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I love fashion and I’m sure that a lot of people out there have the same sentiments. What better way to explore the fashionista in you than being a member of It’s like the Facebook for fashion. It’s a totally different type of social networking site and shopping haven. If you’re very much into fashion and everything fabulous and chic, join Clozette. It’s so easy to register and totally free. The site has so many features like the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in iTunes. Simply open iTunes  to download the apps. It’s a lot of fun trying out the application, and I personally recommend it for you to use because they have this easy browse feature where you can easily grab and share photos of your Clozette wish list items on your Clozette account as long to your favorite social media site Facebook. In a way, this really useful not just to buy items but also to buzz and let your friends know on what’s you most like to have that might also interest them. Other good thing is, Clozette  apps can be install in any smartphones.


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There’s a dozen more things you can do like sharing your beautiful clothes and things. You can also make a free product listings of the clothes, accessories, and shoes and many other items that you want to buy. If you’re into makeup, you can save all your favorite makeup videos in Clozette. If you are into selling stuff, you can also do it here and open a free online store. But if you’re only interested in shopping, they have a Bazaar section where you can see all the items you’re looking for such as dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc. Clozette is just a wonderful way to show how fashionable you are and meet other fashionable people in the process.


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Also, you may buy some great finds on the site like what I found here, The Little Mistress Embellished Waist One Shoulder Dress, that I really like to have. Because as you can see I am really into dresses than to those street fashion one. heheh I’ll buy this one soon as I got some bucks on my account. I’ll let you know rather will do an review about it on this blog,, soon I got it. By the way, you can check this dress out on the site, , shoppe channel here:


I encourage you to check the site’s bazaar channel too, where you can find member’s closet list and styles that will definitely help us to be on trends, just head up here for more information. Join the clozette community now and be a Clozetter! dont forget to tell your chic friends too about this awesome fashion social networking site,


Coupons of the 21st Century

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. As each decade progresses, new developments for everyday products are released that make them more efficient, thus saving consumers time and at times, money. Through this cycle, simple activities we used to do manually a decade ago can now be done in half the time with innovative mobile devices and sophisticated programs.


Mobile-phone-advertising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This concept is particularly prevalent in the world of couponing. What was once primarily a semi-painstaking process of clipping coupons then attempting to manually organize them has grown into a technologically based process. Below are a few of the most notable ways in which technology has transformed the world of couponing for modern society.

Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are one of the most popular ways in which technology has transformed the way we find and apply coupons. Instead of waiting for that Sunday paper or those sales ads to arrive in the mailbox, people can simply go online to their favorite manufacturer or coupon related website like RewardIt, and instantly access available coupons.

In most cases, these digital coupons are printable coupons that once accessed online, require printing for physical use. However, others can be accessed or saved to a mobile device that can then be used in their digital form at the cash register.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computers are the new variation of mobile computing that has become popular in the mainstream over the past few years. Products such as the iPad present a unique way for couponers to easily keep track of specific sales and organize their digital coupons.

Some benefits associated with couponing with a tablet computer are as follows:

  • Mobility: Storing all of your coupons on a tablet is a much easier medium in which to transport your coupons when compared to lugging around a binder or filing system.
  • Internet Access: Instead of relying on notes that you took at home, you can quickly check the Internet for your favorite coupon sites that compare sales with specific coupons for the best deals.

Mobile Phone Scanning

Mobile phone scanning is another convenient and useful way in which technology has transformed couponing. All you need is an application for your mobile phone that can scan bar codes. Once scanned, the information for that product is input into the application that you can then use to surf the Internet for coupons. In some cases, this method can give you instant savings if you are lucky enough to find a digital coupon for the particular product you scanned.

Couponing is an effective way to consistently save money on items that are necessary in life. Fortunately, technology has created a way for everyday people to take advantage of couponing without having to designate a large amount of time to it.


