Adidas Animal Prints


Recently, the brand Adidas had released their new collection of animal prints. The one you are seeing on the top photos. Actually, Adidas named these products as “Adidas Animal Kinectics” I just titled this post as animal prints for us to easily to remember this..LOL I think so..hahah Anyway, I just randomly found these pieces over the web and I found them cool to post up here that’s why they’re now posted here..heheh simply as that! because I dont have any idea or any further information about these new pieces here as for now, however, soon I got to know further. Sure thing, will update you again here.

But wait, I’ve heard to someone that these pieces are already out in the Europe market. But I am not still sure though about the info I’ve heard. So – please keep on checking this blog for more update regarding this awesome new collection of the brand, Adidas.. Thanks!