(2ne1) Lonely – Sungha Jung (Harp Ukulele)

When I first see this rather heard I just said “wow” because he really did a great job on his ukelele because not everyone can play this musical instrument because of the tininess of it. I really commend this guy and I hope he can continue sharing his talent world wide while pursuing his own dreams. Alright, that’s it for now and let’s all support those young ones that has talent on their crafts.

How to Rock Mexican Style Better Than Celebrities

A fantastic Mexican rock concert awaits you. There’s plenty to look forward to from loud music to amazing dancing. The problem is you want to look the part. In fact, you want to look like a celebrity on the dance floor. What should you wear?

Think Classic Style Like Hayek

Salma Hayek

Via Flickr by al7n6awi

If you are buying Vicente Fernandez tickets, you’ll want to dress classy. Ladies will do well dressing the part of Salma Hayek. A comfortable dress, fabulous shoes (the higher the heel the better) and a chunky necklace will do the job. You’ll want to show off your curves while still looking respectful. After all, tickets like these demand true Mexican character to come through. Match your outfit with a clutch purse, just big enough for the essentials. Finally, be sure your makeup is subtle but beautiful.

Get Hip with Thalia



Mexican single Thalia may be the perfect icon to look to when it comes to dressing young. To dress right for a pop concert or a younger band, be sure to layer on the jewelry. Big hoop earrings, a few bangles and even a low chain help. Use lots of color in your clothing. If you want to wear jeans, be sure a flowing, bright colored top accompanies them. Add to that a pair of thick heels for a fantastic look that’s all about Mexican heat. Use a lot of color in your makeup, too. You want your face to come to life on the dance floor

Get Sexy Like Ramirez

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sara Ramirez

Via Flickr by The School of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

If you love her on Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll love looking like her at a Mexican-style rock concert. Sara Ramirez’s style is all about sex appeal, another popular style component of the Mexican wardrobe. To look great here, find a fantastic looking dress that you can move in. You’ll want something flowing and comfortable, but above the knees. Add a cute high heel to the outfit and a few pieces of jewelry. Don’t forget to add the makeup. Be sure your lips and eyes stand out.

Style Your Look Like Lopez


Via Flickr by AnthonyGurr

That’s Mario Lopez, of course! If you want to dress the part of this stylish Mexican actor, you just need to use classic pieces in your wardrobe. Start with a dark shirt, with the top buttons undone. Add a nice suit coat and pants that fits well. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes since you will be dancing. On the other hand, for a less formal event, lose the jacket and wear a v-neck tee without a print to it.

Mexican rock concerts are all about a love of style and music. To fit into any classic event like this, you have to dress the part. The only hard part is knowing which celebrity you hope to look like on the dance floor.

Miss A – I dont need a man

While I was browsing the video sharing site called YouTube a minute ago this video of the all girls Kpop group “Miss A” really caught my attention because the song is really catchy and at the same time the sounds blends to the lyrics itself. That’s why most peeps had hooked up to this too, already. By the way, Ive heard that they did used this mackie 1642 at Musicians friend on the sound that’s why I am so amazed how this song produced..

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update some fashion related one by my next posts. Thank you and have a great day to everyone.

B2ST/BEAST – Beautiful night

Though this song is Kpop or Korean song, still I liked the arrangements and the song itself. Because I think, the composer used this awesome new bass amps instrument which release these awesome combo of musics. Check the video on top for you to understand what I’m trying to say here.. Alright, that’s it foe now and will try to update you more fashion related posts. Thanks!

Clozette Fashion for Every Fashionista


Check here: http://www.clozette.co

I love fashion and I’m sure that a lot of people out there have the same sentiments. What better way to explore the fashionista in you than being a member of Clozette.co. It’s like the Facebook for fashion. It’s a totally different type of social networking site and shopping haven. If you’re very much into fashion and everything fabulous and chic, join Clozette. It’s so easy to register and totally free. The site has so many features like the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in iTunes. Simply open iTunes  to download the apps. It’s a lot of fun trying out the application, and I personally recommend it for you to use because they have this easy browse feature where you can easily grab and share photos of your Clozette wish list items on your Clozette account as long to your favorite social media site Facebook. In a way, this really useful not just to buy items but also to buzz and let your friends know on what’s you most like to have that might also interest them. Other good thing is, Clozette  apps can be install in any smartphones.


YOU MUST download it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fashion-finds-by-clozette.co/id543836871?mt=8

There’s a dozen more things you can do like sharing your beautiful clothes and things. You can also make a free product listings of the clothes, accessories, and shoes and many other items that you want to buy. If you’re into makeup, you can save all your favorite makeup videos in Clozette. If you are into selling stuff, you can also do it here and open a free online store. But if you’re only interested in shopping, they have a Bazaar section where you can see all the items you’re looking for such as dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc. Clozette is just a wonderful way to show how fashionable you are and meet other fashionable people in the process.


