Himchan of B.A.P is wearing BALMAIN Lion Circus Print T-Shirt – £239.00 ($363.95)

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Most Koreans now a days are used to wear some great and expensive finds when it comes to their fashion. Because most people there are influenced by these Kpop idols who are really a fashion forward and rocking these finds from these well known high-end brands today in fashion like Chrome Hearts, Marc Jobs and this Balmain brand that this guy named Himchan pulling off.

The guy , Himchan, is one of the member of this rookie group in Korea called B.A.P which making their way to be one pro artists soon like what their look forward leading groups today on their country, Korea. The guy is wearing the BALMAIN Lion Circus Print T-Shirt – £239.00 ($363.95) which I found too expensive to have because I really cant imagine myself wearing one piece for my fashion on that price, £239.00, I might buy something useful or a stuff that I need most like this rev-a-shelf.

The Pink Brushes

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I loved these chic pink brushes that I’ve recently got from a client. Actually, I’ve done my post already about them on my other sites so I can now freely said on what I wanted to say here neither its okay too if I cant include their link out in here (LOL) because I supposed, this post is an regular update of the blog. Anyway, yeah! these brushes really makes rather give me this unexplainable happiness on my end. I dunno, whenever I see them it just a sudden happiness feelings coming out with me..hahaha might other girls out there understands what I really feel with these lovely pink brushes.

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And I also got this “Serseul Professional 32-Color Waterproof Cosmetic Makeup Lipstick/Eyeshadow Palette” along with one nude tight that has an diamond printed on it. I will blog about them on my next post here. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you can visit often to this blog for more personal updates and fashion news update. Thanks!


I was planning to have my own YouTube channel soon where do I share my cover songs and Vblog. However, I got this little problem about the recording stuff and mic. Could you please let me know if this mic called sm58 is good enough for at least 5 years of a constant use? have you ever use one before? please let me know before I’ll go for it. I hope you can help me with on this. Thank you! and have a great weekend..

Ronnie Fieg for Sebago 2013 Spring/Summer Collection Part 2

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Its been so long time already when I last updated this blog in to a clean link one. Because I was too busy doing things now. And I actually still stuck on the busyness on my online tasks but yet I am really trying to push myself to blog at least one update without these client’s links on it and now I can able to do one.. LOL

Have you know or heard about this awesome collaborative collection from the 2 brands Ronnie Fieg for Sebago which they’ve called the Ronnie Fieg for Sebago 2013 Spring/Summer Collection Part 2. Actually, I am not really familiar on these brands at all either to see their pieces around itself. I just recently read them on the one fashion blog where did I got this photo. But I was so pleased then to include them here because look, this kinda loafer shoes is indeed great and versatile enough to be pair off in any outfit you have in there.

The shoes is already out in the market in both nearby stores and retailer stores online. And as I’ve heard, it has a price of $115 USD on each pair. For more details check their brands site and you’ll surely find the additional information you’d wanted to know.

Kids Are Also Fashionable These Days

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Who never thought that even kids these days are can be fashionable too like the old one. Yeah! in Paris, France on their street fashion, there’s also some group of kids there who used to style themselves like the older fashion forward, you may see the sample photo on top, that was taken in one to the famous street in Paris, I dont know the street name though, That’s why maybe a lot of brands now are making some label for kids too these days like Guess Kids, Aero Kids, Burberry kids and many more that can make these kids like those model in the print postcards, which I found cool and awesome.

I hope more kids in here are used to wear clothes that are fashionable and rock themselves too on it. Okay, let me finish this off now. And I hope you can visit the site often for more fashion news. Thanks!

Sundried Sunglasses for the Hip Woman

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love wearing sunglasses. As a matter of fact I have a collection which consists of different brands and styles such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Guess, Firmoo, and DKNY. I love sunnies not only because they help me fight the glare of the sunlight but also because it’s such a fashion statement and I know that I look good in them. But of course not all style of sunglasses fit me. I still choose and buy the ones which complement the shape of my face. It’s rather unflattering to wear a style that doesn’t go with your facial features and shape.

One of my most favorite sunglasses is Sundried. It’s really more affordable compared to other brands. Looking at their website and the many styles they sell, you would realize right away that their items are all stylish, of high quality, and affordable. I like their website because it’s very simple and you wouldn’t get lost looking through the items. You just choose the color you prefer at the left side of the website, for instance black, click it, then the different shapes for that color will appear such as Aviator, Oval, Rectangle, Vintage and, Wayfarer. Then click the shape you want even further. So  there are actually two ways you can choose your sunnies: through color and shape.

Once you have chosen, you would see right away the name and price of the sunglasses. Then click the “View & Buy” button and you’d see a closer look and different angles of the pictures and other pertinent information about the item. The description of the item is also displayed, as well as the quantity box (number of items you’d buy) and “Buy Now” button. I have actually posted some pictures of me wearing my favorite Sundried sunglasses such as Rania Black and Olivier White. See for yourself how flattering they are.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sundried Sunglasses Olivier White is a statement piece. Its retro style will definitely make heads turn. The shape of the sunglasses is reminiscent of the 1950’s with a modern twist. I like experimenting with fashion and this style surely fits my personality. Another one of my favorites is the Rania Black. It also has that retro feel to it but I would say it’s less flashier but still very appealing and elegant. You’d notice right away the top edge which begins at an outer point then softening into a curve down the bridge. To match the frames, the lenses are also in black. This style has other colors but I like black since it’s quite dramatic.

Check Sundried Online store here: http://sundried.com


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Alright, that’s it for now and have yourself a great weekend..