J.Crew’s Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection


Most of the K pop idols today and artists in the country, Korean, are often wearing this brand on which the J.Crew… I dunno, what’s on the brand, why they used to liked it and often wearing it. That’s why my curiosity leads me to do the researched about on brand and what are the pieces that we could get inside the company, J.Crew . And look what Ive found, these lovely and gorgeous pieces that are includes on their women’s wear for the Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection. I must say, these pieces are all elegant looking that will surely lead in all same collection by the other brands, because they’ve been used some color patterns to these pieces and at the same some textured fabrics that can made these pieces way different to the other collection’s brands out there. In short, this brand is way quirky and has its own concept when it comes to their pieces. Now, I know why most people are used to love this brand than to have some pieces from the brand,J.Crew’s, competitive brands.

Regarding on the availability of these pieces? oh well, as for now the brand hasn’t yet release any of these pieces. But soonest, I think , right after summer they’ll then start to release these pieces in the market. I will update you soon on each prices and some other further information of this awesome J.Crew’s Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection..

That’s it for now and I hope you may check back often for more other fashion related updates.. Thanks folks!