Streetmachine Copenhagen x Chocolate Skateboards 2013 Collection

 photo streetmachine-copenhagen-x-chocolate-skateboards-2013-collection-1_zpsc7d16c3d.jpg

 photo streetmachine-copenhagen-x-chocolate-skateboards-2013-collection-02_zpsacdae99b.jpg

Another collaborative pieces had been released this recently in the fashion industry which the Streetmachine Copenhagen x Chocolate Skateboards 2013 Collection. I really liked these pieces or the collection itself among all the collaboration pieces out there from the other brands because look, they even came out with these skateboard which I know most of you dope guys who loves street wear fashion are liking this collection than on your fave usual brands, I know right??

But bad news though. Because these pieces aren’t yet released rather available yet in the market to avail… eheh however, it may surely be out these weeks heading so – lets us be all wait and see on when these 2 brands, Streetmachine Copenhagen & Chocolate Skateboards, is planning to sell these great and dope pieces from their collection…

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more about the latest in fashion and some news and entertainment trending topics. Have yourself a great weekend, everyone!

Great Finds at TopWedding

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Getting married is no easy task. You have to take care of so many things like the wedding venue and reception, invitations, entourage, dresses, food etc. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator then it’s advisable to buy everything you need in one online store so as to save time and effort. TopWedding sells cheap wedding dresses, groom wear, bridal party dresses, special occasion dresses, bridal accessories, and reception decorations and favors.

Their wedding gowns are categorized into Luxury Wedding Dresses, Vintage Inspired, Petite Wedding Dresses, Maternity Wedding Dresses etc. Bridal Party Dresses include Long and Short Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride and Flower Girl Dresses, Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses and many more. When it comes to Special Occasion Dresses, customers will find Prom Gowns, Homecoming and Graduation Dresses, Cocktail, Party and Evening Dresses. As for their accessories you’ll find wedding shoes, bridal petticoats and lingerie, veils, jewelry, headpieces, and wedding umbrellas among others.

TopWedding prides themselves for having high quality yet affordable items, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. They have wholesalers from the US, UK, Australia and France. Dresses usually take 10-15 business days to be made but gowns which have more complex designs and detailing take longer to tailor. They ship to countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and many more. Shoppers can pay via credit/debit cards, PayPal, Western Union and Wire Transfer.

Men’s cool Short Haircuts

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A short hair styling is practically dependably an extraordinary choice for a perfect man. An alternate way is manly, cool in warm climate, and for the most part simple to uphold.


Only in light of the fact that the hair is short, doesn’t mean it must be exhausting. This exhibition holds some incredible men’s improved hairdos for fellows searching for a short hair styling –from a buzz cut to a short, textured men’s haircut, you’ll discover an extraordinary improved hairdo that suits you. To determine you get precisely the cut you’re searching for, I prescribe printing a photograph of the style and bringing it with you. Indicating a picture is dependably far simpler than depicting an improved hairdo. The point when selecting your style, simply make a point to be practical and pick a style that will work with your hair sort and facial characteristics.

The Pink Brushes

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I loved these chic pink brushes that I’ve recently got from a client. Actually, I’ve done my post already about them on my other sites so I can now freely said on what I wanted to say here neither its okay too if I cant include their link out in here (LOL) because I supposed, this post is an regular update of the blog. Anyway, yeah! these brushes really makes rather give me this unexplainable happiness on my end. I dunno, whenever I see them it just a sudden happiness feelings coming out with me..hahaha might other girls out there understands what I really feel with these lovely pink brushes.

 photo 1013082_650192578327575_1931708013_n_zps5ef0f2e6.jpg

And I also got this “Serseul Professional 32-Color Waterproof Cosmetic Makeup Lipstick/Eyeshadow Palette” along with one nude tight that has an diamond printed on it. I will blog about them on my next post here. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you can visit often to this blog for more personal updates and fashion news update. Thanks!

