Colored Blazer, Animal Print Hoodie, Belt and Accessories

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 Look what came in today. One colored blazer, Animal print screwneck, belt and some accessories like bracelets and hair pins thingy.. Yeah! those are goodies from my blog sponsor that’s why I cant really leave this blog behind though I just got some offline deeds that I’ll be needed to attend every now and then. Maybe I am just so lucky to have these pieces without anything in exchange.. Wait, I remembered, I’ve putted the online shop company link on my blog sidebar already and I think that’s enough for them because they dont insistently asked me to do a post outfits through out these pieces not like other companies do.

I might soon wear these pieces fro my outfit post update because this blog is quite lame to read these days. That’s why I needed to refresh things up by updating the blog with some personal stuff that I mostly like to do. So – please, keep on checking this blog for my return..ahahha Thank you so much and have yourself a great weekend.. 🙂

Vans Apparel 2013 Spring Island Accessories Collection

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 photo vans-apparel-2013-spring-island-accessories-collection-2_zpsde884ca3.jpg

 photo vans-apparel-2013-spring-island-accessories-collection-1_zps9abf72be.jpg

These are the accessories that we could expect from the brand Vans for their spring collection 2013. These pieces might sells already in some Vans stores it’s depend on the country I think so. So – you better yet check the vans stores nears you because as I’ve said you might see these pieces already on the store’s selves. Actually, I really loved these items here because they’re designs are quirky and it’s unusual to see on such cap that’s why I am pretty sure that most dudes out there are really looking forward to have themselves this kind of cap here.

As for now, I haven’t know further some additional details about this collection. Like the availability and the pricing range. However, soon enough the brand itself will then update us all regarding on this great collection they have for us this spring season. Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more fashion updates.. Thanks!

Fashionable Protective Cases at Tenerarca

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More people are buying high tech gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones. These gadgets are already a part of our lifestyle and certainly makes everyday living easier. Along with our fancy gadgets are stylish cases that protect them. We can either buy them in malls or online at different prices. It depends on how durable and functional they are. It would absolutely be great to have an iPhone or an iPad encased in a protective case that is not only cute and useful but also fits my personality to a T.

One website that sells one of a kind protective leather cases is Tenerarca. Its parent company, Parsk (USA) Inc. has been in the business of producing high quality leather goods for famous fashion brands in New York for three decades. The company has been utilizing the use of UPSKIN technology in selling their biotechnological items. This is the use of all natural and organic antimicrobial protection designed to kill or prevent the proliferation of bacteria and provide long-lasting freshness in leather. This process is nature friendly but most of all, beneficial to our health. The patented leather produces biochemical reactions which in turn heighten levels of serotonin that helps relieve depression, ease stress, lowers fatigue, and provides protection from germs.

Among the beautiful items they sell are iPhone cases, iPad cases, and Universa Pondera leather bracelets. Aside from the fact that they are luxurious, stylish, handmade, and anti-bacterial, these products have fully functional features. They are made from a flexible 0.4mm-thick single layer of soft leather which gives it a slim profile and have an easy grip texture that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Furthermore, they have a magnetic closure and ultra-thin leather cover that can be kept closed even while on a call. They come in many vivid colors and is definitely fashionable enough for any occasion.

Brixton 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




These are the Brixton hats and caps that we could expect for this spring summer collection 2013. I must say, these pieces or head gear are pretty awesome to have for this summer season because they each designs had it’s own uniqueness and yet never seen on the other fashion brand’s collection. As for now. I think, these hats and caps are not yet available in the market but soon enough it will be released as this hot season’s comes.

If you want to know any further details about this collection and its lookbook. I may suggest you to check over Google for it. Also,b try to check for the latest updates.. Yeah! I just got this information over there ( I just need to credit them out here) alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll got a great day ahead..

By the way, do you any ashton cigars selling on online? if so, please advise me because I just needed it for my dad..:) Thank you!

