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Feb 10 2015

Pinkish mini dress for year-end party

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It’s been awhile when a last time updated this blog with an personal post. Because Ive been too busy on my daily work and haven’t got time to at least update this blog once week for what was happening to me, for that – please bear with me. Last month, December 2014, at the company where am currently attending in had held an mini party for all the employees and as part of the company’s success for the whole year by hitting the sales and sorts. The party serves as our year-end party too.

I’ve worn this mini dress from romwe and I think it suits well to the type of body I have, plus, the dress is well comfortable thus it is best to wear in any semi either formal gatherings.

 photo image2_zps8477c160.jpeg

Actually, the party was pretty boring, or it is just me felt that way hence I don’t have to share with you about that day. That is why let me just share to you what I have wore that night below:

* As Ive said, the dress is from romwe and you can have it for like 22 USD if I am not mistaken the price though, but you can always check it by heading to the site yourself.

* The rose rose silver bracelet that has an pearl accent was given to me by the client I used to work with – they’re owns behind this site check them as well if you have time.

* The Bag and the shoe were given to me by my cousin from the US and the brand is ELLE. I am not actually familiar with this but I must say, their products were chic uh!

Okay, that will be all for now and sorry for the lame post today because I am not that used to writing but hopefully as I continuously updating this blog I can get back myself on track.

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Jul 04 2014

Shop Online Using Your Voucher Codes

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We all know that most girls are in love with shopping, as I do. Because  doing shopping is the best way to get rid with in those unnecessarily stress that we used to get on the daily basis. Yes! girls have their own ways too, to have their self going and still on their track as much as possible. And you know what? I think we all should try to shop online because online shopping has a lot of offer than having your stuff in the nearby mortar stores and one of it was these great finds that we could buy off in the very reasonable prices using the available voucher codes at Actually, I used to lurked on this coupon site since I’ve learnt on how awesome was it few weeks back and till today I was really amazed on how it works and how it helps me to have my eager items in a very cheapest prices. If you haven’t yet try this. I’ll encourage you then to take a look the site for you to know on how this couponing works.

And as I know, couponing is the one most doing today not just those fashion shoppers but also for these wifes who wanted to have their things at home in the frugal ways. Yes! also covers some brands which are in the home categories as well fashion brands too. In fact, they did have these coupon codes for flipkart 2014 that works like a charm. Also, had teamed up already in a bunch of brands worldwide for both local and international brands so you dont have to worry about whether where you are zoutons codes are fine working.. 🙂

Also, good news to those gamers. Because have you cover. Check their site today for more details on how you could buy off your fave gaming console in very reasonable prices. Okay then, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll try to check the site given for you to enjoy your online shopping!!

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Dec 12 2013

Things to Remember When Shopping Online

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One of the benefits of shopping for clothes online is that you’ll be able to save some money. Not only are items cheaper compared to when you buy them at the mall, a lot of stores likewise offer free shipping. Another advantage is that you can search through several stores in a short period of time, so there’s time to do other things. There’re a couple of tips to remember though since shopping for clothes online can either be a wonderful experience or a total letdown.

You have to first list down the type of clothes you need before you start to shop. This way, you can go directly to the categories they belong to and stay away from purchases that you don’t really need. Make sure to check the store’s size chart because different brands usually have different sizes. If the seller only says an item is small, medium or large, be sure to check the size chart for information on what these labels mean. Another thing to take note of is if the store has a return policy. It’s a must that you can return the clothes if they don’t fit you or at least have it exchanged.

 photo sam1_zps2301c537.png

 photo samskul_zps3182793d.png

Take time to read reviews about the store you plan on shopping in and the specific product you want to purchase. This will somehow give you an idea if the item is worth buying. Also remember that how a color looks on the computer screen may be different in actuality. Certain factors may affect the color of an image.

One of the more popular and reputable online stores around is Sammy Dress. They’re a leading wholesale supplier of women’s clothing, shoes, bags, fashion jewelry, accessories, lingerie, special occasion dresses, casual dresses, wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and toys. They likewise have men’s clothing. They’re known for selling top-notch and stylish pieces at super affordable prices. Their wide selection of over 200,000 products is an assurance that there’s something for everyone. Sammy Dress ships to countries all over the world.