Sundried Sunglasses for the Hip Woman

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love wearing sunglasses. As a matter of fact I have a collection which consists of different brands and styles such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Guess, Firmoo, and DKNY. I love sunnies not only because they help me fight the glare of the sunlight but also because it’s such a fashion statement and I know that I look good in them. But of course not all style of sunglasses fit me. I still choose and buy the ones which complement the shape of my face. It’s rather unflattering to wear a style that doesn’t go with your facial features and shape.

One of my most favorite sunglasses is Sundried. It’s really more affordable compared to other brands. Looking at their website and the many styles they sell, you would realize right away that their items are all stylish, of high quality, and affordable. I like their website because it’s very simple and you wouldn’t get lost looking through the items. You just choose the color you prefer at the left side of the website, for instance black, click it, then the different shapes for that color will appear such as Aviator, Oval, Rectangle, Vintage and, Wayfarer. Then click the shape you want even further. So  there are actually two ways you can choose your sunnies: through color and shape.

Once you have chosen, you would see right away the name and price of the sunglasses. Then click the “View & Buy” button and you’d see a closer look and different angles of the pictures and other pertinent information about the item. The description of the item is also displayed, as well as the quantity box (number of items you’d buy) and “Buy Now” button. I have actually posted some pictures of me wearing my favorite Sundried sunglasses such as Rania Black and Olivier White. See for yourself how flattering they are.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sundried Sunglasses Olivier White is a statement piece. Its retro style will definitely make heads turn. The shape of the sunglasses is reminiscent of the 1950’s with a modern twist. I like experimenting with fashion and this style surely fits my personality. Another one of my favorites is the Rania Black. It also has that retro feel to it but I would say it’s less flashier but still very appealing and elegant. You’d notice right away the top edge which begins at an outer point then softening into a curve down the bridge. To match the frames, the lenses are also in black. This style has other colors but I like black since it’s quite dramatic.

Check Sundried Online store here:


sterling silver cross at

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I want something glittering whether its on my fashion or in jut simple things I have, at least shinning things. That’s why when I’ve seen this awesome accessory called sterling silver cross at I just crazed with it and I got this eagerness feeling towards it. That actually lead me by buying it, I actually planning though but I’ve already decided to buy it..haha I am so excited to wear it for my gothic outfit post and to my purity or angel outfit post. Let see then where concept this necklace will best fits… Haahah I’ll let you know once the both outfit posts are up to this blog, Thanks so much and have a great day..

Ovidius 2013 Spring/Summer T-Shirt Collection

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Actually, these tees or the collection itself are includes on men’s fashion. However, I’d still find them dope for girls end that’s why I’ve decided to put them up too here, though this blog is mainly to girls fashion…

Recently, this brand called Ovidius had released their spring summer collection ” Ovidius 2013 Spring/Summer T-Shirt Collection” that you may see on the top photos. Yeah! Those prints and colored are the demand one and trends in the fashion industry today and I must say, there tees will definitely make the market crazed about it especially now we’re having this summer season..

As for now, I haven’t know any details about it like pricing ranges and the availability. But it is sure thing! The brand itself will update us all regarding this collection soon. So let’s all be patience and wait on for their releasing.. Thanks so much

Why Choose Cheaper Clothing?

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Looking cute in high waisted shorts isn’t all that hard, and it can really set you apart in fashion sense! I think shorts with high waists are very cute and can give you a very stylish edge. Whether you are looking for high waisted denim shorts or any other type, there are a lot of different maxi dresses available, along with pretty form fitting colored crop tops and whatnot. I love since I can save money and still get cute clothes. The hottest trends are just around the corner and I’m here to tell you about a few trends that are already hot and are sure to last throughout the rest of the year.

