Outfit post: Dress from Romwe

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I was too busy with my offline life this recently because I need to fix things out( too personal to mention) that keeps me stressing till now. But good things that I am still be able to be online and get to response on those opportunities passes by. Yeah! I was again contacted by this one awesome online shop that is mainly on girls street wear and casual fashion label which called romwe.com. Actually, romwe had contacted me before but they couldn’t consider me and my blog that time for their fashion blogger program because they do believe that my blog isn’t that well known over the web. However, as the time goes by and for the constant updating this blog, I have gaining so much followers already and placed the blog on the some keyword search over google ( this is a matter of seo thing) that’s when they contacted me again and gave me this awesome chic dress to review.

Actually, this post is not supposed to be an review on the dress because I tend to make this post an “clean of links” one post. But no worries, because am still working on with some photos that I can use on the real review of the dress. Lol I will include the further details about the dress there and I might include an discount codes too that you may use over their site romwe.com, meanwhile, you can heads up on romwe.com and check to yourself on what’s great finds that is fits on your needs or want.

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