Amethyst is the stone representing the month of February, this stone was said the stone of contentment in life and being spiritual. Amethyst also considered to have a calming and healing effect, this purple color, violet or bluish violet gemstone has an ability to make negative energy into a positive one. So it means that this gemstone can give us a good vibes. I must agree with this, because for me the color of this gemstone itself can give a good feeling appeal.

An amethys itself has its own beautiful appeal, what more if this will be combined with a Diamond crystals? It is indeed more than perfect. Like this earrings, with only one look you will instantly fall in love with this earrings. This combination is far more classy and elegant. This may look good when it will be wear on a special event or occasion. Perfect to pair with some other jewelry, like a necklace with the same color and gemstones. This jewelry will enhance the beauty of every girl that will going to wear this. For example, on an evening party you will wear this kind of earring paired with the sexy dark blue sequined dress, this matches the outfit perfectly. Add some glamorous night make up and you are perfectly beautiful. But always don’t forget on every outfit the best accessory that we can wear is our beautiful smile. Nothing can beat that one. This perfect combination amethyst and diamond earrings will just highlight the beauty of the person wearing this.

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