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May 05 2012

Ralph Lauren Vintage Bags collection 2012


Want some quirky pieces? so – why not to check on these Ralph Lauren vintage bags collection for this year 2012. Actually, I want the vintage fashion than to those new designs pieces that are been trends today. Because, liked what I’d often saying, that vintage fashion has this own character and has its own awesomeness that most people find it unique these days. I hope you’ll got what I meant here.. LOL

Anyway, these bags are made of wool, if I dont mistaken, and they have this metal material too which can made these bags more detailed..hehehe I hope there’s some foam mattress made of bags too that we can buy soon that can rock our way too..hahha Alright, I’m too sounds lazy, need to have a break..haha Thanks!

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Apr 27 2012

Trends in Handbags

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If you have an eye for all things fashion, you may want to check out the possibilities of a design degree. With a design degree, you can use your passion for fashion to create a fun and rewarding career for yourself.

For instance, your degree could help you spot trends in handbags and use your knowledge to design and market your own line of handbags. Or, you could offer advice to marketers of handbags. Check out the following trends in handbags:

1. The Clutch: Look effortlessly chic when you carry a clutch in your hand. The clutch provides just enough room for your essentials, so you don’t have to lug around a loaded-down purse. Whether you carry a classic black clutch or a brightly colored clutch with an exotic feel, you can add to your outfit without worrying about toting a cumbersome bag.

2. The Camera Bag: These little bags are made to look like you can tuck your fave camera safely inside them. While you can carry your camera in this type of bag, it’s really more of a fashion statement. It’s small, it’s squarish and it’s trendy — perfect for every fashion diva.

3. The Tote: If you’re the type of lady who needs to be prepared, a tote is probably the right choice for you. The tote gives you the room you need to carry everything you could ever possibly need in a purse, and then some. Yet, just because this type of bag is big, doesn’t mean you have to look unfashionable. Totes come in all sorts of colors and textures that can complement your outfits.

If you’re into fashion, and you’re interested in getting into a fashion career, check out Even if you already have a current job, you can take some classes online while still working, due to the convenience online education offers.


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Apr 24 2012

Fashionable beach bags from


When it comes to bags today. I think, the trends one was these beach bags that has this light material and easily to bring anywhere. These bags are really designed for this season, summer, that can give you convenient as have yourself some beach vacation or any summer gateway. In away, this was too practical then. because usually, these beach bags are quite wide that you could bring all the stuff you needed.

Actually, I bought mine already from the online store that Ive found recently, which the The site looks so professional and they had been shipped my item so fast, and also, one thing that I’d loved from them was this free embroidery that can make into bag so personalized. Look the bag on top. That was the bag I bought from them for only $22.99.

They do have some selection for their bags, they have these wedding bags,college bags,kids bags,gadget bags and so on. Just check the site for further list of their bags. Meantime, will share some of their bags below:


Striped Beach Tote$19.99


Big Beach Bag$23.99


Beach Duffle Bag$29.99

Buy your bags today to the and get a chance to have some freebies too, like embroidery and many more..

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