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Fake Tattos From



I know most of you my readers are often updated on what’s new in the fashion industry today. Because we are all enthusiastic on the world of fashion, right? so – yeah! these fake tattoos are the one in trends and even most talked about today that must have, I think so. Because look, these tattoos are pretty dope and can even rock your way on especially we’re having this summer season.

Actually, a  lot of sites are selling these fake tattoos today, however, the most relevant and has these great designs of their fake tattoos was this site called Becuase they really known on what are the fashionista wants to have these days. Check their site now and you may see various of designs of their tattoos and even you can request to have your custom designs tattoos one.

Soon, I can have my free fake tattoo that I may wear on my next photoshoot.Will share some photos soon as I got my free tattoos from  Please do check me often here for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Wedding Gowns and Dresses From

Today, there’s a lot of online stores that are offering some good deals when it comes to their wedding gowns and dresses. Because as this month, June, comes. A lot of couples were already planned and still planning to have their engagement party and weddings. However, most of these online stores are have this hiding fees and some other fees may occur as you purchased the item. But there’s this one online store that Ive recently found online that is really reliable on their site info and at the same time, they were really have these discounted and most cheapest prices on their wedding gowns and dresses. And I was talking about the site called

Here are the some wedding dresses that you might get on their shop:


High Quality Dropped Mermaid Strapless Floor-length Lace-up Tiered Chapel Train Wedding Dresses ( GWBN1897 )


Ball Gown Sweetheart Court Train Taffeta Beading , Ruffles Wedding Dress (GWBND2238)


Mermaid One Shoulder Sweep Train Organza Applique , Lace Wedding Dress (GWBN1772)

All these wedding gowns are lovely,right? so, why are you waiting for? get them now today on the given link(s) on top.. And also, the online store, , is also offering some events dresses for the teens and ladies. Just heap up to the site and try to search all the beautiful dresses they have there.




I’m simply amazed on these vintage touched dresses that I’m sure that most girls are trying to have today, becuase of the quirkiness of these vintage inspired dresses and at the same of the main material that they’ve used to it that will last for sure. Visit to check out latest collection of wedding , formal semi formal dresses…

Timeless Pieces of Engagement Rings


When a man loves a woman it’s only natural that he asks her to marry him and it is every woman’s dream to be wed to the person she loves the most. That’s why the engagement day is probably one of the most important days of a person’s life. Since it’s an all too important event, it’s only proper that a man gives a beautiful engagement ring to his soon to be wife. If you are rich and can very well afford an extravagant ring, you can follow what celebrities and other famous people do by buying designer engagement rings. We all know how stunning some celebrity engagement rings are. They often show it off to the media once their beaus give them one.

When you hear the words designer engagement rings what usually comes to mind are the brands Cartier and Tiffany & Co. These brands have been around for years and are guaranteed to have rings with diamonds and other precious stones of high quality. But also keep in mind that not all designer engagement rings are expensive. There are more affordable ones like the gold or sterling silver plain wedding bands or those with no diamonds and precious stones. Of course you always have to consider your budget. You can’t spend it all on your engagement ring since there are other equally important things to buy like your wedding dress. Again, your wedding dress don’t have to be too expensive but of course it has to be charming and stunning in it’s own way. If you have a designer engagement ring, then you should also have a designer wedding dress. That is if you have the money for it since it costs thousands of dollars to commission the more popular wedding gown designers like Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang.

Every woman’s dream is to be given a Cartier engagement ring. Though it’s expensive and those with money are the ones who can afford it, Cartier designer rings will always be in the minds of those who want to get married. Probably the most famous collection of Cartier is the solitaire Cartier collection of 1895. It’s simple yet elegant and can be worn anywhere and on any event. It can suit women from all walks of life. It’s just timeless. Over the years, modern touches have been added to the classic designs. But more importantly, high quality diamonds are still a part of Cartier’s impeccable standards.

Another brand that has gained popularity throughout the years are Tacori engagement rings. It was established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian and started off as a family business. The business grew and now it’s one of the biggest jewelry companies in the world. Tacori engagement rings have different styles ranging from the more simple ones to the more flashy pieces. There’s a design for every woman. Whatever your preference is, there’s a Tacori engagement ring for you.

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Lovely Diamond Rings from


Every girl dreams is to receive something specially things from their loved ones or partner. Because girl’s might feel that they were an specially to their partner’s in life as they got something truly valuable one from them, like  this diamonds because girls are naturally like that, wherein they wanted to be feel specially and give the most attentions most of the time that’s why giving her an expensive finds like diamond is she really mean it a lot..