Have you checked out the cute summer dresses section yet? There is a huge selection of them amoung stores’ dress sections. If you want to look super hot this summer (and I don’t mean from the weather), you should get some of these dresses into your closet as soon as possible. They are all beautifully made and come in a great variety of colors and styles. Don’t worry if you think you think clothes that no one else does, dresses come in all different kinds and there will surely be some that fit your stylish needs. Make sure to go shopping with a friend! Everything is more fun when you can take turns trying on different clothes and seeing someone else’s individual style (or maybe just get matching dresses!).

When it come to finding an awesome clothing outlet, there are tons of different places that you can look. If you don’t like the stores at malls around you, try online! If you’ve never shopped online before, you are surely missing out. Personally, I do almost all my clothes shopping online since I can not only usually find thing much cheaper than in stores, but also find unique clothes so that I never have to worry about matching with some random stranger. If you have a party coming up, make sure to try your best at shopping online since a unique dress is imperative to showing up at a party. No girl wants to be wearing the same dress when they go out unless they are best friends.

There are tons of designer out there and I’m sure that you will find one with a style similar to yours. I dont really like any designer labels, I go more for a “genre” kind of look. Dressing alternative has kind of always been my thing, but maybe it’s yours too! In that case I suggest searching on a search engine for cool online shopping stores to sort through and find your next treasure! There are lots of different styles that maxi dresses come in and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one by searching a store near you. I’ve found a lot online that were one of a kind, literally. An artist tie dyed them and now they are beautiful and wearable works of art.

Colored Blazer, Animal Print Hoodie, Belt and Accessories

 photo 581887_572433006114728_39594338_n_zpsa6a97328.jpg

 photo 386519_572433052781390_639185564_n_zps08af4e3b.jpg

 Look what came in today. One colored blazer, Animal print screwneck, belt and some accessories like bracelets and hair pins thingy.. Yeah! those are goodies from my blog sponsor that’s why I cant really leave this blog behind though I just got some offline deeds that I’ll be needed to attend every now and then. Maybe I am just so lucky to have these pieces without anything in exchange.. Wait, I remembered, I’ve putted the online shop company link on my blog sidebar already and I think that’s enough for them because they dont insistently asked me to do a post outfits through out these pieces not like other companies do.

I might soon wear these pieces fro my outfit post update because this blog is quite lame to read these days. That’s why I needed to refresh things up by updating the blog with some personal stuff that I mostly like to do. So – please, keep on checking this blog for my return..ahahha Thank you so much and have yourself a great weekend.. 🙂

Fashionable Protective Cases at Tenerarca

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 photo 532051_578096648881697_66531000_n_zps3fc2adfa.jpg

More people are buying high tech gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones. These gadgets are already a part of our lifestyle and certainly makes everyday living easier. Along with our fancy gadgets are stylish cases that protect them. We can either buy them in malls or online at different prices. It depends on how durable and functional they are. It would absolutely be great to have an iPhone or an iPad encased in a protective case that is not only cute and useful but also fits my personality to a T.

One website that sells one of a kind protective leather cases is Tenerarca. Its parent company, Parsk (USA) Inc. has been in the business of producing high quality leather goods for famous fashion brands in New York for three decades. The company has been utilizing the use of UPSKIN technology in selling their biotechnological items. This is the use of all natural and organic antimicrobial protection designed to kill or prevent the proliferation of bacteria and provide long-lasting freshness in leather. This process is nature friendly but most of all, beneficial to our health. The patented leather produces biochemical reactions which in turn heighten levels of serotonin that helps relieve depression, ease stress, lowers fatigue, and provides protection from germs.

Among the beautiful items they sell are iPhone cases, iPad cases, and Universa Pondera leather bracelets. Aside from the fact that they are luxurious, stylish, handmade, and anti-bacterial, these products have fully functional features. They are made from a flexible 0.4mm-thick single layer of soft leather which gives it a slim profile and have an easy grip texture that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Furthermore, they have a magnetic closure and ultra-thin leather cover that can be kept closed even while on a call. They come in many vivid colors and is definitely fashionable enough for any occasion.