Current Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands


The style is shifting in men’s wedding bands. Men are caring less and less about tradition and displaying their wealth, and more and more about showing themselves as modern and different. Popular men’s wedding rings are now made out of materials deemed to be manlier than their traditional gold counterparts. Celebrities are also picking up on the trend, some exchanging their old gold rings for newer, modern rings. This trend in wedding rings shows that men are no longer judged by their worth in the bank, but by the worth of their ideas.

Out with the Gold, In with the New

As mentioned, gold is no longer a popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Instead, men are choosing rings made out of materials like tungsten, titanium, hematite, and stainless steel. These materials all have connotations of toughness, and of an industrialized society. Bands made of these materials generally have a larger width than gold wedding bands.

Additionally, these materials provide a bunch of different options concerning the texture of the rings. Titanium, for example, can be matte, polished, or sanded. Titanium can also be anodized to turn a variety of colors – so a man is able to have a blue wedding ring, if he so choses. With greater variety comes greater creativity and men are now able to infuse a bit of thier personality into what was once just a classic gold band.

Where to Buy these Rings

Unfortunately, many major jewelers have not yet picked up on this trend, and are still trying to force men to buy gold wedding rings. In order to find a large selection of modern men’s wedding rings, you will have to search the Internet. There are many online retailers who specialize in selling tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel rings.

This also means that these rings are generally less expensive than the ones you will find at local jewelry shops. Many of these rings are homemade by metal artisans. You may even be able to custom design a metal ring via an online retailer. The Internet is always the best place to find growing trends.

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