Christian Louboutin 2012 Spring / Summer Alfie Flat “Ivory”


When it comes to dope sneakers today. I know most of your will prefer and refer it to your friends that the brand Christian Louboutin has an awesome collection and selection of dope and swag kicks that you could choose from. Actually, Christian had built their reputation already world wide that can lead them for being the most famous kicks brand today.  Because celebrities are keep on wearing their shoes on, for both girls and men, I think, Christian got their market promotional thingy for their shoes and I hope they continuously producing some dope kicks and heels that everyone’s can amazed and getting craze with by  following months ahead.

This recently, the said brand,Christian Louboutin , had released their new design of kicks called Alfie Flat “Ivory” that is really stunning and has its own style that I’m sure most of the guy out there are love to have it. The shoes has a price of $995  in any retail stores of the brand and in the brand website itself. Check their website for further information about this.. Thanks!

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