Guys Prefer Eating Over Shopping


Last weekend I went shopping with my sister and it was really a waste of time for me because I had to fetch her to the mall and accompany her as she shops for her dresses. She needed to shop for some formal dresses to be worn to college and as well some dresses to be worn as casual wear. She had to walk the whole mall and only bought herself 2 pieces of dresses. As we walk, I see a lot of nice dresses but she says it doesn’t fit her taste. I really don’t understand girls and now I know why girls can hang out in the mall for a whole day if they have to. I can’t do that.

After shopping at the mall, we went to Johnny’s for a steamboat buffet dinner. Dinner was great. That was the only time in the whole day which I enjoyed myself. I have to admit that I definitely choose eating over shopping for clothes. I can go for shopping but not for clothes, probably for electronics and electrical appliances. I had to find a way out so that my sister doesn’t pull me out shopping with her again. I went home and told my friend about my day. He told me that I should advice my sister to shop for clothes online. I went to a site called Damart and I felt that the clothing there would fit my sister. I gave it to my sister to have a look and she was hogging on my computer for hours on that site. She told me that the clothing there were definitely better than the ones at the mall and now with Damart, she doesn’t have to drag me to the mall to accompany her shop for clothes.

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