Jul 31 2012

2ne1 x 1st look




When it comes to kpop fashion today. I know most of you will prefer and look up to on 2ne1’s fashion. Because these gels had always these great appeals and fashion sense that can make you wow, no doubt on that. Look on these photos on top, wherein they’ve got featured on the leading magazine today in their country, South Korea. The 1st look. I must say, the 4 gels looks so stunning on their each outfits and at the same time they have their own characters too to portrait on these photos. That’s why no wonder why this group is the most badass, swag, dope group on today’s K-pop industry.

You may see all the behind scenes on their photo shoot on this video. So – you’ll have to check it if you’re interested to know on how this lovely ladies works behind cameras. Alright, that’s it for now and I will try to update not just Kpop fashion to this blog, henzellovestosmile.com, but also some kpop musics too. Thanks and please keep on supporting this blog.. 😉

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