Trends: Cropped Tee

 photo lee-chae-rin-and-jeremy-scott-spring-2011-trash-crop-top-gallery_zpsd646320c.png

Celebrities are the great influencer in the fashion industry. Because mostly, fans are really looking forward on what’s their idols often wears, when it comes to brands and labels. That’s why if you really wanted yourself to be hip and trends as this season change or comes I think you’ll have to check out those leading celebrities today on what are the usual fashion finds they’d wearing. Like for example this girl here from the kpop group called 2ne1 named CL. The girl is well know on its swag but chic styling and a lot of fans are really looking forward to her and they indeed follows most of her styling. No doubt! why this cropped tee are the one demand in the fashion pieces today.

Yeah! if you has an slender body and wanting to be hip, I must suggests you to have this cropped tee and pair it with the high waisted skirts like CL did on this photo.  Alright, that will be all for now and I hope I can post up some more informative one by my next posts for this site,


Best Summer Outfit

 photo 9BA4F926-D330-49DD-8CD4-681C1FC6A848-35299-0000163CA7170135_zpsd8d75424.jpg

Might most of you were searching around the web on what pieces or what kind of piece you should rocking this summer season. Oh well, that’s my problem too this recently that why it leads me by posting this up for you to know too, what are the pieces we must consider as we wanted ourselves to be so hip this summer season. First, us girls have to have this nicely short shorts. I prefer you to take a look at this shop called where all the dope and elegant shorts are listed. No worries, they really has this reasonable prices in each of their finds. So – I really recommend this site for your fashion finds.

Also, a great top is a must too for the summer styling. I also suggesting you to have this sleeveless one , like what you are seeing on top photo, because it can make you feel comfortable towards this hot season. The good thing about this was.. you can pair it in any kicks or heels you may have, yeah! that’s how versatile this styling is.. That’s why I am so insist guys, most especially those girls there, make yourself so peng this summer by simply having this styling with you.

The Pink Brushes

 photo 1000800_4992203918154_1453598202_n_zps8fe540ad.jpg

I loved these chic pink brushes that I’ve recently got from a client. Actually, I’ve done my post already about them on my other sites so I can now freely said on what I wanted to say here neither its okay too if I cant include their link out in here (LOL) because I supposed, this post is an regular update of the blog. Anyway, yeah! these brushes really makes rather give me this unexplainable happiness on my end. I dunno, whenever I see them it just a sudden happiness feelings coming out with me..hahaha might other girls out there understands what I really feel with these lovely pink brushes.

 photo 1013082_650192578327575_1931708013_n_zps5ef0f2e6.jpg

And I also got this “Serseul Professional 32-Color Waterproof Cosmetic Makeup Lipstick/Eyeshadow Palette” along with one nude tight that has an diamond printed on it. I will blog about them on my next post here. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you can visit often to this blog for more personal updates and fashion news update. Thanks!

Swagger Outfits


This was the perfect example of the swagger outfits i think so. And I hope men’s who are now reading this post find this informative and useful because lets admit it, not all of the guy out there has this swag when it comes in fashion that’s why giving them an example like this one is the best pointer in away that I can give ya’ll..

So – there are these.. Watch, bag, plaid, cap and an awesome pants can really give you an swag just learn on how you can rocking your self out through these awesome pieces and all thing will be great, I’m telling you… Okay, that’s it for now and have a great weekdays to everyone..

Fur Jackets and Vest




Since we’re starting to feel the cold breeze of December, and I think winter is all about to happen pretty soon or it is happening already where did you residing, Fur vest and jackets are the best piece to wear this time. Actually, a lot of fur jackets are now seeling today by those brands and apparel and that’s signifies that winter is heading up.

Fur Jackets and vest aren’t only for fashion but also to give warn on your end as this winter comes. yeah – this was the fashion for a reason. And I must say, fur pieces are look so high end fashion than having the light pieces that we’d usually wear on the spring and summer season. So yeah – fur are trend these day…