Havaianas Throughout the Years


I love shoes as well as slippers. I have quite a number of slippers in my closet with different styles and brands. But my favorite has and will always be Havaianas. I can’t remember exactly when I bought my first pair but since then it has been a staple in my shopping list. I love a lot of things about my Havaianas slippers. For one, it’s very light and comfortable to wear. It’s as if I’m not wearing any footwear at all. I also love their different styles. You can choose which ever style suits your personality and rest assured that all styles are beautiful. Havaianas may be pricier than other brands but people
still buy it because they know that they’re getting their money’s worth. The brand has always been known for being durable. I actually have a pair that’s more than two years old.

The name Havaianas was actually inspired by Hawaii. The place is surrounded by beaches and is a favorite summer destination by many people. The fun, relaxing, happy feeling that being in Hawaii exudes is what Havaianas wants reflected in every pair of slippers they manufacture. The first Havaianas design was inspired by the Japanese sandals known as Zori and was created in 1962. It is a Brazilian brand that has grown throughout the years and is worn all over the world by people from all walks of life.

To date, there’s probably a Havaianas store in every country in the world. Their collections or styles are changed annually. Pairs are sold for women, men, children, and babies. They also have a unisex line. If you want to see more of the styles they’re selling, just check out their online store at http://us.havaianas.com/. You can also see their limited edition flip flops as well as create or make your own design. The Havaianas online store only ships within the US though. But who knows, they may soon ship worldwide.

For more details of their latest collection just click here to learn more

Radii Booties


Radii shoes is well known on their swagger kicks and some street wear fashion pieces. However, this recently, the said brand, Radii, had released their own design of boots that has limited pieces of 300 pairs world wide. Actually, I found this boots quirky and might be trend on the fashion industry today, however, I think, Radii, must be more focus on their street fashion because they’re already well known to this market and lots of peeps are looking forward on their dope shoes one not on this booties one. Though, having a new shoes on the brand is much better, but I think, they must to make their brand huge first before getting into the other brand.

At this moment, I really dunno how much this may cost you, but soon I got know it, I will be surely update this post. Thanks!

Adidas Animal Prints


Recently, the brand Adidas had released their new collection of animal prints. The one you are seeing on the top photos. Actually, Adidas named these products as “Adidas Animal Kinectics” I just titled this post as animal prints for us to easily to remember this..LOL I think so..hahah Anyway, I just randomly found these pieces over the web and I found them cool to post up here that’s why they’re now posted here..heheh simply as that! because I dont have any idea or any further information about these new pieces here as for now, however, soon I got to know further. Sure thing, will update you again here.

But wait, I’ve heard to someone that these pieces are already out in the Europe market. But I am not still sure though about the info I’ve heard. So – please keep on checking this blog for more update regarding this awesome new collection of the brand, Adidas.. Thanks!

Christian Louboutin 2012 Spring / Summer Alfie Flat “Ivory”


When it comes to dope sneakers today. I know most of your will prefer and refer it to your friends that the brand Christian Louboutin has an awesome collection and selection of dope and swag kicks that you could choose from. Actually, Christian had built their reputation already world wide that can lead them for being the most famous kicks brand today.  Because celebrities are keep on wearing their shoes on, for both girls and men, I think, Christian got their market promotional thingy for their shoes and I hope they continuously producing some dope kicks and heels that everyone’s can amazed and getting craze with by  following months ahead.

This recently, the said brand,Christian Louboutin , had released their new design of kicks called Alfie Flat “Ivory” that is really stunning and has its own style that I’m sure most of the guy out there are love to have it. The shoes has a price of $995  in any retail stores of the brand and in the brand website itself. Check their website for further information about this.. Thanks!

White Red Nike Dunk SB High Heels

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Girls, have you heard about this White Red Nike Dunk SB High Heels already? might nope, might yes. Anyway, let me post this up again on this blog, though, I believed, Ive already blogged this out on my other blog passed months ago. So – yeah, this is the controversial kicks for girls that has an heel on it from the one of the leading shoe brand today which the Nike. Its looks quirky,right? I think, Nike is now considering the girls on their market these days that can help actually to widen their sale and be on top spot on their thing on today’s fashion. Nike idea on this is really amazingly that can suits-in to any girls fashion statements..

As Ive checked the price on the web. This shoe, Nike Dunk SB High Heels, has a price of $90 in any retail online stores of the brand, however, you may also check this shoes in any real stores where you resides and you might then have some discounts as you buy this on the stores instead.

