Trends: Cropped Tee

 photo lee-chae-rin-and-jeremy-scott-spring-2011-trash-crop-top-gallery_zpsd646320c.png

Celebrities are the great influencer in the fashion industry. Because mostly, fans are really looking forward on what’s their idols often wears, when it comes to brands and labels. That’s why if you really wanted yourself to be hip and trends as this season change or comes I think you’ll have to check out those leading celebrities today on what are the usual fashion finds they’d wearing. Like for example this girl here from the kpop group called 2ne1 named CL. The girl is well know on its swag but chic styling and a lot of fans are really looking forward to her and they indeed follows most of her styling. No doubt! why this cropped tee are the one demand in the fashion pieces today.

Yeah! if you has an slender body and wanting to be hip, I must suggests you to have this cropped tee and pair it with the high waisted skirts like CL did on this photo.  Alright, that will be all for now and I hope I can post up some more informative one by my next posts for this site,


Best Summer Outfit

 photo 9BA4F926-D330-49DD-8CD4-681C1FC6A848-35299-0000163CA7170135_zpsd8d75424.jpg

Might most of you were searching around the web on what pieces or what kind of piece you should rocking this summer season. Oh well, that’s my problem too this recently that why it leads me by posting this up for you to know too, what are the pieces we must consider as we wanted ourselves to be so hip this summer season. First, us girls have to have this nicely short shorts. I prefer you to take a look at this shop called where all the dope and elegant shorts are listed. No worries, they really has this reasonable prices in each of their finds. So – I really recommend this site for your fashion finds.

Also, a great top is a must too for the summer styling. I also suggesting you to have this sleeveless one , like what you are seeing on top photo, because it can make you feel comfortable towards this hot season. The good thing about this was.. you can pair it in any kicks or heels you may have, yeah! that’s how versatile this styling is.. That’s why I am so insist guys, most especially those girls there, make yourself so peng this summer by simply having this styling with you.

Eason Chan x adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2013 JS Wings


When I first see those shoes with wings and bears I really find them cute and interesting. Its also be like wrestling singlet, and I found out that these cute shoes are from Adidas, A Jeremy Scott designs. Those are the coolest shoes that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Imagine? A shoes with wings and bears? Pretty cool huh! This designs may be liked by those young ones or even those young at hearts. And now, they are out with a new addition with to those JS wings collection. This is the Eason Chan x Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2013 JS Wings. Easin Chan is a singer and musician from Hong Kong. And as we all know, Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer that has been with Adidas since 2008 when they launched their collaborative collection of footwear and apparel. Jeremy Scott is the mind behind those wing high tops and teddy bear shoes.

This new design is made for the coming Chinese New Year. The design of the shoes is very Chinese. The design is like the native Chinese clothes that we’ve been seeing, and has bright colors and embroidered details. The shoe’s main color is a royal blue with red and green color wings. And it has these roses embroidery. This high cut shoes is really amazing. This design will be also popular to those hip hop artists and also to those who have a taste on different and fashionable items.

2ne1 x 1st look




When it comes to kpop fashion today. I know most of you will prefer and look up to on 2ne1’s fashion. Because these gels had always these great appeals and fashion sense that can make you wow, no doubt on that. Look on these photos on top, wherein they’ve got featured on the leading magazine today in their country, South Korea. The 1st look. I must say, the 4 gels looks so stunning on their each outfits and at the same time they have their own characters too to portrait on these photos. That’s why no wonder why this group is the most badass, swag, dope group on today’s K-pop industry.

You may see all the behind scenes on their photo shoot on this video. So – you’ll have to check it if you’re interested to know on how this lovely ladies works behind cameras. Alright, that’s it for now and I will try to update not just Kpop fashion to this blog,, but also some kpop musics too. Thanks and please keep on supporting this blog.. 😉

2ne1 CL x Cheap Monday



We all know that Kpop artists are has these quirky styles that they have to maintain. I think, that was the trademark and must be to be look by Kpop artists in the industry today. Because that is the one factor why people are getting crazed on them Kpop.

Today, Ive found this photo on top wherein CL, leader of the all girls Kpop group called 2ne1, is wearing an dope pants that can made me thought on what’s brand of the pants she worn. And through some fashion kpop blogs like where do I get these images. I’d found out that this pants is from the Parisian brand, Cheap Monday. That has approximation price of $70 and an item name of Second Skin Jeans – Black And Bleached. I must say, this pants has its own character and it’ll bring swagness to whom to wear this.

Okay, that’s it for now and please keep on checking back this blog for more high-end and celebrities fashion updates.. Thanks folks!

J.Crew’s Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection


Most of the K pop idols today and artists in the country, Korean, are often wearing this brand on which the J.Crew… I dunno, what’s on the brand, why they used to liked it and often wearing it. That’s why my curiosity leads me to do the researched about on brand and what are the pieces that we could get inside the company, J.Crew . And look what Ive found, these lovely and gorgeous pieces that are includes on their women’s wear for the Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection. I must say, these pieces are all elegant looking that will surely lead in all same collection by the other brands, because they’ve been used some color patterns to these pieces and at the same some textured fabrics that can made these pieces way different to the other collection’s brands out there. In short, this brand is way quirky and has its own concept when it comes to their pieces. Now, I know why most people are used to love this brand than to have some pieces from the brand,J.Crew’s, competitive brands.

Regarding on the availability of these pieces? oh well, as for now the brand hasn’t yet release any of these pieces. But soonest, I think , right after summer they’ll then start to release these pieces in the market. I will update you soon on each prices and some other further information of this awesome J.Crew’s Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection..

That’s it for now and I hope you may check back often for more other fashion related updates.. Thanks folks!

Jeremy Scott Kicks




Want a dope kicks? why not to check Jeremy Scott shoes? Because everyone’s love the brand designs when it comes on their shoes and even celebrities do….

By the way, these shoes are from Jeremy Scott Spring summer collection, search over goggle for the pricing and further details about these awesome shoes..

2ne1 for Jeremy Scott Adidas Collection



Most of you folks knows that the all girl k-pop group 2ne1 had this major sponsor named Jeremy Scott who’s working for Adidas, I think Jeremy is only doing an collaboration to Adidas becuase Jeremy as I know, he got  already his own apparel line in the US. But I’m not still sure though, bear with me then… Okay, these are the campaign ads of Jeremy Scott collection under the brand Adidas. I must say, the girls are indeed rocking on these pieces and their swag has this still feminine appeals…

Over all, this collection is awesome, about the pricing details? hmm, sorry, becuase as for the moment I didn’t yet know about these pieces prices, however, soon I got to know it, sure then, I will updated you here…:)