Jeffrey Campbell Boots




Girls will surely love to talk about shoes and boots. Because girls are crazed to these pieces. I dunno, why they made themselves quite addicted on shoes and boots, maybe they might think that shoes and boots can bring confidence to them and the swag can show off naturally? what do you think? but anyhow. As you have this awesome shoes or anything footwear, I think you’ll really rocking the whole thing. Like what girls most thought about it.

Okay, what are the best brand today that has these selection of boots and shoes that most girl loves? hmm, As I’ve noticed, most girls are often seek on this Jeffrey Campbell pieces because they said, the brand designs are quite different than to the usual one which is true as I seen these boots online ( the photos on top)

So – Yeah, Jeffrey Campbell boots are trending today on girl’s boots…..

Joyrich Sunglasses


Want an dope accessory? if so, why not to take this joyrich sunglasses? yeah – joyrich offered some awesome pieces from their stores and as I’ve checked their online stores, I’d found some great and quirky things that can actually make you dope and one of it was this Joyrich sunglasses..

Actually, as this moment, the said sunglasses are not yet release in the market because there’s still some issues that they needed to fix in regards on the collaboration of the brand and things like that.. will update you soon as I’ve got to know the matter.

But the sure thing that I know, this sunglasses is only limited.. so, you better keep your eyes open as you wanted to have one of it..:)

Fur Jackets and Vest




Since we’re starting to feel the cold breeze of December, and I think winter is all about to happen pretty soon or it is happening already where did you residing, Fur vest and jackets are the best piece to wear this time. Actually, a lot of fur jackets are now seeling today by those brands and apparel and that’s signifies that winter is heading up.

Fur Jackets and vest aren’t only for fashion but also to give warn on your end as this winter comes. yeah – this was the fashion for a reason. And I must say, fur pieces are look so high end fashion than having the light pieces that we’d usually wear on the spring and summer season. So yeah – fur are trend these day…

Colored Boots For Girls



Do combat boots can be also suits for girl’s outfits? if you doubted it, check the photos on top. Yeah – girls can be also rocking themselves out on this combat shoes that we’ve only usually seen for those military and men’s fashion statements. What do you think? dope or nope? for me, this statement for girl is also hot because this the unusual thing from them girls. And unusual thing in fashion end is really hip and swag. So, this fashion statement for girl is a definitely dope on me.

Actually, a  lot of the girls fashion enthusiast over the web, like Fashion bloggers, online celebrities,online models and such more are used to have this kind of fashion because this kinda spreading and trending worldwide, especially these colored boots. And a lot of brand of shoes are starting over to have their own designs of colored combat boots for girls. So, you can check out your fave brand for this kind of boots.

Alright, that’s it for now and I will blog some other new in fashion on my next post.. Thanks



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This blog is created to share what are the new things that can be or already trend on today’s fashion. Because the owner is used to check what’s hot and not on today fashion industry.

What do you expect on this blog?

Well, all season creations by those power house and local brand apparel lines are often see here, because the owner is like to found out on what are the things can be hip soon. And also, celebrities fashion are also can be posted here.. So, please check them out..:)

The owner?

As this moment, I’ve decided to blog anonymously because I have something cooking for ya’ll that you may know soon enough as you follow me here…Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you may like what are the things I will be posting out here.. Thanks! Accessories


Killer Heels


We all know that all girls love to have some killer heels. Because girls is natural vain and having an awesome shoes with heels is quite sign for a being vain, agree? okay, I’ve seen these 2 red hot shoes online and I found them chic and I may look sophisticated as I wear em’. That’s why I’ve been decided to blog them out here and be my wishlist in away…hiihih

Nothing so much information about these 2 red heels. However, the right one it seems that it been from the brand Christian Louboutin becuase of the logo on it.. Bu anyway, lemme first then confirms it and let you updated soon..:)

Bye for now.. I’m hella tired