Fashion Recycling


Have you ever realized where did clothing lines, fashion magazines and designers like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren got their ideas to set a fashion statement? Some say its a cycle. From basic to bigger, to bolder and then back to basic.

Early 70’s, in Fashion Industry, it was the decade when flannel-shirted and high-heeled boys came. Some girls wearing glittering stretched pants and platform shoes. With their brightly dyed hair and multi-colored fingernails, showed up. But from time to time glittering pants became jeans, from jeans came out tattered jeans. From high-waisted and balloon skirts to mini skirts. And few more years it will go back to glittering pants.

A lot of girls couldn’t really afford to buy. Some are just too innocent or that thing called “Out of fashion”. Imagine buying bell-bottom pants and long flared skirts and next year you cant wear it that often because you find it too dull and awkward that your friends or people around you don’t wear it anymore. I, myself, have suffered from this. But say goodbye to all this dramas. Plastics and papers aren’t the only one being recycled, clothes too!

I mean, why should you stock or throw all those bell-bottoms and spend a lot buying a new trend. Or feel awkward every time you wear that long flared skirt,when you could just visit a tailoring shop and have them repaired. Turn that bell-bottom pants into a skinny jeans. Get that scissors and hairbrush and cut that jeans into shorts or some portions and brush the edges to make a tattered jeans. Customized plain doll shoes, pumps or flip-flops into an eye-catching footwear by attaching something on it like ribbons, flowers, buttons or whatever you like. And create a chirpy look on summer, be innovative, transform that long flared skirt into a tube-dress, add a belt on your waist and a pair of flip-flops on your feet.Cool! These are just few tips.

Avoid being a plain Jane, transform yourself into a glamorous and more sophisticated girl. Be the talk of the town. Try to experiment, be creative and resourceful. Never be afraid to mix and match to achieve a great look. And don’t forget to sprinkle some self-confidence and wear the sweetest smile on your face.



Amethyst is the stone representing the month of February, this stone was said the stone of contentment in life and being spiritual. Amethyst also considered to have a calming and healing effect, this purple color, violet or bluish violet gemstone has an ability to make negative energy into a positive one. So it means that this gemstone can give us a good vibes. I must agree with this, because for me the color of this gemstone itself can give a good feeling appeal.

An amethys itself has its own beautiful appeal, what more if this will be combined with a Diamond crystals? It is indeed more than perfect. Like this earrings, with only one look you will instantly fall in love with this earrings. This combination is far more classy and elegant. This may look good when it will be wear on a special event or occasion. Perfect to pair with some other jewelry, like a necklace with the same color and gemstones. This jewelry will enhance the beauty of every girl that will going to wear this. For example, on an evening party you will wear this kind of earring paired with the sexy dark blue sequined dress, this matches the outfit perfectly. Add some glamorous night make up and you are perfectly beautiful. But always don’t forget on every outfit the best accessory that we can wear is our beautiful smile. Nothing can beat that one. This perfect combination amethyst and diamond earrings will just highlight the beauty of the person wearing this.

Men’s bag


When it comes to men’s fashion today. Bags are the one in hip and most demand because men can really pull off on these bags even the tote bag one. I dunno if it is the tote( is the right term for it or not) also, bags can be a great accessory too for a guys end because it can spice up your total outfit too.

I will update you more soon, might on my next post for the brand of bags that you have to consider. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much!

Orley 2012 Holiday Ties




This holiday season the brand Orley is out with its new collection of ties, the Orley 2012 Holiday Ties. Orley has crossed the line by creating different design on ties which is not common, they created a square end ties, not the usual triangle end ties that we regularly see. These ties are now available online and each ties costs $195 USD. A must try for those who want to experiment on their looks to be different.

Orley is a men’s label from New York but the items are made in Italy. Orley is known on creating items that has a mixture of humor and elegance.