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Nov 28 2013

Bring back the excitement of Christmas this year and shop for unexpected, unique gifts

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Christmas shopping is one of the most stressful things we do all year, and we all know people who are difficult to buy for and make the whole process even more frantic. For these people we tend to buy generic presents like chocolates or wine or a gift voucher because it’s so hard to find something better. However, this isn’t really how Christmas presents should be bought, and it takes the Christmas spirit out of things.


Instead of going for generic presents, you should try to think about what you know about the person and find a present which they are not expecting but which could help them in their daily life or even just let them know that you care about them. There are plenty of quirky gifts out there to choose from which can be both heart-warming and exciting to receive because they show that you have put though into the gift and bought the recipient something meaningful.


Unique gifts can often end up being something treasured by the people who receive them, and there are endless options available so you can make sure you’ve bought something perfect. These gifts could be anything from engraved jewellery to home and garden décor, and can be personalised or even handmade, giving them that extra special touch.


 photo Untitled_zpsb45ad3e1.png

Unique gifts are lovely to receive because they are clearly not the usual things that you find when you go shopping. When somebody receives one, they know that the person who gave it to them did not come across it during a rushed Christmas shopping session, but instead they looked hard for the ideal present and put a lot of thought into the process. If you can find a present which could be useful in the recipient’s daily life, it’ll make the gift even better because it will show that you care and you want to help make life easier for them.


These types of gifts can be difficult to find at first, but there are many websites available which sell items like this and allow you to sort through the products by selecting options relating to the recipient, such as hobbies and favourite colour. The more you know about the person, the easier it is to find them the perfect gift, which is why it’s important to pay attention to them and to communicate with them as much as possible. If you’re struggling to think of a gift that relates to their interests, you can always try looking for something that represents your relationship with them, such as a friendship bracelet or a photo album.


Whatever you end up buying for them, it will be a joy to receive because it will be something completely unexpected and will bring back the excitement of Christmas, as well as showing them what they mean to you. Next time you’re out Christmas shopping, try to avoid going towards the traditional gift sections and look for something which will be more of a nice surprise.



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Dec 22 2012

Louis Vuitton Handbags Replica – Perfect Fashionable Accessory

Louis Vuitton is definitely only of the greater names in the handbags and other fashion accessories, but nonetheless the things which are traded throughout the brand name still stay one of those unachievable things which a lot of female wish they had but a lot never obtain. Just because of this reason, demand of louis vuitton handbags replica is higher than before. Nowadays is the appropriate time when women are generally looking to give up the true and branded thing and they are now opting for almost true thing, which is a replica product. People do not want to sacrifice the salary for one month for transitory prestige which is being the conceited possessor of the Louis Vuitton handbag will offer to female.

There is absolutely no shame at all in purchasing Louis Vuitton replica handbags instead of buying real accessory. First thing which need to be kept in mind if you are aware whatever you are doing will not deal with the cheap deduct. The replica Louis Vuitton bag may be as tempting and attractive to eye of other people just like the real and branded product. However, it is not possible that every day you will find the great replication of popular and famous brand, hence if you see some stylish Louis Vuitton Handbags Replica you must in all probability go ahead as well as make the purchase since not every imitation is absolute close to real and branded auxiliary.

Simple print which is behind the initials of LV is just not sufficient which can satisfy various things, as the visibly louis vuitton replica handbags may be disadvantage to the class and status as well as it can absolutely defeat the intention of looking to designer replica bag by Louis Vuitton in its place. So, if you have limited and restricted budget then there can be no better option than buying the replica product.

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Dec 05 2012

Cute Labels Only From Label Land


Nowadays, it’s no longer advisable to leave our belongings unattended. What we should do is to always keep our things close to us and to put labels on them. This is very important so that just in case we lose them, the person who found it will be able to return it safely. It used to be that labels looked ordinary and simple. Now, with so many websites selling them, we’ll be able to have labels that look different from the ones that we’ve gotten accustomed to.

One online shop that sells unique and cute labels is They have a wide variety of bag tags, iron on labels, stickers, and a lot more. It’s very easy and simple to attach their iron on labels on any kind of fabric. They’re also long lasting. Another way of attaching them is by sewing them on the cloth. These labels are very sturdy and can withstand wear and tear.

