Youth drum set

Occasionally, I’m blogging about some sort of topics here that might my readers want to see or read. That’s why I see to it that I can put sort of updates here like this youth drum set that most kids wanted to have this days.

The drums are great starts for your kids to learn something new as they grow and also learning musical instruments can be way of relief for your kinds as they experience some stresses.

I really suggest you to buy youth drum set now and let see how your kids loves it.. Heehe

Outfit post: Dress from Romwe

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I was too busy with my offline life this recently because I need to fix things out( too personal to mention) that keeps me stressing till now. But good things that I am still be able to be online and get to response on those opportunities passes by. Yeah! I was again contacted by this one awesome online shop that is mainly on girls street wear and casual fashion label which called Actually, romwe had contacted me before but they couldn’t consider me and my blog that time for their fashion blogger program because they do believe that my blog isn’t that well known over the web. However, as the time goes by and for the constant updating this blog, I have gaining so much followers already and placed the blog on the some keyword search over google ( this is a matter of seo thing) that’s when they contacted me again and gave me this awesome chic dress to review.

Actually, this post is not supposed to be an review on the dress because I tend to make this post an “clean of links” one post. But no worries, because am still working on with some photos that I can use on the real review of the dress. Lol I will include the further details about the dress there and I might include an discount codes too that you may use over their site, meanwhile, you can heads up on and check to yourself on what’s great finds that is fits on your needs or want.

Colored Blazer, Animal Print Hoodie, Belt and Accessories

 photo 581887_572433006114728_39594338_n_zpsa6a97328.jpg

 photo 386519_572433052781390_639185564_n_zps08af4e3b.jpg

 Look what came in today. One colored blazer, Animal print screwneck, belt and some accessories like bracelets and hair pins thingy.. Yeah! those are goodies from my blog sponsor that’s why I cant really leave this blog behind though I just got some offline deeds that I’ll be needed to attend every now and then. Maybe I am just so lucky to have these pieces without anything in exchange.. Wait, I remembered, I’ve putted the online shop company link on my blog sidebar already and I think that’s enough for them because they dont insistently asked me to do a post outfits through out these pieces not like other companies do.

I might soon wear these pieces fro my outfit post update because this blog is quite lame to read these days. That’s why I needed to refresh things up by updating the blog with some personal stuff that I mostly like to do. So – please, keep on checking this blog for my return..ahahha Thank you so much and have yourself a great weekend.. 🙂

All Type of Jewelry are sells at

 photo 734460_575564389134923_580319826_n_zpsba832744.jpg

Retail Value: USD22.33
Bellast Price: USD12.17

Every Girls dreamt to have the best jewelry they may have with them. Because girls loves to have this beautiful things that can eventually make them chic, I referring on jewelry, Yeah! girls these days are used to wear some great elegant jewelry than to these simply one because I think that’s how fashion evolved these days.

Recently, the one leading company in the jewelry industry which the had contacted me and asked me to review some of their items. And of course I say yes because this was an opportunities then to have such lovely and elegant jewelry for free. So – yeah! they’ve sent me out 2 jewelry that I may posted up here. The one is the “Fine Simulated Pearl Enamel Alloy Bow Stud Earrings With 18K Yellow Gold Plated Purple” the one on the top photo. The Necklace came into a beautiful blue box and it has this bubble wrap inside for the item to be arrived safely.

The necklace is nice and it’s fits for this spring and summer season to be wear because of the pearl design of it. Soon, I’ll be wearing this or style myself again wearing the necklace for my outfit post update. So – you better check out this blog often for you to be updated..haha

 photo 403006_574720952552600_1953886659_n_zps8bd66313.jpg

Retail Value: USD29.33
Bellast Price: USD15.67

Also, they’ve gave me this another chic necklace called ” Rhinestone Crystal Studded Drop Long Necklace with White Gold Plated” that I must say a great find too that can we use into some formal or casual events. The necklace has a price of USD15.67 on the site while on the other retail stores you might get this necklace for about USD29.33 which far expensive than to Bellast price.

That’s why I really recommend this online jewelry shop,, as you planning to buy some jewelries with you. Also, bellast’s selling some fashion accessories, wedding and engagement jewelries, men’s jewelry and set jewelry. Just go check their site now for further items you’d wanted to have with..

Vans Apparel 2013 Spring Island Accessories Collection

 photo vans-apparel-2013-spring-island-accessories-collection-3_zpscd4ec8d3.jpg

 photo vans-apparel-2013-spring-island-accessories-collection-2_zpsde884ca3.jpg

 photo vans-apparel-2013-spring-island-accessories-collection-1_zps9abf72be.jpg

These are the accessories that we could expect from the brand Vans for their spring collection 2013. These pieces might sells already in some Vans stores it’s depend on the country I think so. So – you better yet check the vans stores nears you because as I’ve said you might see these pieces already on the store’s selves. Actually, I really loved these items here because they’re designs are quirky and it’s unusual to see on such cap that’s why I am pretty sure that most dudes out there are really looking forward to have themselves this kind of cap here.

As for now, I haven’t know further some additional details about this collection. Like the availability and the pricing range. However, soon enough the brand itself will then update us all regarding on this great collection they have for us this spring season. Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more fashion updates.. Thanks!

Fashionable Protective Cases at Tenerarca

 photo 625549_578096662215029_1157840898_n_zps8263a0b8.jpg

 photo 532051_578096648881697_66531000_n_zps3fc2adfa.jpg

More people are buying high tech gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones. These gadgets are already a part of our lifestyle and certainly makes everyday living easier. Along with our fancy gadgets are stylish cases that protect them. We can either buy them in malls or online at different prices. It depends on how durable and functional they are. It would absolutely be great to have an iPhone or an iPad encased in a protective case that is not only cute and useful but also fits my personality to a T.

One website that sells one of a kind protective leather cases is Tenerarca. Its parent company, Parsk (USA) Inc. has been in the business of producing high quality leather goods for famous fashion brands in New York for three decades. The company has been utilizing the use of UPSKIN technology in selling their biotechnological items. This is the use of all natural and organic antimicrobial protection designed to kill or prevent the proliferation of bacteria and provide long-lasting freshness in leather. This process is nature friendly but most of all, beneficial to our health. The patented leather produces biochemical reactions which in turn heighten levels of serotonin that helps relieve depression, ease stress, lowers fatigue, and provides protection from germs.

Among the beautiful items they sell are iPhone cases, iPad cases, and Universa Pondera leather bracelets. Aside from the fact that they are luxurious, stylish, handmade, and anti-bacterial, these products have fully functional features. They are made from a flexible 0.4mm-thick single layer of soft leather which gives it a slim profile and have an easy grip texture that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Furthermore, they have a magnetic closure and ultra-thin leather cover that can be kept closed even while on a call. They come in many vivid colors and is definitely fashionable enough for any occasion.