BEAST’s Junhyung : Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott, Givenchy


 Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Floral track pants – for his pants here


Givenchy ‘Uno de Nosotros’ Mermaid Print T-Shirt

Recently, the B2st member Junhyung had updated his twitter account with this photo here where he’s like reading or just pretending reading Anyway, netizers had noticed that he’s wearing these awesome pieces from the leading brands today which the Givenchy  and Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals. That’s why this photo got so much attentions by the online fans who has this fashion blogs and who used to blog kpop fashion statements. Yeah! I just actually got this photo on the site ( just need to give credit on the fan site for doing the awesome researched about Junhyung’s wearing here)

On this tee, he us wearing an awesome white top that has this dope prints on it from Givenchy (Givenchy ‘Uno de Nosotros’ Mermaid Print T-Shirt)  while on his pants, he does rock on Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Floral track pants that has estimate price of $320.00 – $330.00 USD. Don’t ask me about the price of the top because I haven’t know it yet, however, soon I got to know it, sure thing, will update this post for you to know the pricing details.

Okay, that’s it for now and sorry if I dont want to talk or write that much on this blog entry because I kinda feel sick maybe because of the changing of weather..Thank you and dont forget to have yourself a great weekend. 🙂

Do You Have Hip Pants?


As a teenager, the clothes you wear have a huge effect on who you are, how you are treated at school, and what crowd you run with. Wearing last year’s clothes is unforgivable, so it’s important that you have the right pants for this year. Here are a few pairs of pants and garment styles/colors you absolutely must have:

Skinny Jeans — Denim is in, and you’ll find that a good pair of skinny jeans is the most important item in your wardrobe if you want to fit in. Not just hipsters wear these jeans, but all of the classy, elegant people wear a pair of skinny jeans with a good pair of high heels and a casual shirt. The tighter the jeans, the better you’ll look. Search for a pair of skinny jeans that fits you properly, and it will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Leggings — With a good pair of boots and a long shirt, a pair of leggings will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Leggings are all-purpose pants that you can wear anywhere and with anything, and you will be able to match them with any number of outfits. You can turn that short skirt into a cute outfit with the right pair of leggings, and you’ll be able to get away with wearing skimpy clothing if you have leggings on underneath them. If you want to look your best no matter what you’re wearing, a pair of dark leggings are a must.

Bright Pants — A good pair of brightly colored pants are a fashion statement, and your wardrobe will not be complete without a pair of Big Star Jeans in bright red, orange, yellow, or pink. Color is a bold choice, and only those that are confident in themselves wear the bright hues. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll definitely need a pair of pants that say “Here I am. Get used to it!”

Formal Casual Pants — With the right pair of pants, you can go from school to your job to home in comfort and style. A good pair of semi-formal pants will be a must for your outfit, as you can look professional while still being incredibly stylish with these pants. With a short jacket, a simple plain shirt underneath, and a hanging necklace, you’ll be able to hang out at the mall and attend a job interview in the same outfit.

Wide Leg Pants — Boots are in, which means that the only option for your wardrobe aside from skinny jeans is wide-leg pants. These pants flare out a bit at the bottom, allowing your boots to be hidden beneath the shoes. The heel and toe of your shoes will still stick out fashionably, but you can wear just about any shoes with these luxuriously comfortable pants. They’re a must-have if you’re going to be going out on the town!

Of course, your pants are only as good as the shoes and shirts you pair them with. But that’s for another post. At the very least, look into customized t-shirts, as this is a trend sweeping the fashion world.

The Perfect Group Tattoo


“I roll using a tight crew, and one day we chose to get matching tattoos. Sure, you’ve seen it within the movies, sailors at port getting anchors or “mom” tattooed on the upper arms. Seems a bit cliché, but when you have a crew like mine – and I’m not discussing naval crew, we’re just good pals who like to drink beer watching sports together – you want to commemorate your friendship. We brainstormed by what symbol would best represent us, and that we each visited countless parlors seeking inspiration.

Finally 1 day we decipher it, and since I’m a tattoo artist by trade, I gather all of my tattoo supplies and brought them all to my house. Got the beer flowing, and also the music pumping. I even broke out a whole new pair of brand new tattoo needles, I knew it was going to be an extended night as there are ten of us in this here crew.

