f(x)’s Krystal x CeCi May 2014

 photo FX-Krystal-Ceci-May-2014-01_zps4f6fff95.png

 photo FX-Krystal-Ceci-May-2014-02_zps8bbd602b.png

We’d often sees Korean Idols or celebrities posting for some big name magazines and brands. Because they were the ones who usually look up to by these peeps who followed them and patronized them due of their popularity and talents. Today, Krystal of f(x) had able to posed for CeCi for the May issue and I believed this issue is already out in the market since it supposed to be out this May.. Hehe Yes! I am kinda late on blogging this, so please bear with me. I just got some workloads to attend this recently that’s why I cant able to post this up in time.. hehe

Krystal looks so feminine in here and the concept used for the shoot is really strong which what I really liked about.. Though the styling is quite simple and yet the sexiness and fiercer of this gel shown up without effort.

What kind of guy do girls like?

 photo 4959356605_Go_Getter_Girl_xlarge_zps1304bb7c.png

It’s true that girls have different taste for many things including guys but, there are still some things that all girls like. There might not be a perfect guy, but many guys are perfect in the eyes of the girls. Why? Well most probably because they know what the girls like most. It’s not some secret actually. If you want to leave a good impression and make girls like you then, here are some advices that you should take a look at:
1. Be confident. Being confident is very, very important if you want to leave a good impression.

2. Be romantic. Bring flowers on a date, kiss her on the cheek and stuff like that leaves very good impression as-well.

3. Smart. Being smart is attracting many girls.

4. Successful. Well this is not as easy as it seems. You should be dedicated on yourself and make sure you are good at what you do.

5. Helpful. Help everyone as much as you can. Girls find it attractive when guys help someone that is in need for help for no reason.

6. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. Make yourself better than anyone. Make yourself as good as you can.

Good luck !

classic gibson electric bass at musicians friend

I was so pleased this recently to play on some musical instruments that includes the following: Guitar, Piano, Ukelele and the one I forgot the name..LOL Because it’s kinda distress me when every time I playing those, I dunno.. that is why I am so pleased then to have this classic gibson electric bass at musicians friend and eventually learn on how to play it. Because it’s kinda fits on my personality that’s why I’ve chosen the electric bass than to the usual acoustic guitar out there.

vandoren a45 jumbo java

Are you guys familiar with in this vandoren a45 jumbo java at wwbw? if so, could you please tell me further details about it? because I’ve been asked to buy one for my sister and I dont mom to be get mom at me as I dont buy my sister this vandoren a45 jumbo java thingy..ehhe Please do help me out here buy suggesting an online shop with me on where I buy this thing. Thanks in advance!

Trends: Cropped Tee

 photo lee-chae-rin-and-jeremy-scott-spring-2011-trash-crop-top-gallery_zpsd646320c.png

Celebrities are the great influencer in the fashion industry. Because mostly, fans are really looking forward on what’s their idols often wears, when it comes to brands and labels. That’s why if you really wanted yourself to be hip and trends as this season change or comes I think you’ll have to check out those leading celebrities today on what are the usual fashion finds they’d wearing. Like for example this girl here from the kpop group called 2ne1 named CL. The girl is well know on its swag but chic styling and a lot of fans are really looking forward to her and they indeed follows most of her styling. No doubt! why this cropped tee are the one demand in the fashion pieces today.

Yeah! if you has an slender body and wanting to be hip, I must suggests you to have this cropped tee and pair it with the high waisted skirts like CL did on this photo.  Alright, that will be all for now and I hope I can post up some more informative one by my next posts for this site, henzellovestosmile.com.


Himchan of B.A.P is wearing BALMAIN Lion Circus Print T-Shirt – £239.00 ($363.95)

 photo 130620D64DCF69AD6DC81CACF5D56DB3C4CC29_zps58fdf39a.jpg

 photo Balmain_zps3f1e95fd.jpg

Most Koreans now a days are used to wear some great and expensive finds when it comes to their fashion. Because most people there are influenced by these Kpop idols who are really a fashion forward and rocking these finds from these well known high-end brands today in fashion like Chrome Hearts, Marc Jobs and this Balmain brand that this guy named Himchan pulling off.

