Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She’s been in the business for so many years and started young. She became Rachel Green in the television sitcom Friends. This is the start of the blooming of her career. Jennifer, had done countless numbers of movies. She become Brad Pitt’s girlfriend and soon got married. Unfortunately, the two didn’t end well. They got divorced. Their marriage only lasts for five years. Their marriage is from 2000-2005.

And after so many years, Jennifer Aniston got engaged again. This time, with the actor and director Justin Theroux. Jennifer Aniston received a huge sized diamond engagement ring. They got engaged last August 10, 2012. The American actress who is now 43 years old. Some says that Jennifer Aniston’s fiancée has a good taste on choosing the engagement ring. The said ring costs $500,000 USD. But some other who is very good on engagement rings, they said that the ring looks more of a cocktail ring instead of an engagement ring. But I think, whatever they say Jennifer is probably happy with her engagement ring. She deserved it, because she is a lovable woman and to tell you she has a good heart because Jennifer is so into many charity works. I am hoping that if they will get married it will last forever. So for now, let’s just wait when are we going to see her wear a wedding ring.


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