What did we decide? Well, we’re all from La and so we wanted something which spoke of LA, but not the Hollywood facet of it. We’re all east side folk. We all love baseball. So I developed a really cool design while using emblem of los angeles along with a baseball. You may think it’s lame but that’s probably why you’re not in our crew. With out, we are not admitting sign ups so you can overlook that avenue. However, if you prefer a tattoo, I’d be happy to hook one up. Where did I recieve all my supplies? Here, obviously: I got the supplies for the night of broing down and tattooing, however i also refer my friends there who are in the business, and other people who’s thinking of getting in. And I encourage everyone too. Mostly because it’s fun and I know they’ll be years behind me and won’t creep in my territory. Anyway, all of us love our matching tattoos, with the exception of the baseball offseason in the event it reminds us how there’s nothing good in the media.”

Yoseob’s wearing Swagger Black Tee


Recently, while I’m recharging my rechargable battery of my laptop. I had been stumbled on this Korean fashion website where I got to found this photo of Yosoeb, b2st member, wearing an awesome huge black tee from the brand Swagger, a local Japan brand. I must this guy, Yoseob, really pull off himself on this tee and even to the other huge tees because not everyone can rock on with this kind of tee. I’ll blog further about this photo by my next post I am kinda rush now need to go and finish my offline tasks. Thanks!

Unusual but Effective Fashion Statements


If you want to stand out in the crowd, your personal style should match your personality rather than mimic current trends. This does not mean you cannot incorporate trendy items in your wardrobe; rather, it means you should avoid looking like a department store manikin. Dare to be different and express yourself through your clothing. Unusual fashion choices can make a big impact.

Choose Unusual Accessories

Hats add a unique touch, depending on the type of hat. Standard fashion, for example, dictates that a fedora is worn with a suit. Instead, pair it with jeans and a t-shirt for an interesting look, or choose a fedora in a non-standard color, such as cobalt blue.

Wearing suspenders is a nice change from wearing a belt. Celebrate your heritage, beliefs or the season by wearing flag suspenders, Irish shamrock suspenders, rainbow suspenders, peace sign suspenders or any other uniquely designed suspenders.

Eyeglasses draw attention to the face and, therefore, can make a big statement. Wear them with interesting shapes or frames, rather than trendy glasses.

Let Your Body be Your Guide

You can get away with wearing nearly anything as long as it flatters your body type. Rather than wearing trendy outfits that look good on a model but look horrid on you, choose your outfits.

Sweat pants, for example, have been relegated to a bottom rung in the fashion hierarchy. However, if you are lean and toned, you can pair black sweat pants or yoga pants with a funky denim or leather jacket for a rebel look. Choose monochromatic colors for a leaner look. Add a colorful scarf for a dash of fun.

Pair Patterns in Interesting Ways

You may have been told never to combine different patterns. For example, it is considered a fashion faux pas to wear polka dots next to paisley. It is true that if the colors or fabrics are widely different you can end up looking clownish. If you match color and fabric, however, you can easily pair mismatched patterns. A grey pinstriped suit coat over a grey silk shirt, with subtle paisley or polka dots, can look nice and anything but clownish. An argyle sweater worn with pinstriped pants is another good example of this look.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your wardrobe. Fear of sticking out in the wrong ways makes too many people stick with basic, boring outfits that do not capture their personality. Dare to let your own good looks shine in the way most appealing to you.

Fashionably Cool Scrub Suits from Cherokee


The medical field just got more interesting because of its fancy, stylish, and colorful scrub suits courtesy of online stores such as Medical Scrubs Collection. These uniforms are not just fashionable but they are also functional. Buying it here is definitely the only option. They have a wide array of items for men and women from brands like Cherokee Workwear Stretch, IguanaMed Scrubs, Carhartt Premium, Dickies Everyday Scrubs, Urbane Scrubs and many more. Buyers can shop by category, brand, prices, size, and style. The Cherokee brand is quite popular in the scrubs and medical industry because they have been making medical scrubs for decades.

Cherokee has always been known for making high quality scrub suits, lab coats, and nursing uniforms at low prices. Plus, their designs are very cute and modern. But customers can also find classic styles or which ever style they prefer. Their wide variety of scrub suits enables everyone to wear them in accordance to whatever specifications they prefer. To keep customers coming back, they always have a new collection every season. New styles and colors are introduced. Among their more popular collections are Cherokee Workwear and Cherokee Flexibles. There are so many colors, styles, and designs to choose from. There are round necked suits as well as V-necked suits, cargo pants, drawstring pants and many others.