Do These Fashion Trends Surprise You?


Nothing changes on a dime quite like fashion and jewelry. Fortunately, you’ve got intrepid underground fashion reporters like yours truly to track them down from the front lines and send back illuminating missives about the latest and greatest, or in some cases, just the latest. Here are the three most recent fashion trends I’ve laid eyes on:

Paisley stockings—Paisley is a pattern that dates back to Welsh textiles from 1888. Its first major modern appearance was during the 60s Summer of Love, when its psychedelic and slightly eastern look lent itself to ‘spiritual’ hippy ensembles that so characterized that generation. In the last couple years, it has returned as a fashion trend, worn on dresses, tunics, crochets, and even compression stockings offered by Rejuva Health. Check out their compression news and videos to see this sexy and popular new style.

Jeweled headpiece—A bunch of celebrities, including the Kardashian girls, have been sporting jeweled headpieces that almost look like Egyptian crowns. I personally can’t see middle-class fashionistas fully adopting this look because it’s a bit too regal. However, I can see it evolving into something else. Headdresses are nothing new and with the popularity of gemstones and birthstones, it wouldn’t surprise me to see urban teens and young women—especially ones who would consider themselves ‘hipsters’–starting to wear far more elaborate head and facial ensembles than we’ve seen before. Perhaps not as extreme as the face jewelry masks in London, but close.

Rooster feathers—Though it’s been demonized by animal rights activists, rooster feathers are popular as hair accessories right now. In fact, all kind of plumage is popular in hair, as well as even fish lures. Yep, that’s right. Some young women are wearing fly ties as extensions, to the chagrin of fly fishers and bait shops alike. Feather hair and fish lures—what will we see next, animal tails and ears? Oh wait. These three trends—paisley compression stockings, jeweled headpieces, and rooster feathers—probably shouldn’t surprise me as much as they do. For some reason, it’s hard to believe that people are wearing fish lures in their hair. That said, fishnet stockings were once considered bold. I guess it’s just a matter of altering our perceptions to keep up with the times.

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