Cigars 101

Unlike cigarettes that have filters, filler ingredients and are wrapped in different colors of papers, cigars are all made from tobacco. There are many brand of cigars in the market today and they differ in terms of the type of tobacco used to make the cigar, the origin of the tobacco leaves, the curing and fermenting process used for the tobacco leaves and the cutting and rolling process of the leaves.
Here are the different parts that make up Cigars:

  • Wrapper. The biggest part of the tobacco leaves is used to make the wrapper and it has a great influence on the flavor and aroma of the cigar. Cigar wrappers vary in color and here are a few of them:


–       Oscuro: This is very dark brown to almost oily black wrapper and it has a very deep flavor.

–       Maduro: Is the wrapper that is dark-brown in color and is the most popular color of wrapper for the serious cigar smoker.

–       Colorado (or Rosado): Is the reddish-brown color wrapper.

–       Colorado Claro: This is the medium-brown color wrapper and is mostly used for cigars coming from Cuba or Domincan Republic.

–       Natural: Cigar wrapper that is light brown or brownish in color.

–       Claro: If tobacco leaves are grown in the shade, the color of the leaves will be light-brown or yellowish-brown color.

–       Double Claro: Are wrapper that is very light color which came from leaves that are picked while still immature.

  • Fillers. Cigars fillers are all made from tobacco. There are three basic types of fillers commonly used for Cigars:

–       Seco: This type of filler has a dry texture and has a lighter flavor.

–       Volado: Volado filler is the one used to produce mid-range flavor cigars.

–       Ligero. This filler is used to make cigar that has the strongest flavor and aroma and is the darkest and oiliest filler used to make cigars.

The bigger and larger the cigar is, the more filler it can accommodate so cigar manufacturer will be able to put varied types of Seco, Volado, and Ligero filler giving the cigar a more varied flavor.

Cigars that have long fillers are considered to be of the finest quality and are made from whole tobacco leaves. Whereas, cigars that have short fillers are made from chopped laves and stems of tobacco.

  • Binders. This is used for higher quality cigars to hold the filler together. It adds to the flavor and aroma of the cigar too.

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