Let’s take a look on these ties. On the first photo is a sleek red and blue combination abstract-like design that perfectly matches the model’s outfit. The second photo has these two design of ties which are the hounstooth print and the floral print. Houndstooth is the mostly seen print these past months? so I can say that this is really in the trend. It is very brave for them to create a floral print, beacause we all know that floral prints are mostly avoided by men. On the third photo is a camouflage print designed tie, which is my favorite among these ties. Maybe because it is my first time to see a camo print tie. And the rest of the photos are the variety colors of every designs. The floral design has light blue and green colors, the chevron design has this navy blue/red color combination, and the polka dot design has red.

Studded Cap


What I like the most on this cap was these spikes on. Though it is usual for the apparel to have some spikes as a design and element but yet on the hat or cap this still unusual. heheh That’s why I included this hat in here. By the way the spikes looks like an plastic lobed knobs,right? this was dope or nope? let me know your thoughts about it. Thanks!

Magic sing karaoke


Do you already have an idea on what kind of gift you should give out on your love ones and friends? why not this magic sing karaoke because everyone loves to sing and this is the most convenient kind of karaoke that you can bring anywhere.. I’ll update this post later today or by tomorrow for the brands you should consider for your magic sing karaoke microphones.

(2ne1) Lonely – Sungha Jung (Harp Ukulele)

When I first see this rather heard I just said “wow” because he really did a great job on his ukelele because not everyone can play this musical instrument because of the tininess of it. I really commend this guy and I hope he can continue sharing his talent world wide while pursuing his own dreams. Alright, that’s it for now and let’s all support those young ones that has talent on their crafts.

Wine making at

Occasionally, on this blog,, I posting some informative one like this wine making at because I need to balance up my readership for this blog. Because I know there’s some people who stumbled here that are seeking with some informative posts than to fashion. and now let me tackle about this wine making company that I found recently. And I must say, they’re the most awesome wine making company I know so far who gives some free wine to taste..heheh check their site for more further details. Thanks!

How to Rock Mexican Style Better Than Celebrities

A fantastic Mexican rock concert awaits you. There’s plenty to look forward to from loud music to amazing dancing. The problem is you want to look the part. In fact, you want to look like a celebrity on the dance floor. What should you wear?

Think Classic Style Like Hayek

Salma Hayek

Via Flickr by al7n6awi

If you are buying Vicente Fernandez tickets, you’ll want to dress classy. Ladies will do well dressing the part of Salma Hayek. A comfortable dress, fabulous shoes (the higher the heel the better) and a chunky necklace will do the job. You’ll want to show off your curves while still looking respectful. After all, tickets like these demand true Mexican character to come through. Match your outfit with a clutch purse, just big enough for the essentials. Finally, be sure your makeup is subtle but beautiful.

Get Hip with Thalia



Mexican single Thalia may be the perfect icon to look to when it comes to dressing young. To dress right for a pop concert or a younger band, be sure to layer on the jewelry. Big hoop earrings, a few bangles and even a low chain help. Use lots of color in your clothing. If you want to wear jeans, be sure a flowing, bright colored top accompanies them. Add to that a pair of thick heels for a fantastic look that’s all about Mexican heat. Use a lot of color in your makeup, too. You want your face to come to life on the dance floor

Get Sexy Like Ramirez

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sara Ramirez

Via Flickr by The School of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

If you love her on Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll love looking like her at a Mexican-style rock concert. Sara Ramirez’s style is all about sex appeal, another popular style component of the Mexican wardrobe. To look great here, find a fantastic looking dress that you can move in. You’ll want something flowing and comfortable, but above the knees. Add a cute high heel to the outfit and a few pieces of jewelry. Don’t forget to add the makeup. Be sure your lips and eyes stand out.

Style Your Look Like Lopez


Via Flickr by AnthonyGurr

That’s Mario Lopez, of course! If you want to dress the part of this stylish Mexican actor, you just need to use classic pieces in your wardrobe. Start with a dark shirt, with the top buttons undone. Add a nice suit coat and pants that fits well. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes since you will be dancing. On the other hand, for a less formal event, lose the jacket and wear a v-neck tee without a print to it.

Mexican rock concerts are all about a love of style and music. To fit into any classic event like this, you have to dress the part. The only hard part is knowing which celebrity you hope to look like on the dance floor.