Why Employers Want Employees Who Have Passed Cisco Certification

Employers want employees who have passed Cisco Certification Exams because employees with these certifications help companies to run better. The effects are measurable and are worth knowing whether you are an employer or someone thinking about taking a Cisco Certification Exam. Here are some of the reasons why employers want employees with Cisco certifications.


Lower Amounts Of Unscheduled Downtime

It’s true. Companies that employ IT staff who have more Cisco certifications have been shown to have around 20% less unscheduled downtime. This is something that employers are looking for, so it is the first reason why employers like employees who are certified.


External Support Spending Is Less

This is true as well. Companies that have larger amounts of Cisco certified IT professionals working for them enjoy spending somewhere around an impressive 30% less when it comes to external support as it relates to network security activities. These savings and the reason for them cannot be ignored by employers.


Above Average Performance

Companies that choose workforces with over 50% of the workforce certified have companies that exhibit above average performance of organizations of this nature. This above average performance is desired in all times but especially in tough times like these. This is why Cisco certifications are so important.


How Can You Get Your Certifications?

After seeing why employers prefer certified workers, you’re probably wondering how you can get certified. The answer is simple. You can register for Cisco Certification Exams anytime, but always go to TestsLive to study for these exams. TestsLive.com features comprehensive study resources that help you pass Cisco exams.

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