Christmas cards photo

Christmas time is fast approaching. And I know most of you are planning to give out some presents for your love ones, family, friends and relatives. However, most of the problem are, we really dunno on what stuff that they should want to have that they truly appreciated as they have it. Oh well, i read some blog post recently which preferred this christmas cards photo as a great gift for this Christmas day. Because it has this personal touch and at the same time, the photos, memories, are all intact to it that can bring back all the joy we did have together. Great, right? so – now. I’m staring to draft it out and soon I’ll share of some photos of the finish one. Thanks!

Care for the Best Thomas Sabo jewellery for women


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Lolita Fashion



Lolita fashion is an fashion exaggerated. Yeah! it is, but cute or kawaii though. Look on the photos on top, those are the perfect example for this Lolita fashion statements that most teens ( especially) are getting crazed nowadays. This I think, how manga influenced teens these days..heheh What do you think? dope or nope? on my opinion, this statement is indeed quirky and of course its “IN” on my taste, though for sure in some fashion enthusiasts this kind of fashion is quite childish but yet, if you are on this teen ages, I think, this way of fashion, Lolita, really suits on you!

By the way, this fashion ” Lolita” is originated in Japan and its been trends already worldwide most especially to those cosplayers. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope I may update you more fashion news by my next posts, please stay tune. Thanks!

Tartan Fashion


 I’ve seen a lot of fashion blog posts this recently regarding on this Tartan Fashion that I really wasn’t know and had me thought on what this trends tartan thing all about. hehhe That’s why I made my own researched on what this tartan fashion all about, and I found out that this tartan was this only fabric that has stripes designs on it or others called it plaid one. Yeah! tartan is same to plaid, if I dont mistaken, in away, this trends is already hip before, so happened, maybe peeps are wanting to have some pieces made of this fabric, Tartan, one. That’s why this fashion statements are been trending again today.


These are the sample pieces of this Tartan fashion. And as you can see these pieces are all made of plaid,right? that’s why I came on this idea that tartan was also same into plaid fabric one..Hahaha, however, I am not still sure though about this info,okay? let me update you soon once I got to know further information on this most talked about trends on today’s fashion which the Tartan Fashion..

Alright, that’s it for now and please keep on checking this blog for more fashion updates that might interest you! Thank you folks and have yourself a great start of weekdays.. 🙂

Havaianas Throughout the Years


I love shoes as well as slippers. I have quite a number of slippers in my closet with different styles and brands. But my favorite has and will always be Havaianas. I can’t remember exactly when I bought my first pair but since then it has been a staple in my shopping list. I love a lot of things about my Havaianas slippers. For one, it’s very light and comfortable to wear. It’s as if I’m not wearing any footwear at all. I also love their different styles. You can choose which ever style suits your personality and rest assured that all styles are beautiful. Havaianas may be pricier than other brands but people
still buy it because they know that they’re getting their money’s worth. The brand has always been known for being durable. I actually have a pair that’s more than two years old.

The name Havaianas was actually inspired by Hawaii. The place is surrounded by beaches and is a favorite summer destination by many people. The fun, relaxing, happy feeling that being in Hawaii exudes is what Havaianas wants reflected in every pair of slippers they manufacture. The first Havaianas design was inspired by the Japanese sandals known as Zori and was created in 1962. It is a Brazilian brand that has grown throughout the years and is worn all over the world by people from all walks of life.

To date, there’s probably a Havaianas store in every country in the world. Their collections or styles are changed annually. Pairs are sold for women, men, children, and babies. They also have a unisex line. If you want to see more of the styles they’re selling, just check out their online store at You can also see their limited edition flip flops as well as create or make your own design. The Havaianas online store only ships within the US though. But who knows, they may soon ship worldwide.

