Benjamin Hubert Plicate Watch


If you are watch lover you will definitely like this one, a Benjamin Hubert Plicate watch. This one looks very different because of its lock. This one invented a new way on locking a watch, they didn’t used the usual lock that we see on every watch which is the buckle lock. This watch is designed by a British designer Benjamin Hubert. This is now available on Benjamin Hubert online store. The cost of this watch is approximately $160 USD. I’ve been reading a lot of good comments about this watch, but the only thing that they complain is the price.

But anyway, if you really want to experience this very different design of watch you have to buy this, just close your eyes when you swipe your credit card. Because this is very cute, not only the strap but also the face of the watch. There are variety of colors that we can choose from, there is grey, brown, white and moss green. I would probably put this watch on my wishlist this christmas. I really want to have this, especially the green one because it is my favorite colors. So, calling the attention of my family and friends, if you are still thinking if what are you going to give me this christmas for present this one is on my list. haha! This watch is a unisex style, both great for boys and girls. What a lovely creation. Thumbs up to this.