Girls are shoe addicts


It is natural for girls to have shoes, however, most of the time they’re becoming an addict by having bunch of it piece. Uh! yeah – most girls are addicted on their killer heels whether you’d admit it or not. I know most girls are shoe addicts. Quite sometimes, I cant get the point or the reasons( for the right term) why we have this craze on shoe? to the fact that we could wear all of them at once..LOL but yet, shoes gives hap pines on each girls end.. My goodness, I think, this has related on psychology matter? doesn’t know it still.. Anyway, whatever the reason maybe.. as long you where happy on what you’re been collecting and doing.. just go ahead and make the fun out of it..:)

Plaid Shirt


Plaid shirts – these are the most demand shirt today for men. Because the piece had this light wight and at the same time, the shirt is comfy which the important things I guess whoever wore it. Anyway, as I’m searching about this plaid one. I found out that the shirt is been trend all over the Asia way back time, so happened that this trend was been adopted by the European fashion and some other influential countries when in comes on fashion that’s why the piece are now again the most hippest piece on men’s fashion.. Awesome ,right?

Want to have your own plaid shirt? no worries, as for now, I know most of the brand line out there are had these variety of plaid already. So you may check your fave brand first before looking into those expensive brand lines…

Its summer time, wear your best sunglasses


Summer is fun we all knew that, because on this season we could wear something comfy and not so heavy pieces that we’ve done wearing this passed winter. That’s why i cant wait my self to be wear some sort of summer outfits with me.. Anyway, on this season,summer, a lot of awesome pieces that can make us dope that we could choose from with, however, most of the time – people who wont know what’s the hot and not pieces are  usually are the one made their self an fashion victim. Because they might combine the pieces were couldn’t necessarily be together or blend to each other. Got what I mean? I hope you do.. so – be searchable and wear the things or pieces that really suits you..

But when it say summer, one thing is for sure, where this sunglasses cant really be abolish. Because sunglasses are the most trend piece on this season whatever happens…

Lovely Maxi Dress


I know girls alreay knew about this awesome dress called MAXI. Because this dress are the most demand  style of dress today for girls. And because most celebrities are loving it and even those fashion enthusiasts and icons, that’s why the demand of dress are getting huge and huger that can bring on this piece on the lead spot for trend and hip pieces on today’s fashion…

Yeah – this dress is the most hippest and can really rocking you as you wears it. Because of the quirky style as long or the comfy material that been used on this piece. I must say, this dress is perfectly in any seasons and gatherings that you may attend with soon.. So – what are you waiting for? get your own maxi dress now and be hip..:)

Acid washed jeans for men


Blue jeans are out, acid washed jean are in.. Yeah – on fashion today most guy loves now to wear some acid washed jeans than having this simply blue jeans, beacuse blue jeans thing is kinda outdated today that most teens are hated. Because blue jean had this only simply cuts and the color which is blue is indeed dull and plain, however, on this awesome dope acid washed, the jean has these variety of designs that you could actually choose from with and cuts are pretty much awesome that can be perfectly suits on your body shape and type..

This acid washed jeans are been trend in Asia at first, in Korea, then as the time goes by, people noticed maybe how awesome it is, that’s why brand line companies are also got fond to have thier own design acid washed jeans that you could often sees on today’s market..

Colored Blazers/coats for summer


Summer is all about colors. Yeah – it is this year. Because a lot of fashion icons, fashion designs and peeps inside fashion are claimed that playing colors on this coming summer season is a must or trend. That’s why having an colored pieces are the hippest thing ever on this season,summer.

Have you tried wearing an coat or blazer in the summer season? maybe some if they have to or they require to due of the event that they’ll have to attend but generally, blazers on the summer is out because of the heavy feelings that this piece can bring to us, however, you can still rock on this as long you’ll have this colored blazer instead than to the plain black one. Because colored blazers are still hip and trend that cannot be put your self for being outdated on today’s fashion.. So – yeah , colored blazers and coats are hot this season..:)

Lady Gaga’s Nails




We all know that lady gaga fashion is really great and I must say, she’s the queen and god-dest of fashion today. And we’ve also knew that she running this company which the gaga fashion house company if I dont mistaken about the company’s name. Anyway, Gaga sell these set of quirky nails recently, I think in the any events in new york not still sure though. Sorry, if my info is not that clear, because I’m still also gathering the further info behind these set of gaga nails.

Okay – okay, will then update you again soon as I gathered the information about these nails. But let me say this. These nails are really dope and I know most of the fans and even those fashion enthusiast are looking forward to have at least the one set of these gaga’s nails..

Colored Boots For Girls



Do combat boots can be also suits for girl’s outfits? if you doubted it, check the photos on top. Yeah – girls can be also rocking themselves out on this combat shoes that we’ve only usually seen for those military and men’s fashion statements. What do you think? dope or nope? for me, this statement for girl is also hot because this the unusual thing from them girls. And unusual thing in fashion end is really hip and swag. So, this fashion statement for girl is a definitely dope on me.

Actually, a  lot of the girls fashion enthusiast over the web, like Fashion bloggers, online celebrities,online models and such more are used to have this kind of fashion because this kinda spreading and trending worldwide, especially these colored boots. And a lot of brand of shoes are starting over to have their own designs of colored combat boots for girls. So, you can check out your fave brand for this kind of boots.

Alright, that’s it for now and I will blog some other new in fashion on my next post.. Thanks

Killer Heels


We all know that all girls love to have some killer heels. Because girls is natural vain and having an awesome shoes with heels is quite sign for a being vain, agree? okay, I’ve seen these 2 red hot shoes online and I found them chic and I may look sophisticated as I wear em’. That’s why I’ve been decided to blog them out here and be my wishlist in away…hiihih

Nothing so much information about these 2 red heels. However, the right one it seems that it been from the brand Christian Louboutin becuase of the logo on it.. Bu anyway, lemme first then confirms it and let you updated soon..:)

Bye for now.. I’m hella tired