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you again in some fashion pieces that might be trend soonest and into those already trends in the fashion industry today. Thanks

Glamour Gold Dress From H&M


Most of the girls nowadays especially those into fashion and enthusiast are dream in away to have or to be wear some expensive dresses or clothes that can made them look glamour and stunning. Yeah! that’s how most girls thinks these days including me of course.. LOL that’s why I am so pleased to blog this gold dress that I found online that is includes on the famous H&M collection if I dont mistaken about it. You may check the gold dress on top photo. What do you think? dope or nope? for me this totally dope and I hope soonest, I can have at least the bronze bar dress? LOL because gold one is quite too expensive..haha

At this moment, I dunno how much this gold dress from the brand H&M will cost you, however, as I got to know it, sure thing, I will update you again here and please keep on checking back more more fashion updates.

Dolce & Gabbana Shoe Spring Summer Collection 2012




When it comes to fashion today. Quirky things are the most hippest and hot to have that can make yourself dope to it. Agree? I know you will, because most of us fashion enthusiasts are used to be unique that can take place our self for being individual that you might share it on the fashion world today.

This recently, while I was searching some dope and quirky things over the web. Ive found these shoes from the Dolce & Gabbana that is included from their Spring summer collection. I know most girls are pretty much excited today to have these shoes on to them. Because these shoes are has this awesome designs that we couldn’t see on the other brands of shoes collection. Me, personally, this was then my first time to see such made of fabric shoes, only Dolce & Gabbana has it today. That’s why this collection is the most looking and demand on today’s fashion industry.

Regarding on the availability and pricing details. As for now, I still dont know that further info. But soon I got to know, sure thing, I will update you again here. Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you may check back often. Thanks a lot!






I really pleased to blog some pieces that Ive found great and awesome along my way specially if it is an fashion related stuff. Today, I found this Glamour Kills summer collection over the web and yeah! these pieces belong to the collection are pretty much beautiful and I even looking forward to have some pieces from their brand, maybe soon enough I’ll order my self to have at least one piece from this collection..

At this moment, I’d still dont know when these pieces will be gonna be available to the market,however, soon I got to know, sure, I will update you again here..

About the pricing details? Well, as these pieces aren’t yet released on the market. I can really find way to know further about the pricing details of these pieces, but again, soon enough as the brand get these pieces to the market. I can able then to update you again here.. Okay, that’s it and lets all wait on these awesome summer collection of the brand , glamourkills.com …

Accessories Every Woman Must Have This Summer


Summer is a great time to buy new accessories – from sunglasses to beach bags, your options are really endless. To see some of the top women’s accessories for the summer of 2012, read on.

Natural Cotton Tote Bags

Natural cotton tote bags are currently very fashionable. These totes say that you love looking stylish and helping the environment. Plus, they make great beach bags as they are a similar color to the sand, meaning its less noticeable when they get all sandy. Many retailers are carrying natural cotton tote bags, but they are also very simple to make yourself if you enjoy the DIY trend.

Taupe Fedoras

Fedoras are making their way into beach fashion in a classic taupe color. Black or straw fedoras are no longer in fashion, but taupe and a few other colors are still very fashionable. Taupe fedoras have already appeared in several summer 2012 fashion runway shows. The great unisex accessories look good on women, but can also be lent out to boyfriends for maximum versatility. They are a great way to keep hair under control during windy trips to the beach, and they help to keep the sun from directly hitting your eyes and face.

Horn-rimmed Glasses

This trend is prominent for both men and women, and sure to be the must-have sunglasses of the year. Horn-rimmed glasses are a vintage throwback paying tribute to the days of Mad Men. These glasses have been given a contemporary touch with splashes of color, such as a pink version available from Prada. Prada also offers their version of horn-rimmed glasses in yellow, the color of the year for 2012. Other sunglass trends for the summer include cat eye glasses and round sunglasses.  What’s even better is that you can find many styles of cheap sunglasses online and in vintage stores, allowing you to look great for a reasonable price.

Putting it All Together

When you put your accessories together for the summer, you should be aware of the summer color trends for women. This year the popular colors are a bold yellow, natural cotton or taupe colors, as well as vibrant blue. When considering any accessories – fedoras, totes, glasses, or something else – it is very trendy to purchase them in one of these colors.

Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer Collection 2012




These are the shoes and heels of the brand Alexander McQueen had cooked for us this spring summer 2012. Actually, I am not a fan of the brand since I dont like those high end and gigantic pieces when it comes on my self fashion. Though I love seeing their collection of course but that’s how I looked to it, but anyway, as Ive seen these shoes online. I just ” My Gashhh” I want to have these shoes with me. Because they’re looked so stunning and elegant as you have them in you..

These shoes are been shown on the Paris and Milan set of fashion shows last year around November if I dont mistaken and by then, I cant help my self to hooked up on these shoes and now, I was planning to buy at least the flora wedge one and I will update you again here as I got it to my bear hands.. Let you know..Thanks