What’s great about is that their clothing name labels can be customized. Information such as name, address, and phone number can be placed there. Buyers can use these labels on clothes, luggages, bags, accessories, lunch boxes, and many others. Mothers can place these adorable tags and labels on their children’s belongings.

Furthermore, customized permanent sticker sheets are also available. You can ask them to make your stickers according to your preference and size so that whatever information you want written will fit right in. Another great thing about these stickers is that they can stick to any surface and are water proof. Customers from around the globe would be happy to know that they ship worldwide. Methods of payment are Paypal and Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

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Aug 05 2012

Clozette Fashion for Every Fashionista


Check here:

I love fashion and I’m sure that a lot of people out there have the same sentiments. What better way to explore the fashionista in you than being a member of It’s like the Facebook for fashion. It’s a totally different type of social networking site and shopping haven. If you’re very much into fashion and everything fabulous and chic, join Clozette. It’s so easy to register and totally free. The site has so many features like the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in iTunes. Simply open iTunes  to download the apps. It’s a lot of fun trying out the application, and I personally recommend it for you to use because they have this easy browse feature where you can easily grab and share photos of your Clozette wish list items on your Clozette account as long to your favorite social media site Facebook. In a way, this really useful not just to buy items but also to buzz and let your friends know on what’s you most like to have that might also interest them. Other good thing is, Clozette  apps can be install in any smartphones.


YOU MUST download it here:

There’s a dozen more things you can do like sharing your beautiful clothes and things. You can also make a free product listings of the clothes, accessories, and shoes and many other items that you want to buy. If you’re into makeup, you can save all your favorite makeup videos in Clozette. If you are into selling stuff, you can also do it here and open a free online store. But if you’re only interested in shopping, they have a Bazaar section where you can see all the items you’re looking for such as dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc. Clozette is just a wonderful way to show how fashionable you are and meet other fashionable people in the process.


Buy this here:

Also, you may buy some great finds on the site like what I found here, The Little Mistress Embellished Waist One Shoulder Dress, that I really like to have. Because as you can see I am really into dresses than to those street fashion one. heheh I’ll buy this one soon as I got some bucks on my account. I’ll let you know rather will do an review about it on this blog,, soon I got it. By the way, you can check this dress out on the site, , shoppe channel here:


I encourage you to check the site’s bazaar channel too, where you can find member’s closet list and styles that will definitely help us to be on trends, just head up here for more information. Join the clozette community now and be a Clozetter! dont forget to tell your chic friends too about this awesome fashion social networking site,


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Jun 25 2012

Vintage looking Fossil Bags


On today’s accessories. Vintage looking pieces are the one on hip. Because these pieces had this character and quirkiness that most peeps are looking forward  today that can give this uniqueness on your total outfits. And beside, fashion today are more on vintage  than into newest materials and designs.

On the top photos, these are the best example of the hip vintage looking pieces that are indeed trends these days, which the Fossil bags, I think, most brands today are had these kind of pieces already and the good things. Not just bags they’ve got for their vintages collection but also some clothing too. I suggesting you to check some brands for these kind of pieces. Ive heard, Levis had their own vintage collection too, check them out if you wanted to see their collection.

Alright, that’s it for now and for these bags availability and pricing details? just heads up over goggle search and try to search this collection out for more further info. Because as this moment, I haven’t yet do my researched about this collection..hehehe but of course, soon I got to know further, I will sure be update you here. Thanks!

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Jun 21 2012

Buying Knock Off Designer Gucci Handbags Will Be A Better Choice

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Nowadays our country is full of good fashion taste, and designer Gucci handbags can provide a good point around which good fashion taste statements can be made. To show the latest fashion styles and your good fashion taste, you should need let designer Gucci handbags become an very important part of your outfits. The problem is the hefty prices tagged on designer Gucci handbags will always let the most fashion curious ladies feel disappointed, especially when you are the one of those ladies who just has very common job with very limited salary you can hardly be able to afford to buy any one of expensive designer Gucci handbags. Luckily, nowadays there is a good way to solve the problem m, which is that you can pay attention to the new fashion market of knock off designer Gucci handbags.