Summer Day

I am so blessed to have rather to received a lot of freebies through blogging. And I even enjoyed myself seeing wearing my clients products and make review for them. Yeah! this outfit are sponsored by these 2 awesome companies online that used to sell some dope and chic items that you will surely find cool and definitely buy your stuff there. Check these 2 awesome sites for further information and is a US based company that is specialized in both apparel line (men and girls) and as this moment, they do have these awesome summer outfits and pieces that can actually rocking you this season, summer. I simply love their designs because it has this called characters that may suits to everyone’s personality. Check their pieces over their website today to find out yourself on how awesome this company is.. – is an China based company, Hong kong, if I dont mistaken myself, which is mainly to girls pieces and accessories. Actually, this was my first time to seen such online store ,, that has a huge market for girls fashion and even give out all the trends and might trend pieces on today’s fashion industry. Check their website for their pieces designs.

So – yeah! I really recommend these 2 stores as you wanted yourself to be “IN” on today’s fashion. Because all of their products/items are these trendy that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward today.

I loved my look here and I hope they may send me some more for the other review..hehehe

Thanks you! & for a chance to work with you! this means a lot to me..:)

Summer, Summer , Summer


Folks, let me give you a speak peak on what I was cooking for my next outfit posts. Yeah! its posts! because there’s a lot of new clothes are came in ( from clients) that I’ll be needed to review and at the same time to wear and post them up on my lookbook account as I promised to my clients. So – yeah, this photo is the one includes on my summer outfit post. Please check often to this blog for the complete set of photos. 🙂

And also, I have done my other street fashion outfit with kitchen compost . How’s that? hmm, you better check it out as I post up the pictures here. Alright, that’s it for now and I dont want to give more information about this as for now.LOL


Fake Tattos From



I know most of you my readers are often updated on what’s new in the fashion industry today. Because we are all enthusiastic on the world of fashion, right? so – yeah! these fake tattoos are the one in trends and even most talked about today that must have, I think so. Because look, these tattoos are pretty dope and can even rock your way on especially we’re having this summer season.

Actually, a  lot of sites are selling these fake tattoos today, however, the most relevant and has these great designs of their fake tattoos was this site called Becuase they really known on what are the fashionista wants to have these days. Check their site now and you may see various of designs of their tattoos and even you can request to have your custom designs tattoos one.

Soon, I can have my free fake tattoo that I may wear on my next photoshoot.Will share some photos soon as I got my free tattoos from  Please do check me often here for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Use Coupon Codes to save money on Clothing.

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Clothing is one of the most important stuff that you need to buy it continuously, like Groceries and Food. That’s why you need to save money on Clothes when you purchase it. You can save your money on your favorite brands clothing with the use of Voucher Codes. These Vouchers are particularly valuable if you are regularly by clothes online. These Vouchers and Deals will help you to save your hard cash.

Today many local or online retailers or your favorite brands retailers are offers this kind of Coupons and Deals to attract their valuable customers. It is not very difficult to find out Clothing Coupons. Each and all peoples can get that and they can use it when they shop online. You will get great discount with these deals. You always end up with great buys no matter what, all thanks to your clothing coupons! If you are very busy person and want to shop for traditional occasions, you need not to drive around to the mall and local store or if  you are not able to get out of your office or home to check the local deals and offers don’t worry, you can check out about these deals and offers online. There are lots of online retailers and they offer online vouchers and coupons related to clothing. Select the best website and their latest Deals and Offers for Clothing and save your money, time and efforts by using Vouchers.

You can easily find the online retailers and you will also love to know that the retailers are offers many different types of deals. Like Up to 20% – 50% off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer, Free Shipping Deals and more different Coupons. This way you will be getting best discount on your favorite brands clothing. Voucher is an enormous purchasing power. So, when you need to buy clothes from your favorite retailers make sure you have a voucher to get great discount on shopping. It is a huge way to keep path of your finances and stay inside your range.

The mainly significant thing to keep in mind is that all the time verifies the expected discount. If you are not able to get expected discount on your clothing it means that voucher codes are previously expired. Sometimes it happens that online vouchers are not listed in expiration date before expire or stop to working. It happens as a few retailers are not make a vouchers with expire date. So make sure to check all the voucher codes often.

Clothing Coupon Codes are the perfect option for you as these are money saving coupons. With these coupons you can save some gorgeous amount. Paid to luxurious tags, not everyone afford to buy branded and designer clothes although of their proclivity towards these clothing. Clothing Coupons & Vouchers come in useful for them as even the biggest and nearly all posh brands offer clothing coupons.