can get certified. The answer is simple. You can register for Cisco Certification Exams anytime, but always go to TestsLive to study for these exams. features comprehensive study resources that help you pass Cisco exams.

Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She’s been in the business for so many years and started young. She became Rachel Green in the television sitcom Friends. This is the start of the blooming of her career. Jennifer, had done countless numbers of movies. She become Brad Pitt’s girlfriend and soon got married. Unfortunately, the two didn’t end well. They got divorced. Their marriage only lasts for five years. Their marriage is from 2000-2005.

And after so many years, Jennifer Aniston got engaged again. This time, with the actor and director Justin Theroux. Jennifer Aniston received a huge sized diamond engagement ring. They got engaged last August 10, 2012. The American actress who is now 43 years old. Some says that Jennifer Aniston’s fiancée has a good taste on choosing the engagement ring. The said ring costs $500,000 USD. But some other who is very good on engagement rings, they said that the ring looks more of a cocktail ring instead of an engagement ring. But I think, whatever they say Jennifer is probably happy with her engagement ring. She deserved it, because she is a lovable woman and to tell you she has a good heart because Jennifer is so into many charity works. I am hoping that if they will get married it will last forever. So for now, let’s just wait when are we going to see her wear a wedding ring.


Benjamin Hubert Plicate Watch


If you are watch lover you will definitely like this one, a Benjamin Hubert Plicate watch. This one looks very different because of its lock. This one invented a new way on locking a watch, they didn’t used the usual lock that we see on every watch which is the buckle lock. This watch is designed by a British designer Benjamin Hubert. This is now available on Benjamin Hubert online store. The cost of this watch is approximately $160 USD. I’ve been reading a lot of good comments about this watch, but the only thing that they complain is the price.

But anyway, if you really want to experience this very different design of watch you have to buy this, just close your eyes when you swipe your credit card. Because this is very cute, not only the strap but also the face of the watch. There are variety of colors that we can choose from, there is grey, brown, white and moss green. I would probably put this watch on my wishlist this christmas. I really want to have this, especially the green one because it is my favorite colors. So, calling the attention of my family and friends, if you are still thinking if what are you going to give me this christmas for present this one is on my list. haha! This watch is a unisex style, both great for boys and girls. What a lovely creation. Thumbs up to this.

A Look Inside Pharell’s $16.8 Miion Penthouse




The multi talented Pharell Williams is now selling his Miami Penthouse. The penthouse costs $16.8 USD, he bought this before on a lower price years ago. The reason why he is selling this is not said. Pharell is a producer, musician, songwriter, singer, rapper and a fashion designer. A very talented person, there’s no question how he can buy something like this penthouse.

The house is a 3 floor miami penthouse, 9,080 square feet, five bedrooms, has a home theatre and a tennis court (this must be really huge). The house receiving room is very spacious, it has a lot of art piece. The color theme is just very simple, a combination of white, grey and brown. It has a living room that is really cute because it has this different-colored chairs. You can also see this A Bathing Ape character on the side. The house is really big because it has a billiard hall inside. An impressive home theatre, that looks like a real movie house. Almost every place in this house is very spacious. I think that it is very nice to host a part and held in this house. Whoever will get this penthouse will never regret because this is such a good one

Gilt and Starbucks Launch the First Ever Metal Starbucks Reward Card


This one is dedicated to those coffee lovers and starbucks’ items lovers as well. Starbucks partnered with Gilt and made this first ever metal Starbucks Reward Card. This might be very interesting for those coffee lovers because the can always use this card and earn lots of points and maybe a surprising rewards are waiting for them.

Hurry guys, this is now available exclusively on Gilt’s online store, and I may add this card is just a limited edition and they just produced only 5000 pieces. Gilt is an online shop for men, women, kids and they are also selling home materials. The thing I like about this reward card is its silver color that really looks elegant. Every starbucks’ fans deserved to have this nicely done card.

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse around the world that has branches on 61 countries. Starbucks is not only selling those hot and cold coffee drinks, but also baked goods, salads and some merchandise. So, to those who loved to collect starbucks items like the mugs, tumbler, and the most popular starbucks planner, you can add this card to your collection. Just don’t waste your time because this is just limited on its quantity. And for those who will not get the luck to have this because it is only 5000 pcs. let’s just still enjoy sipping our coffees because they will probably think that they need to do more of this reward card because they have millions of patrons worldwide.

Nixon The Don II Watch




Back then, I really didn’t even know this Nixon brand of watches. But there’s this time, about two years ago, someone gave me a Nixon watch. At first, I just thought that this watch is not a durable one, but a year have passed it is still working and in good condition, until now I am using this particular watch. This is the reason why I am excited to write about a Nixon watch, because I know that this brand is durable.

Now, Nixon is out with a new collection which is Nixon The Don II watch. The Don II is a reinvention from the first Don. The Don II for me is far attractive than the first Don. This collection comes in three sleek colors, there’s this silver bracelet with blue dial, the silver bracelet with black dial and the black bracelet with black dial. My favorite among these three is the black bracelet with black dial, it has a very attractive appeal.

The watch is a quartz movement, has a date function that almost every watch lovers are looking for, It has a 2 year warranty on Nixon service center. Can be used on water but for only 100m deep. These watches are now available on Nixon’s online store. Nixon is a brand from california and has been in the bussiness for 15 years. The brand wants to give their customers something that reflects the persons entire personality. I highly recommend a Nixon watch, because I, myself experienced its good quality.

Also, you may check this site for more selection of Nixon watches..