Perfect Beach Shorts


Recently, I’ve got 2 emails from my readers asking on what are the trends summer shorts for girls this year 2012. That’s why I made my researched on what are the most demand and usual designs that we girls might wear this season, summer, for us to be hip on today’s fashion. And I found out these shorts, photos on top, are actually the trends shorts that are perfectly for beach. By the way, I’ve got this photo over Google and this was already blogged out by the other well known fashion bloggers too, that’s why I was pretty sure then that these shorts are hip one today.

I think, any shorts will do, as long it has this great prints on it, like flowers,shapes and stripes, just try to check out your fave store or brands today they might already selling this kind of shorts. Alright, that’s it for now and will post an outfit post, me wearing one short from the client for my summer lovin post. Check it out!