Himchan of B.A.P is wearing BALMAIN Lion Circus Print T-Shirt – £239.00 ($363.95)

 photo 130620D64DCF69AD6DC81CACF5D56DB3C4CC29_zps58fdf39a.jpg

 photo Balmain_zps3f1e95fd.jpg

Most Koreans now a days are used to wear some great and expensive finds when it comes to their fashion. Because most people there are influenced by these Kpop idols who are really a fashion forward and rocking these finds from these well known high-end brands today in fashion like Chrome Hearts, Marc Jobs and this Balmain brand that this guy named Himchan pulling off.

The guy , Himchan, is one of the member of this rookie group in Korea called B.A.P which making their way to be one pro artists soon like what their look forward leading groups today on their country, Korea. The guy is wearing the BALMAIN Lion Circus Print T-Shirt – £239.00 ($363.95) which I found too expensive to have because I really cant imagine myself wearing one piece for my fashion on that price, £239.00, I might buy something useful or a stuff that I need most like this rev-a-shelf.

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