For more details of their latest collection just click here to learn more

Dolly Contact Lenses From


I know most of you fellow fashionistas will agree that dolly eye can really make you look more chic and trendy,right? that’s why most of us wants to have this doll look eye or an Japanese doll eye. Today, Ive received an awesome gift from one of the leading contact lenses company online today which the, Malaysian based, and I must say, their circles are worth to buy and also the quality is indeed good that will last probably, I think, for a bout 6 months.

Check my photos below:


As I putted the first circle. I just feel nothing, meaning no harm,itchiness feeling and its comfortable not like to the other brand of circles that you may feel this irritation as you first put the lense.



How do I look? me, personally, I loved the outcome though, because I really looked different on this and I can also use it to make different look on my soon outfit posts..:)

So – if you are planning to wear some circle lenses. Just check on their site UNIQSO.COM for more designs and some other items like nail paints, false eyelashes and a lot kawaii stuff that you may surely want to have..BTW, they can also work on your eye grades, just ask them how it works.

Summer Day

I am so blessed to have rather to received a lot of freebies through blogging. And I even enjoyed myself seeing wearing my clients products and make review for them. Yeah! this outfit are sponsored by these 2 awesome companies online that used to sell some dope and chic items that you will surely find cool and definitely buy your stuff there. Check these 2 awesome sites for further information and is a US based company that is specialized in both apparel line (men and girls) and as this moment, they do have these awesome summer outfits and pieces that can actually rocking you this season, summer. I simply love their designs because it has this called characters that may suits to everyone’s personality. Check their pieces over their website today to find out yourself on how awesome this company is.. – is an China based company, Hong kong, if I dont mistaken myself, which is mainly to girls pieces and accessories. Actually, this was my first time to seen such online store ,, that has a huge market for girls fashion and even give out all the trends and might trend pieces on today’s fashion industry. Check their website for their pieces designs.

So – yeah! I really recommend these 2 stores as you wanted yourself to be “IN” on today’s fashion. Because all of their products/items are these trendy that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward today.

I loved my look here and I hope they may send me some more for the other review..hehehe

Thanks you! & for a chance to work with you! this means a lot to me..:)

Want to have sterling

I was planning to buy this awesome Sterling by Music Man Bass online. However, I don’t see any reasonable yet. Do you know any online stores that had this sterling selling but in the cheapest price? Because I don’t have enough bucks then to spend just for it. I hope you may help me to find and have my own sterling instruments soon.

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you soon once I got my sterling already. Thanks!

Damart Makes It Easy


It goes without saying that shopping and all things fashion is the stuff that makes up paradise for most girls and women. Whilst choosing clothes that fit and flow well comes as a second nature for most women, the task of looking for the perfect dress might prove harder than scaling a mountain for most guys. The thought of walking into the ladies department in the departmental store could be likened to torture for the common man. Occasionally, you’ll get the stray man wandering into a boutique in search of something pretty for a date, but only to have the poor guy befuddled and confused as he walks into a maze of colors, clothes and fabrics.

This is when online sites like Damart comes in really handy. The site is user friendly, and there are full color pictures of all their clothes. Ever walked into a store, picked up a piece of garment and have no idea how it would like when worn? This is no longer an issue because every garment is modeled so you get a better idea of how it would look like compared to browsing through racks of clothes on hangers. If you’re fashion clueless, the site has models wearing outfits of the clothes that they have on offer, so you can get some tips on how to match pieces of clothes together. The best thing is  you get the items delivered to your doorstep. No embarrassing, confusing forays into the stores, and you’ll impress your date with your eye for fashion. !

Summer, Summer , Summer


Folks, let me give you a speak peak on what I was cooking for my next outfit posts. Yeah! its posts! because there’s a lot of new clothes are came in ( from clients) that I’ll be needed to review and at the same time to wear and post them up on my lookbook account as I promised to my clients. So – yeah, this photo is the one includes on my summer outfit post. Please check often to this blog for the complete set of photos. 🙂

And also, I have done my other street fashion outfit with kitchen compost . How’s that? hmm, you better check it out as I post up the pictures here. Alright, that’s it for now and I dont want to give more information about this as for now.LOL