Gorman winter collection 2012


I used to checked those brands collection because I wanna let know on what are the pieces/clothes that were be trend this coming seasons. And today, I’ve found this collection from the brand name Gorman, actually, to tell you Franky, this brand is a new to my ear because this was my first time to heard about them, maybe I’ll be more into those high-end and well known brands that’s why I doesn’t aware my self on this brand.

So – yeah, these are the pieces that we could expect to the brand Gorman from their winter collection as for this year 2012. I loved their pieces because they’ve also played on the colors though they got this collection for winter. I think, this was the edge of the brand,Gorman, to the other brand’s winter collection because usually, brand line companies are mainly using this black color on their fall/winter collection that’s why seeing an colored and rainbow pieces in fall is really dope for me…

About the pricing details? hmm, as for now, I really dont know how much these clothes cost us because these clothes or pieces aren’t yet been released to the market, so – we better to wait until this collection will be available for us to avail.. I will update you again regarding the prices of this collection soon…

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