Purse Hanger and Purse Organizer: Every Bag Lover’s Best Friend

Most of you might be familiar with these designer bag brands:
– Celine
– Tods
– Prada
– Louis Vuitton
– Gucci
– Chanel
– Balenciaga


These are just some of the names behind the most sought after bags today. It is common knowledge among baghags that these designer bags don’t come cheap and so they do everything to take good care of their bags to maintain its original beauty. They use special bag cleaners, put them in dust covers when in storage, and they even have a separate ordinary bag that they can use to put the designer bag in, if it rains. For the male population, this can sound weird and funny, but every woman will agree that this is the proper way to take care of designer bags.

For the bag hags, Silverhooks.com is a site which they can consider as their best friend as it offers creative products like Purse Hook, Purse Hanger, Purse Organizer and more that they can use to provide good protection and care for their precious bags. They also sell other items like Business Card Holders, Pill Boxes, travel accessories and more that makes the life of fashion enthusiast convenient but still trendy.

Here are some of the products from Silverhooks.com that bag lovers will really appreciate:

  1. Purse Hanger. Some call it purse hangers while others call it purse hooks. Purse hangers are an inexpensive accessory that every woman must carry in their bag. It is so small that it can fit even in a small purse so women can bring it with them on the go.

The purse hook or hangers sits on a table or counter and the other end has a hook where the strap of the bag can be hang. This means that every woman will have a safe place to hang their bags when they go out like when they dine in a restaurant, a coffee shop, and more.

Bags that are hanged instead of placed on the floor or on the top of a table will have lesser chance of accumulating dirt. Aside from protecting the physical appearance of the bag, purse hangers are more hygienic as there are thousand of germs and bacteria that can cling on to the bag if placed on the floor.

  1. Purse Organizer.  A purse organizer is a bag insert that has many pockets, which can hold many items that women usually carry in their bags like makeup, cell phone, sunglasses, wallet and more. It is use to neatly organize all the stuff in a woman’s bag. This means that a woman can change bag everyday without the hassle of moving all the items one by one and sometimes accidentally leaving something behind because all it takes now is to move the purse organizer from one bag to another. It also protects the inside of the bag from spilled lotion, pen blots and the like that can stain the interior of the bag as all items sits inside the organizer instead of being put directly inside the bag.

Silverhooks offers the most affordable and most innovative fashion products in the market so drop by their site now.