Buying knock off designer Gucci handbags will be a better choice for the most fashion curious ladies. If you are rich enough and do not care about how much money you should pay, you can buy any of expensive designer Gucci handbags to suit well your overall outfits. If you are rich but you want to save money, buying knock off designer Gucci handbags will be a better choice for you, because knock off designer Gucci handbags can show the same fabulous appearance and feel as the expensive designer Gucci handbags, but the former price is much cheaper than the latter, so why not save hundreds or may even thousands of dollars when you can enjoy the same good fabulous appearance and feel? If you are not rich, buying knock off designer Gucci handbags will be your necessary choice to keep yourself up with the latest fashion style and fashion taste.

Because of the huge costs on designer Gucci handbags, so the designer fashion houses have to sell their designer Gucci handbag products at very high price, only in this way they can benefit well from designer Gucci handbags. However, usually any kind of designer Gucci handbags is just be sold for a couple of months, which cause millions of fashion curious ladies cannot own that kind of designer Gucci handbags in time. As a result, the new fashion market occupied by knock off designer houses can extend the lifespan of that kind of designer Gucci handbags by copying that kind product and selling it at very cheaper price. Usually knock off designer fashion houses do not have huge costs on knock off designer Gucci handbags, so that they still can benefit very well from knock off designer Gucci handbags by selling them at very cheap price. Because of various reasons, usually designer Gucci handbags have to be priced more than $800, while cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags can only be priced $200 or even less, so why not save money to buy cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags rather than buy expensive designer Gucci handbags? As far as the quality, we have to admit that knock off designer Gucci handbags is  not as good as designer Gucci handbags, but we have to admit another fact that we do not need to carry cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags for years, so we do not need to carry very good quality designer Gucci handbags, cheap knock off designer Gucci handbags that can last for one year will meet our needs.

Wholesale knock off designer Gucci handbags are available in the new fashion market. Because of the limited output of designer Gucci handbags, they cannot meet the needs of fashion market, so the new fashion market of knock off designer Gucci handbags generate and booms very quickly. Once you have a visit at the new fashion market, you will find there are wholesale knock off designer Gucci handbags for your choice, as a result, we do not need to worry about fashionable Gucci handbags cannot meet the needs of all fashion curious ladies.

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May 18 2012

Top Men’s Summer Fashion Trends


Life is a beach this summer and men’s fashion trends prove it. The look for this summer is easy, breezy and cool. Whether a man lives by the beach or not, he can look like he’s just fresh from the surf or heading off to a tropical paradise. For both work and casual, companies such as Vinyard Vines Clothing offer separates that are inspired by the ocean, beach holidays and a relaxed lifestyle. Here are the top five trends for men’s summer fashion:


This summer is the time for all men to embrace the pastel palette. If men knew just how great light pink looks on them, they wouldn’t resist its powers. All colors of the pastel rainbow are vibrant and glowing in men’s summer wardrobe. Plaids are also hot and often come in slightly darker tones against a white background. Also, khaki and light tan shades are very popular for men’s shorts,slacks and mens shoes.


This is a look that will never go out of style. The classic and crisp white button-down shirt is seen once again in the summer collections of the top design houses. Always stylish with surf shorts, casual pants or jeans, the classic white shirt has a way of making every man look like he’s worth a fortune.


Vinyard Vines Clothing has mastered the art of the surf short. The best length for a man’s short is slightly above the knee and cut so that it won’t flair out too much or hug his leg too tightly. This company’s surf short is just right. They are available in all colors and are also available in a plaid print. All men should own at least two or three pairs for this summer.


It is likely that the world of casual fashion will never see the death of the beloved flip-flop. However, today’s man prefers a flip-flop that is a step up to the one-inch rubber slip-on from the seventies. Today’s flip-flop has a slight arch and supports the ball of the foot. These advances in design make the flip-flop more of a shoe than a slip-on.


Just because a man has to wear a tie to work each day doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun with it. Highly fashionable ties are extremely well made but also lighthearted in their pattern. There is nothing more chic than an elegant 100% silk tie with a small blue whale pattern.

Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that men are allowed to slack on their fashion.  Summer may bring hot weather, but that doesn’t mean only flip flops and t-shirts.  Take the time to look in to the aforementioned style tips, and be sure to style yourself appropriately during the summer season.

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