But you know what? girls will be more happily as they got an engagement rings together of the proposal words from their partner because girls are more on the fairytale type store that they wanted to get experienced with by themselves by having this proposal thing. Which a good thing of course, because man should do the proposal before they’ll become an couple as husband and wife. However, most of the time. Man, are having an hard time to buy on what kind of ring should have to give for his partner because there were some various of types of diamond rings and even wedding rings that we could actually choose from. But no worries, because on the online store named a lot of designs are selling there that really suits-in on your needs.  And even they’ve got this free customize thingy wherein they can work on your own designs..

So, if I were you, you must check on the online store and buy your ring there for your loved ones…:)

Current Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands


The style is shifting in men’s wedding bands. Men are caring less and less about tradition and displaying their wealth, and more and more about showing themselves as modern and different. Popular men’s wedding rings are now made out of materials deemed to be manlier than their traditional gold counterparts. Celebrities are also picking up on the trend, some exchanging their old gold rings for newer, modern rings. This trend in wedding rings shows that men are no longer judged by their worth in the bank, but by the worth of their ideas.

Out with the Gold, In with the New

As mentioned, gold is no longer a popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Instead, men are choosing rings made out of materials like tungsten, titanium, hematite, and stainless steel. These materials all have connotations of toughness, and of an industrialized society. Bands made of these materials generally have a larger width than gold wedding bands.

Additionally, these materials provide a bunch of different options concerning the texture of the rings. Titanium, for example, can be matte, polished, or sanded. Titanium can also be anodized to turn a variety of colors – so a man is able to have a blue wedding ring, if he so choses. With greater variety comes greater creativity and men are now able to infuse a bit of thier personality into what was once just a classic gold band.

Where to Buy these Rings

Unfortunately, many major jewelers have not yet picked up on this trend, and are still trying to force men to buy gold wedding rings. In order to find a large selection of modern men’s wedding rings, you will have to search the Internet. There are many online retailers who specialize in selling tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel rings.

This also means that these rings are generally less expensive than the ones you will find at local jewelry shops. Many of these rings are homemade by metal artisans. You may even be able to custom design a metal ring via an online retailer. The Internet is always the best place to find growing trends.

Rolex Watch: The Name of Quality


Rolex watches are the name of quality and perfection brand. But now the prices of these watches come so high that I cannot afford. Due to all it is now doubt the company is providing the most splendid watches amaze the people. The company’s main innovations are their first production of waterproof watch case; the first wristwatch that was with a date on the dial; the first watch which was made for the show the two time zones at one time; and most importantly,it was by the first watchmakers to earn the special coveted chronometer certification for any type of wristwatch. To date, Rolex still has the best the record for the most certified chronometer movements in all the category of wristwatches. Due to all these qualities it is my desire to get this watch but could not afford it as my pocket did not allow me get this genuine watch.

Thanks for the best Swiss replica Rolex, who supported my fashion and my styling demands which can be fully satisfied. Replica watches are manufactured, especially to help the people who have limited budget. They are exact imitation rolex models, and boast the same exotic appearance as the real counterparts. If you are a watch lover and want to display your unique fashion sense in front of people but afraid of the expensive prices, then replica designer watches can be your ultimate choice. Wearing such a chic replica watch, you can display a unique style quotient just like Hollywood stars do as well.

Do not simply consider these quality replicas as poor duplicate or fake ones. Actually, there is no need to worry their quality since they are made of best quality materials and certified quartz, which ensure maximum durability along with excellent looks.

If you cannot afford original wristwatches from designer brands like Rolex, Omega and Cartier, you’d better go for replica watches. They are really effective accessories to complete your impressive look. If you like them, never hesitate to check one and make your valuable investment.

Wooden Watches?


Have you ever heard about these wooden watches? me, nope, this was then my first time to see and heard about this dope wooden watch.. Look on the photo on top. Those are the most talked about wooden watches today that all guys are wanting to have. And yeah – as for this moment, these watches are been trending on the fashion industry these days..

What do you think about these watches?? dope or nope? maybe dope and maybe not. Its all matter how you use it and if you really needs it on your end. But for me, this watch is a total awesomeness… 🙂

Different shapes of diamond


Diamond are usual diamond shape, however, these days because of the awesome tools and knowledge that are still evolving thru year. Diamonds are can be shape in any shapes as well.. Uh! look on the photo on top, what do you think? have you seen some diamonds on the different shapes already? me, this was my first time then to know about this that’s why I dont hesitant to blog it out here for the people who never know it yet still like what I do..

So – yeah , these are the other shapes of the diamonds that we could see on the market today..

Metal Cuff


While I was checking those dope things over the web, this photo had been caught my attention because the cuff are way different than to the usual cuff we’ve known,right? so yeah – these metal cuff here are really dope and I hope I can have at least the gold one that can wear as I go through in any events, because the gold looks sophisticated and sure thing, I can rock my self out to this piece..

I am so excited to have these, and by the way, ASOS as these metal cuff as well, try to check them brand.. okay, that’s it for now and I will update you more soon and as I got my first cuff..Thanks