Authentic Jewelry at Low Prices


Each woman has her own fashion sense. Some go for a rugged, street fashion style while others go for the classic, sophisticated style. No matter what a woman prefers, the important thing is that she is able to dress up the way she wants and totally feels beautiful, relaxed, and confident in the clothes and accessories she is wearing. Big, elaborately designed earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other trendy accessories are very much in vogue. There are so many online shops selling these fancy pieces. But wearing pearl necklaces and stud earrings that makes one look so elegant will never run out of style.

If you love stud earrings but do not have enough money (they are usually expensive), you can do what a did, I found a Pawn Shop Near Me so I can always go for the cheap stud earrings that they sell. I am amazed at how low their prices are for earrings that are made up of genuine diamonds. I do not think that you can find these deals in other online stores. They have princess cut diamond stud earrings of .25CT up to 2.5CT at discounts of 50% – 80% of the retail value. Another example is their 1.10CT round cut diamonds stud earrings which has a retail price of $8,200 but sold only for $1,731.99. Buyers can really save a lot on these pieces. Furthermore, they have a wide array of carat weights, gemstones and settings. The earrings come in white and yellow gold.

Shoppers will also love the fact that shipping is free in the US while international shipping has reduced rates. has a 30-day return guarantee policy, free appraisal service, and life time warranty.

Scott kay bands


Are you planning to get engage this coming months ahead? or better yet to get married? if so, I may suggest you to have this scott kay bands for your rings because this kind of brands are the one demand and trends when it comes to wedding rings today. That’s why having one of it can make you both trendy and at the same time the quality of the rings was really great..

You may check online for the list of stores where you could buy thus scott kay brands. Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon.. Thanks!

Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She’s been in the business for so many years and started young. She became Rachel Green in the television sitcom Friends. This is the start of the blooming of her career. Jennifer, had done countless numbers of movies. She become Brad Pitt’s girlfriend and soon got married. Unfortunately, the two didn’t end well. They got divorced. Their marriage only lasts for five years. Their marriage is from 2000-2005.

And after so many years, Jennifer Aniston got engaged again. This time, with the actor and director Justin Theroux. Jennifer Aniston received a huge sized diamond engagement ring. They got engaged last August 10, 2012. The American actress who is now 43 years old. Some says that Jennifer Aniston’s fiancée has a good taste on choosing the engagement ring. The said ring costs $500,000 USD. But some other who is very good on engagement rings, they said that the ring looks more of a cocktail ring instead of an engagement ring. But I think, whatever they say Jennifer is probably happy with her engagement ring. She deserved it, because she is a lovable woman and to tell you she has a good heart because Jennifer is so into many charity works. I am hoping that if they will get married it will last forever. So for now, let’s just wait when are we going to see her wear a wedding ring.




Amethyst is the stone representing the month of February, this stone was said the stone of contentment in life and being spiritual. Amethyst also considered to have a calming and healing effect, this purple color, violet or bluish violet gemstone has an ability to make negative energy into a positive one. So it means that this gemstone can give us a good vibes. I must agree with this, because for me the color of this gemstone itself can give a good feeling appeal.

An amethys itself has its own beautiful appeal, what more if this will be combined with a Diamond crystals? It is indeed more than perfect. Like this earrings, with only one look you will instantly fall in love with this earrings. This combination is far more classy and elegant. This may look good when it will be wear on a special event or occasion. Perfect to pair with some other jewelry, like a necklace with the same color and gemstones. This jewelry will enhance the beauty of every girl that will going to wear this. For example, on an evening party you will wear this kind of earring paired with the sexy dark blue sequined dress, this matches the outfit perfectly. Add some glamorous night make up and you are perfectly beautiful. But always don’t forget on every outfit the best accessory that we can wear is our beautiful smile. Nothing can beat that one. This perfect combination amethyst and diamond earrings will just highlight the beauty of the person wearing this.

Engagement Rings: A Lifetime of Love


I would definitely feel like the luckiest person in the world if I get engaged to the person I love the most specially if he gives me an engagement ring form . This is probably one of the most memorable days in a person’s life and one that should never be forgotten. It’s only fitting that a man gives his bride-to-be an engagement ring that will be the envy of many. If you have a limited budget, you can choose a simple engagement ring with no diamonds or precious stones whatsoever. But if you’re wealthy and you don’t really have a budget, you can go for an intricately designed engagement ring with diamonds. There are many designer engagement rings available like those that movie stars and celebrities have.

It’s best to research first on the internet about reputable jewelry stores you can buy from or you can ask around for referrals. Make sure that you’re going to buy from an accredited jeweler. If you’re too excited, you can visit a local jeweler and buy something that’s readily available. But of course that’s not the best thing to do because an engagement ring should be something that’s special and made especially for you. If you’re gonna buy online, look for the best deals and discounts. I’m sure you’ll be able to find fabulous rings at affordable prices. Customize the ring according to your preference and choose the design or style that you think would best suit your partner’s personality and taste.

You can also visit antique shops and pawnshops and look for vintage pieces. There are women who prefer exquisite vintage rings that are relatively cheaper than the usual engagement rings. But it doesn’t really matter where you bought the ring as long as it’s something that came from your heart and one that’s truly unique. You can also buy from companies who generally sell their products only to retailers. You might get an awesome deal.

