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Feb 29 2012

Best of Streetwear Fashion


Oh goodness, I really cant get over on these pieces that are punky to wear or so called Streetwear. Because these pieces are the most awesome on my end today. I dont know how I turns into this streetwear fashion these days, I just found my self one day that I loving it than those high-end one. Though of course, I still loved those high-end pieces,however, I may be wear those off in some important events or whenever needed it. Oh well, that’s how life going..LOL

Recently, as I wanted to buy new things rather new street wear outfits. I’ve been stumbled on this awesome DefShop Streetwear store online. And I just wohhhh and hooked with it.. Because all of their items are had this swag that most of us loves… So – yeah , I will buy some pieces over the site. You might check on it too.. By the way, I will put 3 products of the site that’s really caught my attention as I roam on the store or these best of streetwear that I’ve ever seen.


 Jeans by Carhartt – This jeans should be named as sexy jeans, because look – you may look quite sexy as you a guy wearing this kind of jeans off. What do you think guys? dope or nope? for me this definitely dope.. I really recommend this for guy…


Lacoste Streetwear – This was my first time to heard about Lacoste had these streetwear fashion too.. Its nice to know,right? so – yeah , check the site and you may see all the Lacoste’s streetwear..


Sneaker Shop –  Dope kicks cant be abolish on streetwear, so you’d better to have the awesome one. And the one will fits on you well. And I think, high-cut shoes are the one on trend today… Get your dope kicks today and show your own swagness….

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