Accessories Every Woman Must Have This Summer


Summer is a great time to buy new accessories – from sunglasses to beach bags, your options are really endless. To see some of the top women’s accessories for the summer of 2012, read on.

Natural Cotton Tote Bags

Natural cotton tote bags are currently very fashionable. These totes say that you love looking stylish and helping the environment. Plus, they make great beach bags as they are a similar color to the sand, meaning its less noticeable when they get all sandy. Many retailers are carrying natural cotton tote bags, but they are also very simple to make yourself if you enjoy the DIY trend.

Taupe Fedoras

Fedoras are making their way into beach fashion in a classic taupe color. Black or straw fedoras are no longer in fashion, but taupe and a few other colors are still very fashionable. Taupe fedoras have already appeared in several summer 2012 fashion runway shows. The great unisex accessories look good on women, but can also be lent out to boyfriends for maximum versatility. They are a great way to keep hair under control during windy trips to the beach, and they help to keep the sun from directly hitting your eyes and face.

Horn-rimmed Glasses

This trend is prominent for both men and women, and sure to be the must-have sunglasses of the year. Horn-rimmed glasses are a vintage throwback paying tribute to the days of Mad Men. These glasses have been given a contemporary touch with splashes of color, such as a pink version available from Prada. Prada also offers their version of horn-rimmed glasses in yellow, the color of the year for 2012. Other sunglass trends for the summer include cat eye glasses and round sunglasses. ¬†What’s even better is that you can find many styles of cheap sunglasses¬†online and in vintage stores, allowing you to look great for a reasonable price.

Putting it All Together

When you put your accessories together for the summer, you should be aware of the summer color trends for women. This year the popular colors are a bold yellow, natural cotton or taupe colors, as well as vibrant blue. When considering any accessories – fedoras, totes, glasses, or something else – it is very trendy to purchase them in one of these colors.