Jul 16 2012

Oscar De La Renta Fall – Winter 2012-2013




I simply amazed on these jewelry here. Though, this was my first time to see them online either to heard about this jewels brand called Oscar De La Renta but yet still, they really caught my attention that can lead me by putting them up on this blog, Hezellovestosmile.com. Actually, I am so pleased to include their jewelry in here especially these pieces from their Fall & winter collection for the year 2012-2013. Because look, these pieces are way different to those usual designs of jewels out in the market today. And also, I was pretty sure that these pieces can be also bring this sophisticated and elegant appeals as you wears them.

As for this moment, I think, these pieces are already out in the market, however, the bad thing is, I’d still dunno how much they will cost you as you eager to have at least one of these awesome jewelries for this collection. But of course, soon I got to know further. Sure thing! I will immediately update you here. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

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