Dover Street Market x Common Projects Achilles “Camouflage”

 photo Dover-Street-Market-x-Common-Projects-Achilles-Camouflage-1_zpsaaf7fee1.jpg

 photo Dover-Street-Market-x-Common-Projects-Achilles-Camouflage-2_zps4b88262a.jpg

Dover street market has unveiled a unique high quality shoes dubbed the ‘Achilles low silhouette’ in celebration of the opening of their New York location, Dover street market. The stylish shoe comes in different colors of black and white which gives it a beautiful and unique look. The shoe is made up of a very high quality and durable tonal leather material. The material which is very strong and tough, gives the shoes durability. The sole is made of a very strong, high quality and durable rubber fabric which makes the shoes durable and suitable for the rough terrain.

The shoe also comes with a beautiful and tough shoe laces to match. It has a thick, soft and comfortable inner fabric sole which makes it very comfortable for the leg. It is hand-crafted and the stitching done with the highest degree of professionalism. The shoe is multipurpose; it can be worn as casual wear, and as official wear. It matches very well with casual trousers or even official wear. Since the shoe is made of very tough leather fabric, it is very suitable for the rough roads. It can also be used in jogging or even playing ball games like basketball and baseball. The high quality leather fabric makes the shoe long lasting and durable besides giving it a gorgeous and stylish look.

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