Floral shirts for men this summer season

 photo street-style-details-fashion-week-pitti-floral1_zps7ac26c93.jpg

We often sees guys wearing some plain shirts and dull finds. Because men are wanted themselves to be more looking masculine. However, as the fashion evolves and as men accepts fashion these days. Men are used to consider some finds in that are these great designers are cooked off for me to be more fashionable for today’s fashion.

Now, we can sees men wearing some floral and prints shirts and they even rock themselves in to these floral shirts which pretty cool. Because men are so looking good with it. I dunno, I just find men hot when every time I see them wearing this kind of shirts.

Btw, have you heard the dragnet sfr? I think, it is also cool. Because most of my friends are keep on telling me to have one of it. I’ll let you know once I got myself one. Thanks!

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