When buying an engagement ring, make sure to take your time and explore all your options. This is something that you have to think of carefully. Remember that the engagement ring symbolizes your love for your partner. Also keep in mind the practicality of the ring. Consider your partner’s lifestyle. Better yet, find a ring that can be worn everyday and in any occasion.

Clozette Fashion for Every Fashionista


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I love fashion and I’m sure that a lot of people out there have the same sentiments. What better way to explore the fashionista in you than being a member of It’s like the Facebook for fashion. It’s a totally different type of social networking site and shopping haven. If you’re very much into fashion and everything fabulous and chic, join Clozette. It’s so easy to register and totally free. The site has so many features like the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in iTunes. Simply open iTunes  to download the apps. It’s a lot of fun trying out the application, and I personally recommend it for you to use because they have this easy browse feature where you can easily grab and share photos of your Clozette wish list items on your Clozette account as long to your favorite social media site Facebook. In a way, this really useful not just to buy items but also to buzz and let your friends know on what’s you most like to have that might also interest them. Other good thing is, Clozette  apps can be install in any smartphones.


YOU MUST download it here:

There’s a dozen more things you can do like sharing your beautiful clothes and things. You can also make a free product listings of the clothes, accessories, and shoes and many other items that you want to buy. If you’re into makeup, you can save all your favorite makeup videos in Clozette. If you are into selling stuff, you can also do it here and open a free online store. But if you’re only interested in shopping, they have a Bazaar section where you can see all the items you’re looking for such as dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc. Clozette is just a wonderful way to show how fashionable you are and meet other fashionable people in the process.


Buy this here:

Also, you may buy some great finds on the site like what I found here, The Little Mistress Embellished Waist One Shoulder Dress, that I really like to have. Because as you can see I am really into dresses than to those street fashion one. heheh I’ll buy this one soon as I got some bucks on my account. I’ll let you know rather will do an review about it on this blog,, soon I got it. By the way, you can check this dress out on the site, , shoppe channel here:


I encourage you to check the site’s bazaar channel too, where you can find member’s closet list and styles that will definitely help us to be on trends, just head up here for more information. Join the clozette community now and be a Clozetter! dont forget to tell your chic friends too about this awesome fashion social networking site,


Platinum Ring


Are you panning to get married soon? and dont have enough budget to have these expensive diamond rings one? so – why not to try this platinum ring instead? Yeah! Platinum rings are okay then when it comes to wedding. It is just the matter of designs. Because they were some Platinum rings that has this great elegant designs that could rock on to your wedding. Just head up to the link given above for more information. Thanks!

Beautiful Jewelry Only from Chamilia


For every woman who wants to own beautiful and exquisite jewelry pieces, there’s always a Chamilia Jewelry. The brand was founded way back in 2002 and is fast becoming one of the most popular brands of personalized accessories. It’s based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has regional offices in United Kingdom and Australia. The brand’s very talented Design Director as well as Co-founder and Executive Vice President is Killian Rieder. She has every type of woman in mind when designing pieces that is why women from all walks of life and with different personalities can always buy a Chamilia Jewelry for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones. New collections are made every season wherein only materials of finest quality are used: 14 carat gold, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, colored gemstones, and handmade Italian Murano glass.


If clients get to browse through Chamilia’s website, they will be pleasantly surprised with all the jewelry that it offers. Chamilia’s collection of beads, bracelets, earrings, locks, and necklaces are breathtaking. Every piece is expertly designed and perfectly done. There’s a style for every type of woman. It is also the perfect gift for any occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Chamilia Jewelry collections include Cabaret, Classic Chamilia, Disney, Garden Party, Give Back, Miss Chamilia, Siena, SoHo, and Swarovski. Another special thing about Chamilia is that they have a Design Your Own tool which enables clients to do their own jewelry. Just follow three simple steps and everything’s done. The client can then buy and share her design. Chamilia offers a lot of benefits to their buyers such as free shipping on all orders over USD 95, free gift bag and greeting card, scheduled delivery, as well as product warranty which enables buyers to return any defective products they bought within 24 months.



Jcrew Jewels


For accessories. These are the jewels and accessories that the brand Jcrew had cooked for us this season, summer. That can be surely spice up our statements or outfits today. Though, I haven’t yet wear some of these before that I’m pretty sure that each of these jewels are versatile and may suits perfectly in any statements or outfits you have.

About the pricing details and where to buy these awesomeness? well, again, I suggest you to search them online or over Google. Because Google is the best venue to find your things out. Though, I can do the research for you, however, I am so busy right not and need to finish all of my pending posts. I hope you may understand my end? hehee but anyway, as I got spare time soonest. Sure thing! will update you the full details again in here. Okay, that’s it for now, thanks a lot!

Boosting Up Confidence With Yellow Diamonds

Do you remember your first date? I remembered mine. I remembered how self-conscious I felt and I took so much time to dress up and accessorise.Thank God my mum was there for me and gave me fashion advise along with a pair of yellow diamond studs to wear. The yellow diamond  was so exquisite and it boosted up my confidence by tenfold.