Tank Top From Glamourkills.com



Its been long time then, when I posted out my last outfit photo post in my lookbook.nu account. Becuase I’m quite bit busy these passed few months ago due of my daily tasks that I needed to attend. And also, I dont have any chance too, to shopping some new clothes that I might use/wear on my next outfit post. Good thing, the owner of the site/brand Glamourkills.com had send me out these 2 tank top ( photos on top) that I may use on my next photoshoot for the outfit post ( on this blog & on lookbook.nu) Will update this post soon as I got myself photographed wearing these awesome tank top.

I’ll linked all of my sponsors sites by my next posts. Becuase this was only a peak post on what I’ll be posting too soon on this blog, Henzellovestosmile.com.. 🙂

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