The guy , Himchan, is one of the member of this rookie group in Korea called B.A.P which making their way to be one pro artists soon like what their look forward leading groups today on their country, Korea. The guy is wearing the BALMAIN Lion Circus Print T-Shirt – £239.00 ($363.95) which I found too expensive to have because I really cant imagine myself wearing one piece for my fashion on that price, £239.00, I might buy something useful or a stuff that I need most like this rev-a-shelf.

BEAST’s Junhyung : Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott, Givenchy


 Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Floral track pants – for his pants here


Givenchy ‘Uno de Nosotros’ Mermaid Print T-Shirt

Recently, the B2st member Junhyung had updated his twitter account with this photo here where he’s like reading or just pretending reading though..lol Anyway, netizers had noticed that he’s wearing these awesome pieces from the leading brands today which the Givenchy  and Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals. That’s why this photo got so much attentions by the online fans who has this fashion blogs and who used to blog kpop fashion statements. Yeah! I just actually got this photo on the site coordinuna.com ( just need to give credit on the fan site for doing the awesome researched about Junhyung’s wearing here)

On this tee, he us wearing an awesome white top that has this dope prints on it from Givenchy (Givenchy ‘Uno de Nosotros’ Mermaid Print T-Shirt)  while on his pants, he does rock on Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Floral track pants that has estimate price of $320.00 – $330.00 USD. Don’t ask me about the price of the top because I haven’t know it yet, however, soon I got to know it, sure thing, will update this post for you to know the pricing details.

Okay, that’s it for now and sorry if I dont want to talk or write that much on this blog entry because I kinda feel sick maybe because of the changing of weather..Thank you and dont forget to have yourself a great weekend. 🙂

Thom Browne 2013 Spring/Summer Oxford Sleeve Stripe Shirt


Thom Browne, a fashion designer from Pennsylvania, USA that once held Fashion Designer of the Year by GQ on 2008, is a maker of fine men’s suits and extended his collection into a more complete by making sweaters, ties, dress shirts, underwear and accessories for men. He will be out of with his new collection for Spring/Summer 2013, the item is an Oxford sleeve stripe shirt, a shirt that is made of cotton, a button-down shirt that has these red and blue oxford cloth stripes places on the left sleeve of the shirt. The said shirt will be available next year and it costs an amount of $654 USD.

Men can never go wrong by wearing this kind of shirt because of its crisp looking and it can give them a fresh look. This can be paired with any kind of bottoms. Can be worn on men’s daily activities. This shirt can give men a full comfort because of the material being used in this which is cotton, most men are looking fir this material on every thing that they will wear. The great thing about this long sleeve white shirt is its red and white stripe design on the left sleeve, it adds a more striking look to the shirt, you can say that this shirt is simple yet stylish. A must have for every men on their wardrobe. For their comfort and fashionable tastes. Let’s just watch out for this shirt to be available on stores.


Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She’s been in the business for so many years and started young. She became Rachel Green in the television sitcom Friends. This is the start of the blooming of her career. Jennifer, had done countless numbers of movies. She become Brad Pitt’s girlfriend and soon got married. Unfortunately, the two didn’t end well. They got divorced. Their marriage only lasts for five years. Their marriage is from 2000-2005.

And after so many years, Jennifer Aniston got engaged again. This time, with the actor and director Justin Theroux. Jennifer Aniston received a huge sized diamond engagement ring. They got engaged last August 10, 2012. The American actress who is now 43 years old. Some says that Jennifer Aniston’s fiancée has a good taste on choosing the engagement ring. The said ring costs $500,000 USD. But some other who is very good on engagement rings, they said that the ring looks more of a cocktail ring instead of an engagement ring. But I think, whatever they say Jennifer is probably happy with her engagement ring. She deserved it, because she is a lovable woman and to tell you she has a good heart because Jennifer is so into many charity works. I am hoping that if they will get married it will last forever. So for now, let’s just wait when are we going to see her wear a wedding ring.