Coupons of the 21st Century

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. As each decade progresses, new developments for everyday products are released that make them more efficient, thus saving consumers time and at times, money. Through this cycle, simple activities we used to do manually a decade ago can now be done in half the time with innovative mobile devices and sophisticated programs.


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This concept is particularly prevalent in the world of couponing. What was once primarily a semi-painstaking process of clipping coupons then attempting to manually organize them has grown into a technologically based process. Below are a few of the most notable ways in which technology has transformed the world of couponing for modern society.

Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are one of the most popular ways in which technology has transformed the way we find and apply coupons. Instead of waiting for that Sunday paper or those sales ads to arrive in the mailbox, people can simply go online to their favorite manufacturer or coupon related website like RewardIt, and instantly access available coupons.

In most cases, these digital coupons are printable coupons that once accessed online, require printing for physical use. However, others can be accessed or saved to a mobile device that can then be used in their digital form at the cash register.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computers are the new variation of mobile computing that has become popular in the mainstream over the past few years. Products such as the iPad present a unique way for couponers to easily keep track of specific sales and organize their digital coupons.

Some benefits associated with couponing with a tablet computer are as follows:

  • Mobility: Storing all of your coupons on a tablet is a much easier medium in which to transport your coupons when compared to lugging around a binder or filing system.
  • Internet Access: Instead of relying on notes that you took at home, you can quickly check the Internet for your favorite coupon sites that compare sales with specific coupons for the best deals.

Mobile Phone Scanning

Mobile phone scanning is another convenient and useful way in which technology has transformed couponing. All you need is an application for your mobile phone that can scan bar codes. Once scanned, the information for that product is input into the application that you can then use to surf the Internet for coupons. In some cases, this method can give you instant savings if you are lucky enough to find a digital coupon for the particular product you scanned.

Couponing is an effective way to consistently save money on items that are necessary in life. Fortunately, technology has created a way for everyday people to take advantage of couponing without having to designate a large amount of time to it.


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