Buy this here: http://www.clozette.co/shoppe/browse/asos-226795-2376084/asos

Also, you may buy some great finds on the site like what I found here, The Little Mistress Embellished Waist One Shoulder Dress, that I really like to have. Because as you can see I am really into dresses than to those street fashion one. heheh I’ll buy this one soon as I got some bucks on my account. I’ll let you know rather will do an review about it on this blog, henzellovestosmile.com, soon I got it. By the way, you can check this dress out on the site, Clozette.com , shoppe channel here: http://www.clozette.co/shoppe?gafrom=topnavnl


I encourage you to check the site’s bazaar channel too, where you can find member’s closet list and styles that will definitely help us to be on trends, just head up here  http://www.clozette.co/bz/?gafrom=topnavnl for more information. Join the clozette community now and be a Clozetter! dont forget to tell your chic friends too about this awesome fashion social networking site, Clozette.co.


2ne1 x 1st look




When it comes to kpop fashion today. I know most of you will prefer and look up to on 2ne1’s fashion. Because these gels had always these great appeals and fashion sense that can make you wow, no doubt on that. Look on these photos on top, wherein they’ve got featured on the leading magazine today in their country, South Korea. The 1st look. I must say, the 4 gels looks so stunning on their each outfits and at the same time they have their own characters too to portrait on these photos. That’s why no wonder why this group is the most badass, swag, dope group on today’s K-pop industry.

You may see all the behind scenes on their photo shoot on this video. So – you’ll have to check it if you’re interested to know on how this lovely ladies works behind cameras. Alright, that’s it for now and I will try to update not just Kpop fashion to this blog, henzellovestosmile.com, but also some kpop musics too. Thanks and please keep on supporting this blog.. 😉

The Queen of Style

Her Majesty the Queen recently celebrated her diamond jubilee in the UK, with street parties and celebrations taking place all across the country. There was no surprise to just as much coverage was given to what the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing compared to the celebrations themselves, but I thought I’d take a look at the timeless style of the reigning British monarch herself. She might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of stylish royals, but in her day, the Queen was every bit the trendsetter that Kate is today.

With Agyness Deyn frequently naming her as a style inspiration, and recent catwalk shows from Rochas, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren getting into the jubilee spirit, the Queen’s outfits still attracts attention. Always immaculate, and always age appropriate, I think we can still learn a thing or two from Elizabeth on how to dress for the occasion!

Becoming monarch at just age 27, her loyal designer was Norman Hartnell. He created her stunning wedding gown, coronation dress and revamped Dior’s New Look to create a very British take on the trend just for her. Think elegant pastel shades, polka dots, full skirts and tiny waists. The look is still a classic for evening wear today – this Tess Spot dress (below) from the Coast collection of evening dresses online is a prime example.


If you’re a fan of 50s fashion like I am, taking a look through images of Elizabeth over the decade is an amazing source of style inspiration. Her look is always simple, elegant and flattering, with attention to detail with accessories being key. Pristine gloves, clean, crisp colour palettes, neat boxy handbags and simple, elegant pearls adorn her in every picture. Check out this great Vogue gallery of her trendsetting looks and you’ll find plenty of ideas.

The Queen has moved on to new designers over the decades, from Hardy Amies, to moderniser Ian Thomas, and her current favourite, Stuart Parvin. Taking her from the Grace Kelly look of the 50s, through to the modern sophistication she displayed in the 60s, her look now is still timeless, returning to flattering pastels and impeccably tailored dress suits.

If the Agyness Deyn connection isn’t enough to convince you that she’s a bona fide style icon, the Queen has also inspired the likes of Luella Bartley and queen of pop Madonna over the years, and was the muse behind Dolce and Gabbana’s entire A/W 2008 collection. Rather than reinventing her evening dresses and formal gowns, they paid tribute to a range of her signature looks, especially her classic country style. Her statement tartans, traditional knits, autumnal colour palette and elegant headscarves are a mainstay of her wardrobe when she visits her country castle Balmoral in Scotland each year, and D&G couldn’t help but steal some of her style tips. You can check out the whole collection here.

Ripped Tights are trends?


On today’s fashion. I just noticed that most celebrities and models are used to wear this ripped tights, might this tights are treading today? though, this style is not that new but yet still most of the fashion enthusiast nowadays are used to rock themselves on this chic tights. I think, I needed to have myself  this tights too..heheh Alright will update you more about this tights soon or in my next post, I just need to search some further information about this tights for you also to know the full details if the ripped tights are really trending today.

Alright, that’s it for now and thanks for keep on visiting me here and I’ll promise to post up those hot topics inside the fashion industry today! By the way, you could check out your fave stores, both online and real stores near you, for this tights. Because they might already these tights for sale..:)

Selena Gomez x ASOS Maxi Dress (Black)


I do like this darling , Selena Gomez, because she really had this sweet face among those other teens Disney actresses nowadays. And also, I simply liked her styles and statements too. Look on this photo wherein she is wearing an chic black maxi dress from the ASOS website. Wait, sorry, I cant find the exact link where you could buy this awesome dress, however, I suggest you to roam the site ASOS for you to find this great dress and  might the dress is still available to buy.

Actually, when it comes to dresses,only maxi dresses can hooked me up. Because as you an see, the dress is perfectly in any events and it has this sexy appeals as a girl wears it.  No wonder,that’s why most of us girls are used to like this maxi dresses than to the usual trends dresses today.

so – yeah, wear a maxi dresses today and be hip. That’s it for now and will update you more soon. Thanks!