Colored Blazers/coats for summer


Summer is all about colors. Yeah – it is this year. Because a lot of fashion icons, fashion designs and peeps inside fashion are claimed that playing colors on this coming summer season is a must or trend. That’s why having an colored pieces are the hippest thing ever on this season,summer.

Have you tried wearing an coat or blazer in the summer season? maybe some if they have to or they require to due of the event that they’ll have to attend but generally, blazers on the summer is out because of the heavy feelings that this piece can bring to us, however, you can still rock on this as long you’ll have this colored blazer instead than to the plain black one. Because colored blazers are still hip and trend that cannot be put your self for being outdated on today’s fashion.. So – yeah , colored blazers and coats are hot this season..:)

Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2012



As I roamed the web awhile ago these awesome shoes have caught my attention because they’ll dope,right? what do you think? by the way these shoes are from the brand Christian Louboutin for their spring summer collection. hmmm, what i can say about these collection? I think, these shoes were inspired by Indian designs because of that designs thing that we’ve often see into those Indian products, isn’t it? oh well, but on my end. These shoes are awesome and sophisticated..

So – yeah , these are the set of shoe collection that we could expect from the brand this coming summer, however, at this time. I cant still dont know how much are the pricing details on each of these shoes. But sure thing, I’ll keep you updated on this soon I’d got to know further.. Thanks!

Varsity and Athletic jackets are trending today


I know is not only me to noticed that this varsity jackets are now trending on today’s fashion. Because a lot of peeps both teens and those adults already are often seen wearing any athletic or varsity jackets on them. I dont know where and where this trends have been originated or came from with, oops, wait, I think I know now..LOL Because there are a lot of Koreans here where I residing and yeah – they used to wear this varsity jackets often and I think they loving it. Because they’ve got these variety and selection of this jackets that they simultaneously wearing..hehehe

Alright then, this piece is now the trend piece on today’s fashion and if you wanted to have any of this jacket. Just check on your fave brand line they might have this kind of jacket already.. Thanks!

Fur Jackets and Vest




Since we’re starting to feel the cold breeze of December, and I think winter is all about to happen pretty soon or it is happening already where did you residing, Fur vest and jackets are the best piece to wear this time. Actually, a lot of fur jackets are now seeling today by those brands and apparel and that’s signifies that winter is heading up.

Fur Jackets and vest aren’t only for fashion but also to give warn on your end as this winter comes. yeah – this was the fashion for a reason. And I must say, fur pieces are look so high end fashion than having the light pieces that we’d usually wear on the spring and summer season. So yeah – fur are trend these day…



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