2ne1 CL x Cheap Monday



We all know that Kpop artists are has these quirky styles that they have to maintain. I think, that was the trademark and must be to be look by Kpop artists in the industry today. Because that is the one factor why people are getting crazed on them Kpop.

Today, Ive found this photo on top wherein CL, leader of the all girls Kpop group called 2ne1, is wearing an dope pants that can made me thought on what’s brand of the pants she worn. And through some fashion kpop blogs like big21fashion.com where do I get these images. I’d found out that this pants is from the Parisian brand, Cheap Monday. That has approximation price of $70 and an item name of Second Skin Jeans – Black And Bleached. I must say, this pants has its own character and it’ll bring swagness to whom to wear this.

Okay, that’s it for now and please keep on checking back this blog for more high-end and celebrities fashion updates.. Thanks folks!

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